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4-H Clover Awards PowerPoint Presentation
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4-H Clover Awards

4-H Clover Awards

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4-H Clover Awards

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  1. 4-H Clover Awards St. Johns County 4-H Member O. Bradley

  2. Clover Awards What are Clover Awards? How Do I Earn Them? What Do I Do With Them?

  3. What are Clover Awards? Clover awards are awards that you can gain by… Community service Attending events Participating in competitions Making a Record Book Depending on the age group you will have certain goals that will involve you better in4-H.

  4. What are Clover Awards? There are four levels of participation that you can apply for… Bronze Silver--$25 Gold--$50 Emerald--$75 Cloverbuds have only one choice. They complete the standards and they are invited to the Cloverbud Fun Day.

  5. How do I earn them? Fill in the application as you complete the requirements on your list. Figure out what level you want to apply for.

  6. President 4-H Kick-off 9/05/13 Beach Clean-up

  7. Wildcard A wildcard is something that you complete to substitute for something that you were unable to complete. However it cannot substitute a record book or portfolio. Your wildcard opportunity… Make a 11X14 inch poster Focuses on your 4-H projects

  8. Parent/Guardian Support Each youth will need their parent/Guardian to assist in County Level Efforts such as: Extension Home and Garden Show 4-H Marketing Booth at Community Event 4-H Youth Expo 4-H Awards Banquet Area B Horse Show 4-H County Fundraising Event Check with the 4-H Office for more opportunities!

  9. What do I do with them? Once you complete the set of goals then you will have a certain amount of money that 4-H will keep until you sign up for a 4-H summer camp. The 4-H Office will then use your scholarship money the summer camp that you choose. You may also use it for other 4-H event registration such as 4-H University, 4-H Legislature, Camp Ocala, etc.

  10. Get Ready Decide what level that you want to apply for. Set a list of goals at the beginning of the year that you would like to accomplish. Work on your record book every so often so you won’t have to cram at the last minute. Fill in the application as you complete it. Signatures are required

  11. Questions St Johns County 4-H Office 904 209-0430