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Ryan’s Student-Led Conference Welcome Mom and Dad PowerPoint Presentation
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Ryan’s Student-Led Conference Welcome Mom and Dad

Ryan’s Student-Led Conference Welcome Mom and Dad

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Ryan’s Student-Led Conference Welcome Mom and Dad

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  1. Ryan’s Student-Led Conference Welcome Mom and Dad

  2. In Language Arts • I have learned about a lot of stories like Akiak and many more stories. In the story Akiak, knew what she really wanted to , and she did it. • I also learned about improper grammar like “were are you at”, is improper grammar. When you use improper grammar, what you say is confusing to read or hear. Improper grammar can also mean no punctuation or spaces.

  3. My Favorite Story or Novel from Language Arts • One of my favorite stories/novel that I read this year was The Stranger, because the people wanted to take care of him, and I think that those people are nice. • Another story I enjoyed was Akiak, because she showed confidence in what she really wanted to do.

  4. Social Studies • In Social Studies, I learned when Michigan was made a state on January 26th, 1837 • In Social Studies, I learned that the War of 1812, was in 1812.

  5. In Science • I learned about a pond ecosystem. • We studied animals and it was really intrusting. We had lots of different living things that depended on each other for food and shelter.

  6. In Mathematics • I learned about division and multiplication. Fifty-six divided by seven equals eight, and six times six equals thirty-six. I like the lattice for two digit times one digit multiplication because it is so fun. • We studied fractions, it was hard but my teacher told me that how to do it now I can do it properly because now I know because I’ve studied them in math.

  7. One thing I want to work on… • I think I can do better at is my cursive because I’m really interested in learning how to read and write with cursive. I think that writing n print is easier to write with and I think that I could improve on my cursive.

  8. This is a link to my wiki page. Let’s spend some time looking at my favorite work that I did on my own and with the class.

  9. Strengths • One of my strengths is math is my so I am proud of this because my dad is good at math and so am I. • Another of my strengths is science I am proud of this because science is cool and I think it will help me when I am older. I enjoy science and glad that I am able to do it in school. • I am good at reading because I think it is easy and • I like to read a lot. I really like to read.

  10. My Goals… • My academic goal this year was to learn about technology because I find it very interesting. • So far, I am done with my goal because in school, we learned all about technology in Eng Tech. • My personal/character goal this year was to be nice to everyone, even the people that I do not like. • So far, I am doing pretty good, and I really know that I can be really nice.

  11. April 2?, 2010 • Dear Mom and Dad, • Thank you for coming to my conference today. I really appreciate that you guys are coming and care about my school work so hoped you like my power point • Love, • Ryan