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The accuracy requirement and cost of lost wax casting PowerPoint Presentation
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The accuracy requirement and cost of lost wax casting

The accuracy requirement and cost of lost wax casting

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The accuracy requirement and cost of lost wax casting

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  1. The The accuracy accuracy requirement requirement and and cost cost of of lost lost wax wax casting casting Different casting methods lead to different casting accuracy, initial cost and production rate are not same, final economical benefit are different, so in order to get more, faster, better, cheaper, we need to consider all the aspects. We should estimate preliminary cost for the casting method we may choose, to get high economical benefit and also ensure to reach casting requirements. Although China’s foundry industry is in a difficult time, for the long term perspective, China’s investment casting industry still have some hope, market demand has started to be better, and the development of China’s casting industry has solid strength. We believe China’s casting industry will get gratifying results. Experts said, we need to do following 4 points in order to improve casting technology fundamentally: Firstly, develop simulation technique, improve forecast accuracy, strengthen process control, increase rate of yield. We can’t grasp regular problems very well, it will affect production yield. Secondly, combined production ,study and research together. independent innovation of enterprise not only to strengthen consciousness of innovation and improve research and development ability, but also need to pay attention to and strengthen lost wax casting enterprise as the mainstay of “production, study, and research” . Thirdly, pay more attention to study and develop material. Material is the basis of

  2. industry, we still have a lot of work to do at present. In aerospace field, alloy material, especially high temperature alloy and other new material, we need to improve study and melting techniques, there is a big gap with foreign techniques. Fourth, pay more attention to improve equipment technology. the main problem is equipment, many key equipments, such as some directional solidification equipments are mainly depend on importing, so it’s the key point to study and develop the equipments of lost wax casting.