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Past Tense

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Past Tense

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  1. Past Tense 過去式

  2. Mary: Hi, Tony. You look great. How was your weekend? Tony: Busy but happy. Mary: What did you do last weekend? Tony: A lot of housework. I cleaned the rooms, mopped the floors, washed the clothes, and took out the garbage. Mary: Oh, you really did a lot of things Tony: Yeah! My mom had to work last Saturday, so I did most of the housework for her. Mary: Didn’t your sister help? Tony: Yes, she washed the dishes after dinner. She had to study for the coming exam this month. I didn’t want to bother her with the housework. Mary: Oh, I see. Did your father help, too? Tony: Sure. He did the cooking. He likes cooking, and he often cooks a big meal for us on the weekend. Mary: How nice! I really envy you, Tony.

  3. Where is your mother? Where was your mother yesterday? She is at home. She was at home. Are you happy today? Were you happy last weekend? Yes, I am. (Yes, we are) No, I’m not. (No, we aren’t.) Yes, I was. (Yes, we were.) No, I wasn’t. (No, we weren’t)

  4. Didyou clean the room? Yes, I did. I cleaned the room. No, I didn’t. I didn’t clean the room. Did she go to work? Yes, she did. She went to work. No, she didn’t. She didn’t go to work.

  5. What doyou do on the weekend? I clean my room on the weekend. mop the floors wash the clothes (dishes) cook dinner take out the garbage What did you do last weekend? I cleaned my room last weekend. mopped the floors washed the clothes (dishes) cooked dinner took out the garbage