resourcing the transformational plan n.
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Resourcing the Transformational Plan PowerPoint Presentation
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Resourcing the Transformational Plan

Resourcing the Transformational Plan

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Resourcing the Transformational Plan

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  1. Resourcing the Transformational Plan

  2. 4 Steps to Successful Giving

  3. What is our Case for Support Response to Gods Love Money ENABLES Mission Response to Gods Love IN ACTION What are our actions In Church In the Community Parish Plan

  4. Who are our Supporters ?

  5. Communication What to communicate ? When/How Often How to communicate Audience Style Clear and honest Creative You know your congregation Never miss an opportunity

  6. Ways of Giving Giver focused Accessible Responsive DONT FORGET Gift Aid Thank You

  7. Workshop 3 Exercises Case for Support Where are we now and where do we want to be ? What do we need to get there ? Who are our supporters ? Speaking to people ‘where they are’.

  8. Exercise 1Starting your Case Statement Talk about your different parishes and select some common answers to the following questions: What are the 3 main STRENGTHS in our church What are the 3 main WEAKNESSES in our church Share some of the plans you have been making in your parishes and select 3 or 4 to look at. Discussion

  9. Exercise 2Building your Case Statement Look at the 3 or 4 plans you listed and for each item answer the following: Do these plans play to our strengths ? Do these plans address some of our weaknesses ? Why is this action important to us? How can we sum this plan up in one or two sentences ? Discussion

  10. The financial Case Does our budget reflect the aims we have set out in our plan ? What might we need to change so that our budget reflects the aims we have set out ? Does our income cover all our plans ? How might we breach that gap ?

  11. Exercise 3Who will support our plans ? Look at the examples of different congregation members : Which category would we put them in? Do we recognise these categories and can we apply them in our churches ? How would we present our ‘case for support’ to each of these groups ? In the long term, how might we build relationships and connections with our fringe? Discussion

  12. Bringing it all togetherThe Gift Array Shows the need in easy to manage ‘chunks’ Asks for small increases not ‘giant leaps’ Honours the difference in peoples circumstances Presents an opportunity for people to respond at any level Recognises the value of giving at all levels

  13. Giving in Grace Why Giving in Grace ?