civilian development crushing the complexities n.
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Civilian Development PowerPoint Presentation
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Civilian Development

Civilian Development

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Civilian Development

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  1. Civilian Development “Crushing the Complexities…so YOU Can Take Control of YOUR Career—and Pay It Forward!” Crystal Moore, GS-15 Director, FM Career Field Team As of 31 Jan 2019 V1

  2. Agenda • The Why? • MyFM Career • Career Planning Cycle (CPC) • Civilian Developmental Education Opportunities • Civilian Experiential Opportunities • Questions

  3. Why Does It Matter to Me? Founder of Deep Leadership – Unconventional Coach Founder of Virgin Group – Controls 400+ Companies

  4. Some Air Force FM Statistics Includes US Direct Hire, Full Time Only Civilians >70% of FM Workforce – “faces” and “spaces”

  5. FM Civilian Positions(Encumbered) Encumbered: 7,060 Vacancies: 787 Total: 7,847 Data as of 31 Dec 18 FM Opportunities are World-Wide!

  6. What’s ValuedFM Career Field

  7. …and the Career Planning Cycle

  8. What is myFM Career Enterprise-wide “one-stop-shop” for Financial Management development needs. • Serves as a career hub with FM tools, products, training and development information • Will eventually replace the FM career development hub Sharepoint site • Houses “myIDP” for all FM Airmen to utilize • Enables the Career Planning Cycle (CPC) Check it out TODAY!

  9. What is the CPC? Purpose:Optimize developmental processes to ensure functional leaders invest education, training, and experiences in the right people at the right time Goal:Leverage multiple levels of leadership to provide personnel development opportunities to the full range of FM employees throughout the career lifecycle • Enables all employees to create an IDP and communicate with supervisors through continuous communication and in conjunction with appraisal cycle and feedback • Enables YOU to take deliberate control of YOUR career • Helps FM develop YOU throughout YOUR career lifecycle to prepare for tomorrow • Considers YOUR work-life balance and life changing events Personalized Career Feedback Unique to YOU & Relevant Today!

  10. How Does the CPC Work? OR Be an Engaged Leader Employee – Starts with YOU

  11. How Does the CPC Work Career Planning Cycle Process By design, the Career Planning Cycle (CPC) process builds upon the recurring and frequent supervisor/employee interaction facilitated by the Individual Development Plan (IDP) and feedback sessions. Individual Development Plan (IDP) / Goals The employee starts the CPC process by opting-in to receive career planning guidance. The levels of endorsement within the CPC Process are Supervisor, Local, MAJCOM and AF FM Development Team. With guidance, each level determines its recommendation and chooses to either “Address” the submission at their level or “Push” the submission to the next level.

  12. What the CPC is NOT… • Mandatory • A way to get moved out of your current job • A replacement for a mentor • Performance feedback • A means to get promoted • A replacement to talking to your supervisor • A way for a supervisor to avoid tough conversations

  13. Why Does It Matter to Me? • Helps YOU envision YOUR future goals • Guides YOU on where to start • Ensures YOU develop an achievable plan w/ leadership • Mentors YOU along the way

  14. Who Should Enter the CPC? • Anyone who would like additional feedback on their career goals and aspirations • Anyone considering to apply for a developmental opportunity within the next 2 years (short / long-term) • Civilians currently in a long-term developmental program & scheduled to graduate within 2 years • Geo or Org Mobile within the next 2 years • Anyone on a Key Career Position (KCP) • All GS-15’s (and equivalents) • Retiring within the next 2 years Anyone Can Enter and Mobility IS NOT a Requirement

  15. CPC Timeline Future 1 Apr: CPC Opens 31 Aug: CPC Closes 15 Dec: DT Feedback Released 1 Jan – 1 Mar: CDE Window Opens

  16. Developmental / Training Opportunities

  17. Civilian Developmental Education Opportunities *Must hold Bachelor’s Degree RED Requires Mobility Agreement • Additional / Targeted Opportunities • Self-Development Online MAJCOM Nominated • Emerging Leader Course - Regional Seminars • - Treasury Executive Institute - Functional Training Opps • - Skill-soft • Organizational Leadership Course • (converting to GS-11 foundational course) Additional opportunities: Career Field Team Leadership Development

  18. Developmental Education & CSLPAcademic Year (AY) 2020-21 Timeline • Civilian Development Education (CDE) Call • Civilian Strategic Leader Program (CSLP) Call • Released 1 Mar • AF DE Board • CSLP Director Screening Board (DSB) CSAF approval of civilian DE selectees Civilian DE & CSLP packages due 1 May to AFPC Development Team (DT) cycle • FM CDTAC meets 25-27 Jun 19 • FM DT meets 22-26 Jul 19 Public release of selects Don’t Wait! Go to myVector—Prepare Your Package Now!

  19. MyVector Submission Civilians must register in MyVector to apply ~ Civilians will need to build a resume in MyVector Supervisors, Managers and Senior Leaders, must register in MyVector to endorse civilian nomination packages Register at NEW NOMINATION PROCESS FOR AY20

  20. Tips in MyVector Apply Here Leadership Courses CSLP/CDE/PME Engineers Only

  21. Tips in MyVector Updating Jobs Click Here Click Here Click Here

  22. Tips in MyVector Updating Jobs Example Wing Resource Advisor, GS-560-09, 2d Bomber Wing, Barksdale, (Non-Supervisory) Update Info Update Info

  23. Tips in MyVector Endorsement Endorsements Awaiting Your Action

  24. Tips in MyVector Endorsement

  25. Tips in MyVector Endorsement ID Priority Concur or Non-Concur Write Endorsement Return for Corrections or Save

  26. Civilian Experiential Opportunities Require Mobility Agreement • OSD Stars Program – Short-term TDY experience • Air Staff Augmentees (during budget cycles)

  27. Civilian Tuition Assistance (TA) New – TA avail for Doctorate programs (except PAQ Interns) Available to assist employees with completion of formal education AFI 36-401 governs TA policy Does not allow funding for a 2nd Masters Does not allow funding for same level course work as degree held

  28. FM Career Field TeamOrganization Structure Force Renewal Team Regina Rudy Mary Mabron • Feedbacks • School-House Training (PAQs) • Palace Acquire (PAQ) Program • PAQ Conference • Premier College Intern Program (PCIP) • Program Review • Recruitment Incentives • Recruiting (Force Renewal) Force Development Team Ethel “Yolanda” Footman Christine Caviness • Career Broadening (CB) • Civilian Developmental Education (CDE) • Civilian Development Team Advisory Committee (CDTAC) • Civilian Strategic Leader Program (CSLP) • Development Team (DT) • Leadership Training • myFM Career and Career Planning Cycle (CPC) • National PDI • PFMC/Spread-the-Words • Tuition Assistance (TA) Force Sustainment Team Bennie Butler Qiana Woods • Classification • Data Analytics • DoD-EC • Key Career Positions (KCP) • MDR w/ PCS • Overseas Curtailments • Pathfinder Pilot • PCS Waivers • Recruiting (Sustainment) • Relocation Incentives • RPAs • Workflow Box "US Air Force Financial Management Civilian Career Field Team" 210-565-2595/DSN: 665-2595

  29. Questions