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Carry Nation

Carry Nation

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Carry Nation

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    1. Carry Nation Important member of the temperance movement Used vandalism to promote her views Smashed kegs of beer with a hatchet Her husbands death from too much alcohol motivated her actions

    2. Frances Willard- Temperance Movement American educator and reformer Secretary of Womens Temperance Christians Union (WTCU) She established a temperance hospital

    3. Ida Tarbell 1- exposed ruthless competitive practices and misuse of natural resources. 2-In 1906, dissatisfied with Samuel S. McClure's management, she, Lincoln Steffens, and more establish the American Magazine to expose standard oil. 3-became famous as a muckraker through her well-documented articles on political and corporate corruption in McClure's Magazine and American Magazine.

    5. Theodore Roosevelt used a thing called trust busting to break up many trusts and monopolies. In 1998 the Industrial Commission was appointed on trusts The Industrial Commission was a U.S. body that investigated monopolies and their sales and tried to destroy them. By: Sam Cicero

    6. W.E.B. DuBois He studied in Berlin and later returned to America to receive his PhD at Harvard. He created the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) which helped in increasing the rights of African Americans. The NAACP focused mainly on court cases to help in gaining rights for African-Americans and also worked to end segregation in schools.

    8. The Sherman Antitrust Act was associated with Trusts and Monopolies. It was created to prohibit trusts and monopolies. It was the first law to deal with monopolies. It was ineffective at first in Supreme Court Decisions.

    9. Thomas Nast: Corruption In Cities Was one of the earliest political cartoonists. Immigrated to the U.S. from Bavaria in 1846. Well known for attacking William Boss Tweed in his Harpers Weekly cartoons. Came up with the idea for the elephant representing Republicans and popularized the donkey for the Democrats.

    10. Elizabeth Cady Stanton Most associated with women's rights. Also had a part in abolition, and temperance movement.

    11. Gifford Pinchot Founded the School of Forestry at Yale Founded the National Conservation Association, preserving national parks Expanded the nations forest reserve through the Waterpower Act, which gave the government the power to control power companies Image from:

    13. Theodore Roosevelt's approach to social problems First used in 1902 Wanted to increase control of railroads Used to increase peaceful relations between large business and labor unions

    14. Upton Sinclair Meat Packing Factories Upton was a magnificent journalist. He wrote The Jungle witch told the world about the horrible ways of the meat packing companies. Upon Writing his story he happened to get the government to create the federal pure food laws.