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7 th Grade Parent Information Meeting PowerPoint Presentation
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7 th Grade Parent Information Meeting

7 th Grade Parent Information Meeting

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7 th Grade Parent Information Meeting

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  1. 7th Grade Parent Information Meeting Wednesday, October 8th 2008 6:30 pm in the Sandburg Library Presented by Harmonie Redding Sandburg Middle School Counselor GUSD

  2. Why are we here today? The purpose is to give an overview on how to prepare and to be successful for: • 8th grade • High School • College and beyond GUSD

  3. GUSD

  4. “Nothing happens unless first we dream.” -Carl Sandburg “ A goal is a dream with deadlines. If you don’t set dates…it’s just a dream.” -Harmonie Redding GUSD

  5. Education Pays:Annual Earnings by Level of Education in 2005 Source:U.S. Census Bureau, 2006, PINC-03. Source: The College Board, Education Pays, Second Update,2006 GUSD

  6. Education Pays:Annual Earnings by Level of Education in 2006 GUSD

  7. Great habits that will help you now and throughout High school and beyond.How do I study? • Step 1:Write down your assignments in your agenda/planner/HW book. Do homework regularly • Step 2: Break down long term projects into smaller parts. • Step 3: Take notes in class and use them to study! • Step 4: Know when a test is coming and prepare early. • Step 5: Gather all materials (homework, notes, book, STUDY GUIDES). • Step 6: Review study guide to find out what will be on the test. Look for this information in your notes, homework, and book. • Step 7: You are prepared for your test when you can discuss the information without referring to your notes. • Step 8: The morning of your test, review your notes again! GUSD

  8. 7th Grade Language Arts Pre-Algebra 7 or Algebra 7A or Algebra 1-based on grades and standardized/benchmark test scores World History Science/Health Physical Education 8th Grade Language Arts. Starting Pre AP English this year. Application based on your 6th & 7th CST scores & An Essay. Benefits are using Advanced Placement strategies, inquiry, analysis and prepares them for AP classes. Algebra A or Algebra 1/Algebra 1 Honors Honors Geometry – based on grades and standardized/benchmark test scores American Heritage Science Physical Education Required CourseworkSandburg Middle School GUSD

  9. 7th Grade AVID Intermediate Band* Adv. Band* Adv. Orchestra* Yearbook* Elective Wheel 8th Grade AVID Environmental Science Technology Intermediate Band* Adv. Band* Adv. Orchestra* Yearbook* Spanish I* Office Aid/Teachers Aid *Requires a signature Career/Vocational Guidance OpportunitiesSandburg Middle School Elective Course ***K-12 College Information Night & Fair on November 6 from 4:30-8:30p.m. at GHS ****Food will be there to purchase! GUSD

  10. How are my 8th grade grades going to affect my freshman year? • 8th grade is preparation for 9th grade curriculum and expectations. • Building good study habits now can make it easier for High School. • Many social opportunities can make for a tight schedule creating a study routine now can help with that later! • Placement in classes for next year: Basic, College Prep, Honors GUSD

  11. Career/Vocational Guidance Opportunities Career Center - located in the Guidance Office School to Work Course - graduation requirement Electives Career Technical/ Vocational Programs/ ROP (Regional Occupation Program) On Campus Classes(Must be 16):Business Communications; Computer Drafting; Virtual Enterprise; Sports & Entertainment Marketing; Forensic Science; Architectural Design. Off campus see catalog Workability - Special Education students Education Options College Prep Honors - 9th and 10th AP (Adv. Placement) - 11th and 12th Glendora High School Information GUSD

  12. CAHSEE • California High School Exit Exam • Purpose is to ensure that students who graduate from high school can demonstrate grade level competency in reading, writing, and math • Begin taking in 10th grade • 2 parts -English-Language Arts & Math • English part includes multiple choice and written responses • Math part includes multiple choice questions . The core of this portion is Algebra 1 standards. • Passing score is 350 or higher and required to earn high school diploma • GHS offers remediation classes in place of an elective for students who have not passed GUSD

  13. Passing the CAHSEE & Completed Credits & Required Courses You earn 220 credits by: Each semester class is worth 5 credits A letter grade of an “F” gives you zero credits - Any other letter grade will give you 5 credits English – 4 years Math – 3 years Science – 2 years ( 1 physical & 1 life ) Social Science – 4 years Health / School to Work – 1 semester P.E. – 2 years Foreign Lang. / Visual & Performing Art – 1 year Additional Courses – 55 credits Glendora High School Graduation Requirements:How do I get my high school diploma? GUSD

  14. Alternative Educational Options • Independent Study • Opportunity School at Whitcomb for middle school students • Whitcomb High School for high school students • Citrus College Classes GUSD

  15. Support and InterventionsSandburg Middle School Tutoring • GUSD Tutor List available at SMS Office or GUSD Office • • free online tutoring • 1:00 pm – 10:00 pm everyday • Click on “Resources” • Click on “Live Homework Help” • Writing Lab: Students can send their papers in to receive recommendations from a tutor. • - math hints/help for 7A • Extra examples, lessons re taught and you can download a book GUSD

  16. Support and InterventionsSandburg Middle School • APU tutoring: Mon.-Wed. 2:30-3:30 in SMS Library (invite only) • Tutoring: GUSD Tutor List available at SMS Office or GUSD Office at the end of this month • Sandburg Courses: English &Math intervention classes at some form in every level. Study Skills in 8th grade. • Summer School: Math and English remediation by invitation only in Middle School GUSD

  17. Glendora High School Counselors: • (A-Cr) Michelle Ashley • (Cs-Hi) Julie Cremins • (Hj-La) Brittany Wooldrige • (Lb-Mg) Kathy Salle • (Mh-On & AVID) Ann Orosz • (Oo-Sam) Debbie Skinner • (San-Z) Julie Shier • (Special populations)Marc Du Bois   GUSD

  18. What can I do after high school? • Junior College • 4 year University • Vocational School • Military GUSD

  19. Community Colleges • High School diploma or 18 years of age • 60 transferable credits required to transfer to UC/CSU • Vocational certificate programs available • Affordable; financial aid available GUSD

  20. PUBLIC University of California California State University Out of State INDEPENDENT Religious In-State Out of State Trade and Technical Four Year Colleges & Universities GUSD

  21. California’s Public UniversitiesUC System • University of California (UC) • 10 campuses: • Berkley, Davis, Irvine, Los Angeles, Merced, Riverside, San Francisco, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz GUSD

  22. UC Admission Requirements Grade Requirement • Must earn a “C” or better in all required A-G courses Examination Requirement • Must take SAT Reasoning Test or ACT with writing • SAT Subject Tests • (2 tests in 2 different disciplines, e.g. science and social studies) Scholarship Requirement • 3.0 minimum GPA in 10th-12th grades, A-G courses only GUSD

  23. 23 campuses and 417,000 students at: Bakersfield, Channel Islands, Chico, Dominguez Hills, Fresno, Fullerton, Humboldt State, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Monterey Bay, Northridge, Cal Poly Pomona, Cal Poly San Louis Obispo, Sacramento, San Diego State, San Francisco, San Bernardino California’s Public UniversitiesCal State System GUSD

  24. CSU Requirements Grade Requirement • Must earn a “C” or better in all required A-G courses Examination Requirement • Must take SAT Reasoning or ACT Scholarship Requirement • 2.0 minimum GPA in 10th-12th grades, A-G courses only GUSD

  25. A- G Requirements • A- History/Social Science (2 years) • B- English (4 years) • C- Math (3 years required,4 recommended) • D- Lab Science (2 years required, 3 recommended) • E- Foreign Language (2 years required, 3 recommended) • F- Visual/Performing Art (1 year) • G- College Prep Elective (1 year) GUSD

  26. Requirements GUSD

  27. GHS Sophomore Counseling Graduation/College Requirements GUSD

  28. College Entrance Exams • PSAT • SAT Reasoning Test • SAT Subject Tests • ACT GUSD

  29. PSATOffered at GHS every October • National Merit Scholar qualifying test (Junior year) • Measures college readiness • Great practice for the SAT GUSD

  30. SAT Reasoning Measures critical reading, math and writing skills 33% reading (200-800) 33% math (200-800) 33% writing (200-800) 33% English (200-800) Sign up at: ACT Measures reading, math, writing and science skills Writing portion optional for some colleges 25% per subject area 1-36 possible points Average score: 25 Sign up at SAT Reasoning and ACT GUSD

  31. What about the money? • What will I be paying for? • Tuition and Fees, Room and Board, Books, and daily necessities. • Financial Aid is available in many forms: • Grants from the Federal Government, State and University. (You do not have to pay these back!) • Students Loans (You do have to pay these back, but not until you graduate) • Work Study (Working hard for your money) • Scholarships GUSD

  32. Average Undergraduate Budgets 2006-07 Source: The College Board, Trends in College Pricing, 2006 GUSD

  33. Helpful websites to start planning • • • • • GUSD

  34. Parent Communication SystemSupport and Interventions • • • or Homework Agenda/Planner/Notebook **See our webpage for the teachers who use this. • Email staff: • Telephone - (626) 852-4530 GUSD

  35. Support and Interventionsfor Homework helpSandburg Middle School • Always write down assignments in the Homework Agenda/Planner/Notebook. • Parents please double check that they are doing the assignments by checking their planner. • Some teachers post assignments/Tests/Projects etc • Homework 411:PowerPoint presentation on our webpage ( • Student Success tips: PowerPoint presentation on our webpage ( • Stuck on a problem? Need H.W. help? (free online tutoring) or (Math Help) GUSD

  36. Questions? Thank you for coming! Harmonie Redding Sandburg Middle School Counselor (626) 852-4530 ext. 512 I will be meeting with your child to go over goals and plans this month. Student will meet with their counselor again their Sophomore year. GUSD