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7 th Grade Parent information Night PowerPoint Presentation
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7 th Grade Parent information Night

7 th Grade Parent information Night

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7 th Grade Parent information Night

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  1. Class of 2025 7th Grade Parent information Night

  2. In case you miss something… I will upload this presentation on the Creekwood website tomorrow.

  3. Requirements for all students going into 7th grade • The State of Texas has the following immunization requirements for all 6th graders going into 7th grade. • They are: • Meningococcal Vaccine (no doses accepted prior to the 10th birthday ~ MCV4 not MPSV4) • Varicella Vaccine - 2 doses (unless had disease) • Tdap Vaccine (within the last 5 years) • It will be mandatory for the student to receive them before they start school. Therefore, please turn proof of immunizations to nurse as soon as possible. • Students will not be able to attend school if immunizations are not current. Thank you for your support. • Sincerely, Debra L. Pack, R. N. B. S. N.

  4. 7th Grade Course Requirements: RELA MATH SCIENCE TEXAS HISTORY PE or Athletics (4 semesters required in Middle School)

  5. Student Registration In Choices 360will be in the computer lab the week of February 19th 7th Graders have 7 periods a day, 4 of which are academic classes. The rest are filled with electives. Electives can be 1 semester long, or all year long (2 semesters).

  6. Choices 360 Log into Username: humble+ID number (humble123456) Password: ID number (123456) *do not use parenthesis

  7. Pre-AP Math If your child is not currently in 6th Grade Pre-AP Math, they can not select Pre-AP 7th Grade Math next year without first taking a placement exam. Placement exams are offered by the District during the Summer (Summer testing is usually scheduled in May). If you wish for your child to take this placement test, please contact their Math teacher or myself at .

  8. Math and Reading Strategies Depending on your child’s Math and Reading STAAR scores, your child may be enrolled in an additional Math and/or Reading Strategies course next year. These courses are designed to provide remediation and preparation for STAAR in 7th and 8th Grade. Placement in these courses will take the place of an elective.

  9. The Humble ISD Middle School Course Guide provides you with information that will help guide you in the course selection process. • 7thGrade Requirements and Course Descriptions

  10. 2 Semester (all Year) Electives • Band • Orchestra • Choir • Dance • AVID* • *Students must complete an application • Spanish 1 (Spanish Immersion students) • Science Olympiads – approval process

  11. 1 Semester Electives • Intro. To Engineering and Technology • Intro. To Spanish • Foods for Today • Theater Arts 1 • Speech/Debate • Journalism • Beginning 7th/8th grade art • Applied Art • Arts and Crafts • Intermediate Art • Intro to Programming • Intro to STEM • Touch System Data Entry • Tech Theater

  12. AVID: Advancement Via Individual Determination What AVID is…. • AVID targets potential college students. • AVID classes prepare students for college by teaching them study and organizational skills. • AVID students are enrolled in advanced level courses and are given academic support through tutors. • AVID is a program designed to prepare students who have a willingness to learn and work hard toward four-year college eligibility. • AVID is a long term commitment and a requires a signed contract. *** Application Required***

  13. Looking ahead…….. Look at the courses in 8th grade and see if there is a prerequisite that your child will have to take in 7th grade!

  14. Classes in 7th/8th grade that require a prerequisite • Advanced Art Intermediate Art • Intermediate Art/Arts and Crafts/Applied Art Beginning Art • Theater Arts II Theater Arts I • Journalism II/Yearbook/Broadcast Journalism I • Principles of Manufacturing (1 HS Credit)Intro to Engineering and Technology • Spanish I (1 H.S. Credit) Intro to Spanish **Aide positions in 8th grade require good conduct!** 8th Grade CoursePrerequisite

  15. Girls Athletics Girls will be enrolled in Athletics all year. • Volleyball - 1st Semester – tryouts. • Cross Country – 1st Semester – no tryouts. • Basketball –Tryouts are in November. Starts during 1st semester and continues into the 2nd semester. • Track - 2nd Semester.

  16. Boys Athletics Boys will be enrolled in Athletics all year. Football – There are no tryouts for Football -students are divided into teams. Cross Country – 1stSemester – no tryouts. Basketball –Tryouts are in November. Starts during 1st semester and continues into the 2nd semester. Track – 2nd semester.

  17. Athletics Practice is before school for 7th grade if you make a team. • There are tryouts for Volleyball and Basketball. Students who do not make a team will be in off season which involves a lot of conditioning and running. • If your child signs up for Athletics, a physical form is due before Colt Round Up. Those without a physical will be moved into a P.E. class. • Do not get a physical until the HISD forms are handed out in April. • There will be a physical night sometime in April (coaches will give out more information as the time approaches).

  18. Off Campus P.E. • Off Campus P.E. applications are due by the end of May 2019 to allow scheduling options for an additional elective. • To qualify your child must participate in 5 or more hoursof training under a coach’s supervision at an approved commercial establishment during a regular Monday through Friday workout schedule. • Applications are available on the District Physical Education website. All information on where to submit the application, approved vendors, and requirements can be found on that site as well. Humble ISD Website – Department Tab – Physical Education Department

  19. What might my schedule look like?7th and 8th Graders should expect a change at the semester. Period 1st Semester 2nd Semester 1 AthleticsAthletics 2 Intro to SpanishScience 3 RELA Foods for today 4 Math Math 5 Science RELA 6 OrchestraOrchestra 7 Texas History Texas History

  20. Verification Sheets • Verification Sheets will be sent home later in the Spring. • The verification sheet is NOT A SCHEDULE. • The verification sheet is just VERIFYING what courses your child is requesting. • If the elective on the Verification Sheet is not available, I will go to the alternate choices selected on the course planning sheet. • A student may not get an elective due to a conflict with another class or the class may be full. 8th graders fill mixed electives first. • If you log into home access during the summer and see a schedule, this is inaccurate. Schedules are not finalized until school starts in August.

  21. Important Dates February 12th Parent Orientation February 19-22 Student Orientation May 30 Deadline to make changes

  22. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have about 7th Grade.Cathy Gantt7th Grade Counselor281-641-4407cathy.gantt@humbleisd.netTeachers are available in the cafeteria at this time for questions about their subject area/elective. Questions?