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Simple Past X Past Progressive

Simple Past X Past Progressive. Students: Nathanael, Paloma. Definition.

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Simple Past X Past Progressive

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  1. Simple Past X Past Progressive Students: Nathanael, Paloma.

  2. Definition • Os dois tempos são usados em orações do passado. Os dois tempos podem ser usados juntos em uma frase com when. O Past Progressive descreve uma situação secundária; o Simple Past descreve algo que aconteceu durante esta atividade.

  3. FormsPast Progressive • Afirmativa – Sujeito + verbo to be + infinitivo (-to) + -ing. ( no passado) Ex: I was talking on the phone when jack arrived. • Negativa - Sujeito + verbo to be + not + infinitivo (-to) + -ing. ( no passado) Ex: you weren’t sleeping when Suzy came home.

  4. Forms • Interrogativa – verbo to be + sujeito + infinitivo (-to) + -ing. ( no passado) Ex: What was he doing when the teacher called him?

  5. FormsSimple Past • Afirmativa – Sujeito + verbo princ. + complemento ( no passado) Ex: He danced very good. • Negativa – Sujeito + did + not + verbo princ. + complemento Ex: He didn’t danced very good.

  6. Forms • Interrogativa –did + sujeito + verbo princ. + complemento Ex: Did you study math yesterday?

  7. Regular Verbs • Verbos terminados em: • E – acrescenta-se D – dance = danced. • Vogal + Y – acrescenta-se ED – play = played. • Consoante + Y – tira o Y e acrescenta-se ied – try = tried.

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