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Past Progressive Past Simple

Past Progressive Past Simple. Чтение согласных букв. c [s] ( перед e, y, i) icy, nice, pencil; с [ k ] (перед a , o , u , всеми согласными и в конце слова) cat , cup , black , economic ;

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Past Progressive Past Simple

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  1. Past ProgressivePast Simple

  2. Чтение согласных букв. c [s] (перед e, y, i) icy, nice, pencil; с [k] (перед a, o, u, всеми согласными и в конце слова) cat, cup, black, economic; g [g] (перед a, o, u, всеми согласными и в конце слова) game, green, big; g [dз] (перед e, y, i) generation, gin, gym. Чтение сочетаний согласных букв. ch [t ] chess, branch; ck [k] (после кратких гласных) black, luck; sh [] she, shine, brush; tch [t] (после кратких гласных) match, catch; th [ð] (в начале служебных слов, местоимений, между гласными) the, this, there, weather; th [θ] (в начале знаменательных слов и в конце слова) theatre, thin, myth; qu [kw] (перед гласными) quality, queen, question; ph [f] phone, phrase, photograph; kn [n] knife, knock; ng [ŋ] (в конце слова) long, king; nk [ŋk] think, thank; wh [w] (в начале слова перед гласными, кроме о) where, white; wh [h] (перед буквой о) who, whose; wr [r](в начале слова перед гласными) write, wrinkle.

  3. How to form? Past Simple Regular Verbs Irregular verbs 1. Affirmative sentences V2 (They went to London last year.) Interrogative sentences: Did they go to London last year? Negative sentences: They didn’t go to London last year. • 1. Affirmative sentences: V + ed(He visited his cousin two days ago.) • Interrogative sentences: Did he visit his cousin two days ago? • Negative sentences: He didn’t visit his cousin two days ago.

  4. How to form? Past Continuous 1. Affirmative sentences: I (she, he, it) was eating. They (we, you) were eating. 2. Interrogative sentences: Was I (she, he, it) eating? Were they (we, you) eating? 3. Negative sentences: I (she, he, it) was not eating. They (we, you) were not eating.

  5. Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в форме Past Simple или Past Continuous. • 1. She (to cook) yesterday. • 2. She (to cook) at three o'clock yesterday. • 3. She (to cook) from two till four yesterday. • 4. I (not to read) at five o'clock. • 5. I (not to read) when you came in.

  6. Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в форме Past Simple или Past Continuous • 6. What he (to do) when I came? • 7. What he (to do) the whole day yesterday? • 8. Pete (to water) flowers in the garden yesterday. • 9. Pete (to water) flowers in the garden at five o'clock yesterday. • 10. What Pete (to do) when I came to see him?

  7. Complete the sentences. Speak about your day. • At 6 a.m. yesterday I… • At 7.30 yesterday I… • When I was coming home from school yesterday I met … • I was playing on the computer yesterday evening while … • When the clock struck midnight, my family…

  8. Make up a dialogue -What’s your name? - -How old are you? - -Are you a pupil or a student? - -What career would you like to choose? - -What do you usually do after school? - -Were you playing the piano at 8 o’clock yesterday? - -What were you doing at 8 o’clock yesterday? - -Good bye.

  9. Past Simple or Past Continuous? 1 Was Ben playing tennis? 2 Lisa wasn’t shouting at me. 3 I was at the party yesterday. 4 He celebrated his birthday last week. 5 Was she playing the piano at 6 o’clock yesterday? 6 Chukovsky was born in 1882. 7 Did he go to college 3 years ago? 8 While I was sleeping, my father was doing homework. 9 I was driving my father’s car, while he was watching television. 10 What present was Sarah buying? 11 He didn’t go to school yesterday. 12 Kitty was listening to the teacher when the pupils were speaking. 13 They were visiting their granddad. 14 The birds were singing. 15 I was washing dishes.

  10. Past Simple or Past Progressive?Check your answers 1,2,5,8,9,10,12,13,14 3,4,6,7,11,15

  11. Раскройте скобки, употребляя Past Simple и Past Continuous 1. When my father (to come) home, I (to have) dinner. • 2. When Alice (to return), I (to listen) to the radio. • 3. When mother (to enter) his room, he (to draw) a picture. • 4. When my sister (to come in), I (to do) my lessons. • 5. When her aunt (to air) the room, she (to catch) cold. .

  12. Раскройте скобки, употребляя Past Simple и Past Continuous • 6. When I (to meet) her, she (to go) to the office. • 7. He (to wash) his face when somebody (to knock) at the door. • 8. The young people (to dance) when I (to come) to the party. • 9. When he (to wash) the dishes, he (to break) a plate. • 10. What they (to do) when you (to see) them?

  13. Make up sentences 1 Ben/ what/ yesterday evening/ doing/ was? __________________________________ 2 a/ book/ at/ 7/ o’clock/ you/ reading/ were? __________________________________ 3 sleeping/ wasn’t/ at/ midnight/ she. __________________________________ 4 singing/ the/ birds/ were/ early/ in/ the/ morning? ___________________________________________ 5 was/ not/ he/ football/ with/ us/ yesterday/ playing. ___________________________________________ 6 they/ visiting/ their/ grandad/ were/ in /the/ evening. ___________________________________________

  14. Home work • Ex 1-5 p 19 activity book

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