human capital n.
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Human Capital

Human Capital

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Human Capital

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  1. Human Capital

  2. Basic Skills • “Uses a combination of techniques to read, listen to, and analyze complex information; conveys information in oral and written form; uses multiple computational skills to analyze and solve mathematical problems.” • Basic skills such as speaking and writing well have helped me go a long way in life. When doing projects and presenting them I have been able to successfully complete task given and get my point across accurately. Other basic skills taught to me have also helped to analyze and solve problems easily whether mathematical or in the real world. Having these skills allow you to think outside the box and not only use your basic skills but others you might not have known you possess.

  3. Personal Skills • “Demonstrates skills in setting goals, monitoring, progress, and improving performance.” • Personal skills allow you to get ahead on your own. When handling your own responsibilities setting goals and keeping track of your progress helps you accomplish those goals. When I have a project given, I take and put the date it is due. I track my own progress which allows me to know how fast I am moving and how I can better my performance. By the time the project is due I know I will have my goal accomplished because I made sure that the work was done by the time it needs to be handed in. Personal goals allow you to better yourself.

  4. Thinking Skills • “Demonstrates the ability to organize and process information and apply skills in new ways.” • Thinking skills allow you to use all your other skills. Having thinking skills allow you to figure out and organize problems and how to solve then. When handed a problem I use my thinking skills to help me solve it. I figure out how to go about solving the problem and use my other skills to help me execute it.

  5. Physical Skills • “Physical skills is the ability to bend, stretch, twist, or reach out with the body, arms, or legs and to do so quickly or repeatedly. Physical skills also includes being able to balance and coordinate movements of the body. It is the ability to exert oneself physically over long periods of time without getting winded or out of breath. It is also the ability to use maximum muscle force to move an object or yourself and to repeatedly use this force without getting tired.” • Physical needs to me is staying healthy. Being healthy allows you to do more in life. You won’t ever miss anything if you are fit or in good shape. I also believe that when your healthy you feel and think better. That means that your thinking skills are stronger and that allows you to use your basic and other skills more efficiently.

  6. Sensory Abilities “ Sensory skills is the ability to see under various conditions and distances. It is also the ability to tell where a sound is coming from and pay attention without being distracted by other sounds. Sensory skills also includes being able to speak clearly, and to identify and understand someone else's speech. Also includes the ability to hear differences in loudness and pitch.” Sensory skills such as listening and speaking are what help you complete the task and get to the overall goal set. When I have a goal I have to make sure I heard what was said and how to complete the task. Then when presenting I have to be able to speak well and not let other things distract me so that I make sure I am clear and getting my point across.