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New SUAA By-laws PowerPoint Presentation
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New SUAA By-laws

New SUAA By-laws

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New SUAA By-laws

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  1. New SUAA By-laws Not “Why Not” But “NO” The Federation of United Community Colleges and Universities

  2. Centralization of all SUAA functions to the State Office • New by-laws creates a paternalistic organization. • By-laws shift focus from a member/chapter driven organization to a top down organization. • “Parents” know best. Sole spokesperson for SUAA is ED. • Minimizes expertise, knowledge, dedication of SUAA members and chapter leaders.

  3. By-laws Eliminate Elected Treasurer • ED functions combined with treasurer functions. ED becomes the treasurer of SUAA. • This creates the possibility of a truly significant conflict of interest. • Not a “best practice” of any organization. • Eliminated an important separation of functions. • Could lead to financial mischief that would be hard to detect.

  4. Creation of Three Regions • The region boundaries are arbitrary. • Some chapters might be closer to meeting venues in regions other than their own. • More synergy when chapters with common interests chose to work together on legislation, strategies, membership development.

  5. Regional Election of EXCOM Members • Arbitrary in nature. • Should always select best people regardless of region. • Region should be a consideration in EXCOM selection, and has, but also gender, race and working/retiree are all other factors that should be considered.

  6. Elaborate Proposal to Remove Officers Without Cause • Process elaborate and unfair • SUAA volunteers are professional • Should issues arise best way is to encourage resignation through conversation with peers and EXCOM leaders.

  7. Adding Business Partners to SUAA • An interesting idea, but all sorts of conflict of interest issues. • Needs exploration.

  8. Evaluation of Executive Director • The process is flawed. • Evaluation of anyone should be independent of that employee. • The fact that the ED has input into two of three people charged with conducting the evaluation leads to undue influence of ED in own evaluation.

  9. Executive Director as Sole Spokesperson for SUAA • Spokesperson for SUAA should either be the President of SUAA or a shared responsibility. • Sharing this responsibility as well as involving EXCOM may well avert inaccurate press releases or gaffes as well as Insuraprise surprises.