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Project Schoolhouse RECOMMENDATION PowerPoint Presentation
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Project Schoolhouse RECOMMENDATION

Project Schoolhouse RECOMMENDATION

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Project Schoolhouse RECOMMENDATION

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  1. Project Schoolhouse RECOMMENDATION

  2. CENTRAL FEEDER PATTERN Roosevelt (closed) Chouteau (relocated to Madison) Academy Central PK-6 Mark Twain PK-6 Burroughs PK-6 Emerson PK-6 Madison PK-6 (renamed as Chouteau) Central Junior High 7-8 Central High School 9-12 MAIN PAGE CONFIDENTIAL FOR DISCUSSION PURPOSES ONLY 2

  3. EAST CENTRAL FEEDER PATTERN Sandburg (closed) Lewis & Clark PK-6 Columbus PK-6 Cooper PK-6 Mitchell PK-6 Disney PK-6 Kerr PK-6 Peary PK-6 East Central Junior High 7-8 (Foster) East Central High School 9-12

  4. EDISON FEEDER PATTERN Phillips (closed) Barnard (closed) Lanier PK-5 Lee PK-5 Eliot PK-5 Patrick Henry PK-5 Wright – PK-5 Edison Junior High 6-8 Edison High School 9-12

  5. HALE FEEDER PATTERN Jones (closed) Skelly PK-6 Lindbergh PK-6 Hamilton PK-6(1) Hoover PK-6 Bell PK-6(1) Owen PK-6(1) MacArthur PK-6 Re-open Fulton PK-6 McKinley PK-6(1) (1) Formerly in Rogers Feeder Pattern Hale Junior High 7-8 (Whitney) Hale High School 9-12 5 5 5

  6. MCLAIN FEEDER PATTERN Cherokee (closed) Alcott (closed) Celia Clinton PK-6(2) Jackson PK-6(2) Springdale PK-6(2) Anderson PK-6 Hawthorne PK-6 Gilcrease(1) PK-6 Whitman PK-6 Penn PK-6 Greeley PK-6 • In the Fall of 2011 re-open Monroe to: • begin a kindergarten language immersion program • start a Pre-K program using the Mayo model • start a 6th grade program using the Thoreau model • Community School Fall 2011 • Formerly in Rogers Feeder Pattern McLain Junior High 7-8 NOTE: Bunche Early Childhood Program moves to Houston Site McLain High School 9-12 CONFIDENTIAL FOR DISCUSSION PURPOSES ONLY 6

  7. MEMORIAL FEEDER PATTERN Grimes (closed) relocated to Nimitz Grissom PK-6 Salk PK-6 Carnegie PK-6 Nimitz PK-6 Key PK-6 McClure PK-6 Marshall PK-6 Memorial Junior High 7-8 (Byrd) Memorial High School 9-12

  8. ROGERS LOTTERY MAGNET Bryant (closed) Wilson (closed) Cleveland (closed) Kendall Whittier PK-6 Sequoyah PK-6 6 th Grade Magnet Applicants Current Rogers 9-11 students will disperse to other high schools within the district. Rogers Lottery Magnet 7-12 • Beginning Fall 2011 the new Rogers’ students will be phased in as follows: • 7th-9th grade students • Some qualifying 10th grade students • 6th grade Wilson Middle Years Program Students • Thereafter one grade will be added each year 8 8

  9. WEBSTER FEEDER PATTERN Addams (closed) Park PK-6 Remington PK-6 Robertson PK-6 Eugene Field PK-6 Webster Junior High 7-8 (Clinton) Webster High School 9-12 9 MAIN PAGE

  10. Early Childhood Development Centers ECDC Bunche Program moved to Houston Houston Early Childhood Center Reed Early Childhood Center Jones Early Childhood Center Porter Early Childhood Center Porter opens Feb. 2012

  11. Alternative Education Met/Franklin Bryant Met/Lombard

  12. Building Summary Closed: Central Feeder: Chouteau, Roosevelt East Central Feeder: Sandburg Edison Feeder: Barnard, Phillips Hale Feeder: Jones re-purposed to house Early Childhood Center McLain Feeder: Cherokee, Alcott Memorial Feeder: Grimes Rogers Feeder: Cleveland MS, Wilson MS, Bryant re-purposed to house Met Franklin and Met Lombard Programs Webster Feeder: Addams Unassigned Area: Franklin, Lombard, Bunche Re-Opened: Monroe, Fulton Closed: 14 Re-opened: 2