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Mission Statement- Ajigasawa Gospel Church PowerPoint Presentation
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Mission Statement- Ajigasawa Gospel Church

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Mission Statement- Ajigasawa Gospel Church
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Mission Statement- Ajigasawa Gospel Church

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  1. Mission Statement- Ajigasawa Gospel Church That Aomori Prefecture’s south-west coast shall have communities of active members of the Kingdom of God.

  2. Location • The towns of Morita, Ajigasawa and Fukaura.

  3. Vision Statement • There will be a number of independent churches down the coast, comprising members who are so open and active in their faith that they change the very atmosphere and appearance of the area.

  4. “communities” • I envision groups of 40 to 50, able to support a pastor and a building. This is to enhance their ability to disciple succeeding generations and impart a sense of permanence and stability to their non-Christian neighbors.

  5. “ worldwide” • These communities are to be involved with a wider fellowship of believers in Japan, and also in missions, both receiving help where appropriate, and in supporting and participating in missions worldwide.

  6. “the Kingdom of God” • These new church buildings will multiply as the number of bars and love hotels decreases. Christian cemeteries will appear as the beginning of church history in the region. Christian couples will provide mutual support for stable marriages, nurturing children in such a way that schools will no longer be able to have activities on Sunday mornings.

  7. “the Kingdom of God” • The annual Shinto harvest pilgrimage on Mt. Iwaki will be replaced by Thanksgiving services in church. Churches will call on Christian professionals to provide local health care as the town becomes unable to do so. Town councilors and civil servants will be held accountable for responsible use of taxes.

  8. “the Kingdom of God” • Employers will provide better hours and wages. There will be less money and time spent on hobby shopping, and more on missions, local and worldwide. • Everyone will see that the Word of God transforms society as it transforms individuals.