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Red Badge of Courage Webquest PowerPoint Presentation
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Red Badge of Courage Webquest

Red Badge of Courage Webquest

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Red Badge of Courage Webquest

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  1. Red Badge of Courage Webquest In this webquest, you’ll investigate the real Civil War battle on which the novel, The Red Badge of Courage, was based. Mrs. A. Brown / Mrs. C. Porter English 9--MCMHS

  2. This webquest will allow you to examine the life of an American Civil War soldier.  In this activity, you'll work independently. • Pretend you are a journalist covering the Battle of Chancellorsville, which is the actual battle that the book The Red Badge of Courage is based upon. Your first decision is whether or not you are writing for a Union (Northern) newspaper, or for a Confederate (Southern) newspaper. That will determine the mood of your report. • Your job is to get the facts about the battle: Where it was held, when it took place, how long it lasted, what the result of the battle was, and who were the important people involved in this battle. You should also have some information on the casualties and any damage that was done to the civilians in the area. • You should aim for a page for your newspaper. Give your paper a name, and if possible, include an illustration.  • You will find websites with information and pictures in the “Process" section of the webquest. Introduction

  3. You will be using the websites provided to learn about the Battle of Chancellorsville. You will create a newspaper article that describes the battle to your audience back home -- but you have to decide if the newspaper you work for is a Southern paper or a Northern one. • Be sure to write in an interesting way so that the audience wants to buy your paper. Add details that make the story vivid, but be sure that your work is accurate. • You may want to add illustrations such as Civil War photographs or maps. You can use Microsoft Word or Microsoft Publisher. Tasks

  4. To write your newspaper, use the websites given to find the following information: • 1) Where did the battle take place? You may want to include a map. Give the distance from the closest major city. • 2.) Who was involved? Where were the Union regiments from? Where were the Confederate regiments from? Who were the commanding officers? Were there any people who had a special or unusual role in the battle? • 3.) How did the battle get underway? What was the strategy? How many soldiers were killed or injured? • 4.) When did the battle take place? How long did the battle last? Process

  5. • • • • Web Sources

  6. Your newspaper will be judged on the following criteria: • 1. Content. Did you give accurate and complete information? Did you add details to make the report clearer? • 2.) Writing style. Was your article interesting? Did it meet the correct needs for your audience? • 3.) Organization. Did the article have an engaging beginning that made the reader want to continue? Did your topics transition smoothly from one to another? Was the conclusion interesting and informative? • 4.) Grammar and mechanics. Did you spell everything correctly? Did you use proper grammar? Did you check for typos? Evaluation

  7. How hard would it have been for the soldiers like Henry Flemming to deal with the stresses of this battle? Conclusion