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Partnership Opportunities 2015/2016

Partnership Opportunities 2015/2016. Funding opportunities with City Year UK. Starfish Many people working together can make greater impact than one person working alone. Starfish. Breakfast Club Sponsor £2,500

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Partnership Opportunities 2015/2016

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  1. Partnership Opportunities 2015/2016

  2. Funding opportunities with City Year UK

  3. Starfish Many people working together can make greater impact than one person working alone

  4. Starfish Breakfast Club Sponsor £2,500 Breakfast is a crucial part of every child's day, but many of the students we support arrive at school without having received a proper breakfast. A lack of nutrition or skipping meals affects everything from memory to creativity in the classroom. Children who go hungry are more inclined to become distracted from learning at school, or give up more easily when faced with challenges. Our corps members help run breakfast clubs across schools on a daily basis. Every day between 8-8.45am, our corps members provide hundreds of children a healthy breakfast of juice, fruit, bagels, cereal, and aide activities such as reading, playing board games, drawing and colouring in, learning through the use of an ipad, and physical activities like skipping. Breakfast clubs are an important part of City Year’s programme. They help improve the attendance and punctuality of students and have a positive impact on the focus and readiness of pupils at the start of the day. 70% of corps members felt that they have helped ‘improve student attendance’ through breakfast clubs. Graduation Sponsor £4,000 By sponsoring the Graduation ceremony at one of our three City Year UK sites, you will be supporting the recognition and celebration of the huge commitment made by our corps members during their year of service. Compered by our corps members and attended by an array of City Year funders, teachers and friends and family, our Graduation ceremonies showcase the service of our corps and the impact it has made on their lives as well as the children they have supported. As our Graduation Sponsor you will have exclusive opportunities for branding on the night, as well an invitation to speak at the event.

  5. Starfish Community Engagement Sponsor £5,000 Through our flagship events such as City Year’s Got Talent and CY Football Championship, we bring hundreds of children and their families together, building a sense of community and celebrating their talents and skills. These events offer you the opportunity to meet new people and get actively involved in the local community. Sponsor a Corps Member £7,500 A young adult’s commitment to spending a full year of their lives volunteering with children is unique and powerful. They spend 1,300 hours acting as role models, mentors and tutors to disadvantaged children. The impact they can make through this experience is like no other. Corps members differ from teaching staff because of the relationship they can develop with children. Their youthfulness positions them as an older brother or sister figure who children can confide in, and their status as a volunteer enables them to build a bond with children which teachers cannot. Furthermore, the personal and professional skills they develop in themselves throughout the experience enhances their own employability and life chances. “It’s more fun coming to school with the City Years here. In the class they help us to learn something. Our learning is not easier but it is more fun at times” - Pupil

  6. Starfish After-school club Sponsor £10,000 Our after-school clubs are an important part of City Year’s contribution to student development and enhances the school environment. Corps members design and facilitate extra-curricular clubs such as debating, female empowerment, lyric writing, chess, drama, girls football, and construction, enabling children to discover new talents and interests “I have so much fun with them in after-school clubs. They have helped me with many things like my work and they also helped me with my friend problems. If there could be a City Year forever, I would be so happy.” Primary school pupil, Hackney In 2013/14 City Year corps members created and led on 120 clubs outside of the classroom attended by over 1,500 children. In one primary school, over 60 pupils regularly attended our Mathletics clubs - those attending the club for five or more hours during the year made 30% more progress compared to those who did not attend. CY UK Hardship Fund £15,000 When young adults join City Year they are committing to a year of being a volunteer. They receive modest, fixed weekly expenses plus travel to ensure that they are not out of pocket. However, unforeseen events do occur and City Year UK has a hardship fund, to which corps members can apply if they need financial help for unexpected reasons, e.g. new glasses, dental bills. Becoming our Hardship Fund Sponsor would enable us to be there for those corps members who, without this financial support, might be forced to withdraw from the programme.

  7. Starfish Training Partner £20,000 Before corps members start their service in schools, City Year provides 2 weeks of intensive training, designed to help him hit the ground running. Delivered by City Year staff, teachers and child behaviour experts, the training consists of lectures and workshops aimed at introducing corps members to the key skills of their service in schools and inducting them in City Year’s mission, culture, and values, learning how it addresses under-achievement in schools. We used NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) tools to teach corps members effective coaching skills (to be used with their students and on each other) and integrate our culture of idealism to help break down stereotypes and motivate them to become the ambassadors for social change during and beyond their year of service. Lead a Team £17,500 Each school team of 6-11 corps members is managed by a Team Leader - a young adult who previously served with City Year and has chosen to continue their service for another year and develop their leadership at the same time. This person’s role has tremendous importance in shaping new corps members’ experience, supporting their personal and professional development, managing them on a day to day basis in their school service, and well as helping to build robust partnerships with schools, which are open and communicative, and ensures we deliver the right kind of programme to benefit the students. “Over the year I’ve picked up some key skills that I hadn’t got from education such as management, planning, and time management. City Year has also taught me that there’s nearly always a reason for people’s behaviour and attitudes. I certainly feel that I have the tools to work better with people in so many ways. City Year is now a part of my life forever!” 2012/13 corps member and 2013/14 Team Leader

  8. Starfish School Enrichment Partner £25,000 Every Monday-Thursday throughout an academic year corps member support thousands of children, not only providing in-class support for teachers, but also running breakfast, lunchtime and after school activities, greeting pupils at the gates in the morning, spending break and lunch times with them and waving them off at the end of the day. Each corps member also mentors around 10 pupils on a 1:1 basis, helping them to develop in any area from academic study to behaviour and confidence building. “They have been an instrumental part of our drive for whole school improvement. The academic progress of the children has accelerated due to the targeted support they have provided. Every school should have a City Year team!” Michelle Thomas, Headteacher, Shacklewell primary school, Hackney As our School Enrichment Partner you would be supporting the running of all outside of classroom activities and interventions across all City Year UK sites. This includes homework sessions, computer studies, mathletics, creative writing, film club, animation, gardening and badminton, to name just a few. They also support groups of students with interventions including guided reading, science, secondary maths, self-esteem/confidence, drama therapy and friendship group.

  9. Ripples Our idealistic actions are not isolated. The ripples each one creates combine to form a mighty current of change.

  10. Ripples Red Jacket Sponsor £37,500 A corps member directly costs City Year £7,500 p/a as we support them with weekly subsistence expenses, travel costs, kit them out in a full City Year uniform and award a Citizen Service Award upon graduation to be used towards training or further education. As a Red Jacket Sponsor you will support 5 corps members across our cohort. We will match corps members to your particular areas of interest, whether that is supporting those from particular geographical, academic, business or socio-economic backgrounds. You will be able to develop a strong relationship with our corps members, serving as mentors and engaging with them on a 1:1 basis to support their professional development throughout the academic year. “When I grow up I want to be part of City Year so I can help children and help them with their work. I like City Year.” - Primary School pupil

  11. Ripples Uniform Partner £45,000 Corps members are united through a uniform of black trousers, white shirt, red jumper and our iconic City Year red jacket. In schools and communities corps members look smart and professional, an important aspect to their role modelling, and for children, they see continuity year on year as new corps members join their school. Often termed “red jackets” by children, the uniform becomes associated with someone they can trust and respect. When corps members first receive their red jacket they dedicate it to someone or something who inspires them, which will see them through their year of volunteering. Sponsor the costs of kitting out our entire cohort with a uniform to be proud of. School Success Partner £60,000 We continually strive to strengthen the service we provide schools to improve the quality and effectiveness of the programme, maximising the impact on educational outcomes and the appeal to schools. Our Head of School Partnerships creates effective partnerships with schools and ensures the consistent application of our model by school leadership, working with schools so they understand how best to use a team to support school improvement priorities. Our Head of School Service Training ensures a quality programme is being applied consistently throughout schools, by enhancing the training and preparation of corps members so they receive the support they need year-round to serve in schools. “Heads should be forming an orderly queue to bring City Year into their schools.  They are certainly helping me deliver the commitments in our school improvement plan.” Janice Thomas, Executive Headteacher of Sebright Primary School, Hackney Support this workstream to ensure we are able to continue providing this level of support, both to corps members and our school partners.

  12. Ripples Literacy Partner or Numeracy Partner £75,000 London ; £50,000 Birmingham ; £50,000 Manchester • In 2012, 44% of pupils failed to secure a GCSE pass in maths and English by the age of 16 and almost half never studied these subjects again afterwards. (The Guardian, April 2014) • ⅓ of firms are dissatisfied with the literacy and numeracy levels of school leavers, with around 54% of employers aware of weaknesses in these core competencies of at least some of their employees Last year City Year UK corps members spent 24,600 hours giving 1:1 tutoring and mentoring to over 1,200 students, the majority of whom received individual maths or reading/English support. We have good evidence that successfully implemented City Year literacy and numeracy interventions help students make faster progress compared either to their past performance, to the national expected rate of progress, or to their non-focus list peers. We deliver: • In classroom support – Corps members provide academic coaching to students in these key subjects, particularly those struggling to keep up with other students and the pace of the class. • Focus list support – Corps members provide 1:1 support to focus list children underperforming in maths and literacy. Over the course of an academic year this consistent and intensive coaching helps students achieve their best potential. • School specific interventions – Corps members support and /or lead a variety of numeracy and literacy interventions, dependent on individual school needs and delivery models, such as Mathletics and after school clubs. As one of our Literacy or Numeracy Partners you will join an elite group of specialist businesses to support the delivery of these interventions in either London, Birmingham or Manchester continued….

  13. Ripples Literacy Partner or Numeracy Partner As part of our academic coaching training for corps members, we provide rubrics for common challenges with class work, and suggested responses/solutions; coaching training; training in student motivation and growth mindset. Specifically we provide training to corps members in elementary maths methods, arithmetic strategies, fractions (primaries) or algebra (secondaries), and strategies to overcome maths anxiety in order to fully support students in this area. In terms of literacy support, we provide training in basic phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension; overview of main approaches to teaching literacy as well as ideas for engaging events, displays and incentives to read. Case Study In a number of City Year UK partner schools, corps members run a Mathletics club, using a web-based learning programme to help pupils develop their understanding and confidence of maths. Students at Shacklewell School, Hackney, who spent more than 5 hours with corps members in Mathletics made 30% more progress in maths than other students. “The maths grades have rocketed this year…The corps members are here 8 o’clock in the morning, setting up for Mathletics and providing that opportunity for children that don’t have internet access to actually be on a computer… It’s us that have given them that kind of resource, but now it’s actually City Year UK that are taking that resource and developing it into those grades and those achievements that the children are actually making. And without that, without that time in the morning, so many of the children would have just carried on slipping under the radar.” Teacher

  14. Ripples Student Improvement Sponsor £75,000 London ; £50,000 Birmingham ; £50,000 Manchester • Over two-thirds of those of students who truanted did so to avoid a particular lesson. • Children who are eligible for free school meals are approximately four times more likely to be permanently excluded. Support the design and delivery of City Year interventions at one of our key sites, which focus on improving the attendance and behaviour of children and help to significantly improve persistent disruptive behaviour, increase children’s enjoyment of school and their punctuality. Some of the interventions we deliver to improve attendance include: • Attendance recognition - hand out certificates or stage award events for high-attendance classes and individuals; maintain attendance displays • Breakfast clubs - serve breakfast to children arriving early; play games and have conversations with attendees • Morning greetings - greet parents and students and at the school gates and/or run PT (physical training) in the playground immediately before registration • Walking bus - pick children up from home in a walking bus to school ‘The [corps member] has turned [Sarah] into a different student. Before her input [Sarah] was disaffected, late and attended poorly. She is now one of the stronger students in the class. Everyone should have a [corps member]!’ Teacher, Year 3 continued...

  15. Ripples Student Improvement Sponsor The presence of corps members creates an environment where children enjoy coming to school, have increased productivity in lessons and show a positive approach to learning. “I love City Year as they understand more children and help us resolve problems. They also make learning fun plus I love to see them every day when I come to school because I know that when I come to school they are going to make me succeed.” Year 7 pupil Some of our interventions which specifically focus on pastoral and behavioural support for children include: • Positive behaviour recognition - run appreciation activities including student of the month, positive behaviour celebration boards, and awarding positive behaviour slips • Positive letters/calls home - send postcards or make phone calls to the parents of students who have exhibited good behaviours above expectations • Bullying prevention - engage and educate parents and students to raise awareness; target hotspots for bullying (e.g. corridor corners); enforce anti-bullying culture and intervene if bullying occurs, following up with coaching conversations • Peer mentoring - coordinate meetings between paired students and help them set goals for the relationship • Eating with students - sit at the same table as a small group of students and eat with them • Transition support - be present during transitions between lessons or locations to pre-empt time wasting or negative behaviour and maintain a climate of learning • Behaviour monitoring - collate and report on any countable school-wide behaviour measure (both negative and positive)

  16. Ripples Alumni Sponsor - 2 year sponsorship £70,000 To date our alumni network comprises of 362 young people who have graduated from our programme since 2011. As we grow, so will our alumni network and we aim to develop a strong Alumni programme to retain the energy and idealism corps members harnas during their City Year experience. As our Alumni Sponsor you can help us deliver three main strategic aims: 1. To encourage and promote alumni to be social action leaders for life • Promote opportunities at City Year UK where alumni can volunteer and help achieve the 2020 vision as well as external opportunities where alumni can get involved with social action roles in wider society e.g. Become a trustee or governor at another organisation. 2. To encourage a thriving alumni community and support network • Enable alumni to support one another with personal and professional development or areas of interest; • Mobilise alumni to further the cause of City Year UK whether that be through campaigning or ‘hands on’ volunteering opportunities. 3. To support the next generation of corps members starting their social action journey with City Year • Engage alumni to help deliver careers advice and guidance, work shadowing etc. for new cohorts “When I began as a corps member I put 100% into everything I did, I threw myself in and did things without fear. And I saw that as the organisation was growing, there were career opportunities opening up for corps members like me.” 2011/12 corps member

  17. Lighthouse We take pride in how much we shine, and provide a beacon of guidance for others.

  18. Lighthouse Recruitment Partner £150,000 Since City Year launched in 2010, our cohort has grown from 60 to 200 corps members and our vision is to have 1000 corps members serving in 5 cities by 2020. This is a significant challenge and as our Recruitment Partner you can help our dedicated Recruitment team engage and inspire thousands of young adults so that we receive an a ratio of 3:1 applicants to positions available, ensuring we have a pool of high quality, strong candidates to select from. Recruitment activities include: exhibiting at careers and volunteering fairs; presenting at schools and colleges; establishing local youth advisory groups (using CY alumni); working with youth and employment organisations; online and print advertising; and targeted email campaigns using UCAS and Milkround. Each applicant undergoes a thorough application process, including attending an information session, an application form, assessment centre and formal interview. We recruit a diverse group of young people: Background 40% non-graduates 20% grew up in the most deprived 10% of England 90% were state educated 70% female Ethnicity of 2014/15 cohort 31% are Asian 29% are Black 28% are White 11% identify themselves as Other

  19. Lighthouse Impact and Evaluation Partner £100,000 By harnessing the power of young people, and fostering a culture of voluntary service, City Year UK works towards three goals: 1. To raise the aspirations, attainment, and emotional well-being of children from disadvantaged backgrounds. 2. To better prepare young adults for the working world, giving them the skills to make a success of their lives. 3. To create self-confident leaders who have the passion, values and expertise to contribute to their communities outside of City Year. But how do we know if we’re achieving this? As our Impact and Evaluation Partner you can help our Impact and Design team collect valuable data - from students, teachers, parents and corps members, which will tell us if we’re on track to achieving our goals. Using a mixture of surveys, interviews and data collection, our evaluation framework assesses the quality of City Year UK support in schools, the level of satisfaction of stakeholders with our work, and the impact and outcomes corps members produce for children. We use this vital information to refine and adapt our services and our evaluation practices. This is a crucial part of our programme - without it we would never know if our programme is run correctly, whether we’re recruiting the right corps members, partnering with the right schools or making a difference in society. In turn, this information is used to demonstrate our worth to attract young adults, headteachers, funders and politicians to our cause.

  20. Lighthouse Training and Careers Partner £200,000 Through our Training and Careers programme we seek to better prepare young adults for the working world, giving them the skills to make a success of their lives and create self-confident leaders who have the passion, values and expertise to contribute to their communities outside of City Year UK. City Year aims to instil 8 core competencies in our young volunteers: Communication / Confidence / Creativity / Interpersonal Relationships / Leadership / Managing Feelings / Problem-solving / Resilience. Each corps member will spend 300 hours developing leadership and development skills on Fridays. Through our training, which are often led by our corporate partners, corps members are exposed to a range of careers and connected with people from all corners of society to help them identify what career path they want to take. As our Training and Careers Partner you will be able to play a key role in this programme, using your business skills and networks to directly improve the employability skills of the corps members. We will work together to develop a programme of events throughout the year which offers your employees the opportunity to deliver or participate in careers workshops and professional skills training for the benefit of all involved. “City Year is about self-development. The person I was at the start is nowhere near the person I am now. I’ve learned more about myself this year than I learned in three years at uni. “ 2011/12 corps member Our alumni have entered employment across a range of sectors including education, banking, public sector and engineering. Corps members leave City Year UK: • more equipped for the workplace • more socially active • more trusting of others

  21. Lighthouse Team Sponsor - 3 year sponsorship £300,000 London ; £225,000 Birmingham ; £225,000 Manchester As a Team Sponsor you will make a 3 year commitment to supporting a group of corps members serving in a particular school. The team can be chosen depending on the location of your office or the demographics of young people you’d like to reach, and the team would be named after your company, e.g. the Credit Suisse Team. This would be proudly displayed on their name badges, with your logo and across all our public forums. You will be able to develop a strong relationship with your team of corps members, through school visits, end of year presentation and roundtables, in school volunteering opportunities and we will pair employees to each corps member for a 12 month mentoring scheme. The team sponsorship relationship is developed on a bespoke basis between City Year UK and the company to ensure that both parties benefit from the particular things each organisation can offer. “Having been invited to meet the team at school yesterday I was totally bowled over by the welcome that was waiting for us. I can honestly say that the atmosphere and the general feel of the school was truly outstanding, as was the surprise tea from the City Year team!! Thank you - Cannot wait to start my mentoring with you guys!” Lisa Kay, Deutsche Bank

  22. Diamonds Time turns the sand of experience into diamonds of wisdom.

  23. Diamonds National Literacy or Numeracy Partner - 2 year partnership £250,000 As our only National Literacy / Numeracy Partner you would support the development of our literacy / numeracy intervention work to help us achieve two clear goals: • Improve the consistency of success across our interventions so that more children succeed We want all our school-mandated interventions to share the features of our more successfully implemented ones, such as clear guidance from the school, training in the use of learning materials, understood selection criteria, correct dosage and frequency of support, a specific metric for assessing changes, regular assessment using that metric, and referral and progression plans for students either failing to make, or exceeding, target progress. • More schools utilize this area of support from City Year so that we impact more children By developing our relationships with schools we can help school leaders and teachers understand how to use corps members to maximum effect. Investment in this area will also ensure that corps members receive the training and support they need from the school, as well as City Year. continued….

  24. Diamonds National Literacy or Numeracy Partner - 2 year partnership We would expect to see the following results from investment in our numeracy programme: Year 1: Increase in the number of children whose focus list referrals include a literacy/maths risk factor and increase the number of children receiving targeted literacy/maths intervention support from corps members. Year 2: Increase the quality of feedback we receive on corps members' tutoring ability; more uniformity in success of our interventions across schools; increase in number of interventions passing the threshold to be judged 'successful' (broadly, 50% of students achieving target progress); and higher average literacy/ numeracy score for successful applicants to the corps. Year 3: Literacy / maths progress data for students receiving our support will be stronger than at the start of the programme. As City Year UK’s National Numeracy / Literacy Partner you will be able to demonstrate national leadership in the education arena, tackling educational disadvantage through an original and innovative model, capitalizing on the power of young people to become the solution to the problems that face them. As the first company to sponsor a national City Year UK intervention programme, your contribution will be unique and distinct from all other City Year UK funders and supporters. Rt Hon Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Education “City Year volunteers are truly inspirational – it was a pleasure to meet some of them. These young people dedicate a year to helping other children through mentoring, helping with school work and acting as positive role models. I wish City Year well and look forward to seeing them expand into other London schools and across the country.” “City Year is a shining example of a partnership where everyone wins, and young people themselves are empowered to make this happen. It combines idealism with simplicity and common sense, but most importantly helps the most disadvantaged children achieve at school.”

  25. Heroes Heroes give his or her life to something bigger than oneself

  26. Heroes National Strategic Partner - 2 year partnership £500,000 A National Strategic Partner of City Year UK is an organisation prepared to support us in a transformative way as we embark on the road towards national expansion. We see it as moving beyond sponsorship to becoming a key player in our organisation’s development through financial and practical contributions and an external endorsement of our work to date, and our potential for the future. In addition, as one of our first National Strategic Partners you can lead the call to action for other businesses to join this tier of support for City Year’s expansion and demonstrate your continued faith in City Year and excitement for our 2020 Vision by pioneering the way for other businesses to get involved at the same level and by demonstrating to national and local government and other key stakeholders that our vision is taken seriously by our major sponsors. “City Year is a very inspiring organisation.  Having supported City Year since it came to the UK, I am delighted that Credit Suisse has become its first National Strategic Partner and is able to support it to scale-up outside London, grow to Birmingham and take the first steps to becoming UK-wide movement for change. “ Patrick Flaherty, Chairman Credit Suisse EMEA Foundation

  27. Giants If we see further than others, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants

  28. Giants Pioneer Growth Partner - 5 year partnership £1.25 million Our highest and most prestigious partner, by making a 5-year investment in City Year UK, as a Pioneer Growth Partner you will: • Help secure the future of City Year UK and make our 2020 vision a reality • Confirm your position as one of City Year’s ultimate growth partners in the UK and be recognised as our ‘Pioneer Growth Partner’ in perpetuity. • Underscore your pioneering role as a key supporter of innovative and proven educational programmes. • Enhance our ability to grow our political profile - essential both to promote the importance of national service, but also to increase our ability to win statutory and government streams of funding. • Enable City Year to leverage additional long-term support from corporate organisations and institutional trusts and foundations for its 2020 vision • Ultimately, be helping over 70,000 children and 1,000 18-25 year-olds annually to fulfil their potential and become better citizens. Prime Minister, Rt. Hon David Cameron MP “Not only does this scheme help thousands of children to achieve their aspirations; it also helps the volunteers taking part to get on in their careers.I am delighted to award City Year with a Big Society Award in recognition of their achievements”

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