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  1. Please note: These presentations will be posted in our community and on a USB stick given to all attendees. These presentations will not be given orallyPictures will be placed on the wall in the World Cafe Arizona Please feel free to include a school, regional or country logo, or fair logo here. 2010 Intel ISEF Ed Academy

  2. Your site/country name Add photo here Add photo here NAME Position/title Organization Email: if you are willing to share NAME Position/title Organization Email: if you are willing to share Add photo here Add photo here NAME Position/title Organization Email: if you are willing to share NAME Position/title Organization Email: if you are willing to share

  3. Phoenix Union High School District Educational Environment • PUHSD Size: 220 Square Miles • Grades: 9-12 • Number of Schools: 11 Comprehensive • 3 Alternative Programs • 3 Small Schools • Teaching Staff: 1,708 • Student Enrollment: 25,845 I

  4. Science Fairs What is the status of Science Fairs in your area? • Existing: Please complete if your district or country has participated in Intel ISEF • How many science fairs are held? • How is the community or government involved? • Approximately how many students entered this year, (2009-2010 academic year)? • New: Please complete if you’re just beginning to have science fairs) • What is the interest? • When do you hope to hold your first Fair?

  5. Science Fairs, Math and Science Curriculum What are the three biggest obstacles you face? ● Teaching practices to support project-based learning 60% + teachers stand and deliver vs inquiry practices ● Research as part of the curriculum research component lacking ● Teacher buy-in and commitment

  6. Long Term Goals ● Provide student centered inquiry and research as classroom management tools training for district-wide and partner school district teachers (Intel Teach) ● Curriculum revision in all content areas to include research component ● Develop course taking sequence to include exploratory Design Squad curriculum; provide opportunities for community service learning; and inquiry project-based learning ● Articulate with partner elementary districts to promote student mentorship; community service learning; and project –based learning in the education system ● Promote independent and student interest-based research and participation in competitive science fairs

  7. Short Term Goal Year 1 Teacher Program Develop/Implement/Promote/Support 9th-10th grade teacher programs • Professional Development in student centered inquiry and research as classroom management (Intel Teach and Intel Teach Science) - Align with strategic elementary districts • Curriculum Development for Design Squad; Intro to Medical Arts; IB Scientific Inquiry courses - Curriculum related technology - Professional learning communities • Independent student research course exploration

  8. Short Term Goal Year 1 Student Program ● Develop/Implement/Promote 9th grade student programs for inquiry and project-based learning; service learning - PUHSD/Elementary partner district mentorship program - Camelback HS Design Squad course - Alhambra HS Medical Arts Magnet course - Betty Fairfax HS IB Science Inquiry

  9. Short Term Goal Year 1 Curriculum Program ● Implement core or more course taking - Alhambra, Camelback, Betty Fairfax ● Implement ACT Quality Core - Alhambra and Camelback ● Implement whole school IB program - Betty Fairfax

  10. Short Term Goal: Year 2 Science Fair ● Implement/Support independent student research course • Build on work of Intel ISEF experts: Lynnbrook, IMSA, Hamilton, (Society for Science Fellows) • Alhambra, Camelback, Betty Fairfax • Intel (technology and programmatic grant funding) • Create interest and awareness; learn about research and design • Implement Research Course Fall 2011 • Helios Foundation (Design Squad teaching position) ● Implement/Support district-wide science fair-all PUHSD Schools • Build on HISEF, SciFest and Jordan Models; consider virtual fairs • Phoenix Union Foundation (Judging; Prizes: Food)