sustainable community strategy goal 4 improve the health and well being of the population n.
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Sustainable Community Strategy Goal 4 Improve The Health and Well-Being of the Population PowerPoint Presentation
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Sustainable Community Strategy Goal 4 Improve The Health and Well-Being of the Population

Sustainable Community Strategy Goal 4 Improve The Health and Well-Being of the Population

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Sustainable Community Strategy Goal 4 Improve The Health and Well-Being of the Population

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  1. Sustainable Community StrategyGoal 4Improve The Health and Well-Beingof the Population Wendy Swift Chief Executive NHS Blackpool

  2. Our Key Objectives Reduce the difference in health outcomes between Blackpool’s communities and others in the North West and UK Encourage healthy lifestyles and emotional well-being for the whole population Provide quality adult social care services to enable vulnerable adults and older people to live independently Reduce teenage conception rates and improve sexual health


  4. Health of Blackpool Life Expectancy 73.2 years (males) - worst nationally 79.0 years (females) - 6th worst nationally Teenage Pregnancy 11th worst nationally, 2nd worst in the North West Suicides Highest suicide rate in males nationally. Highest across both genders nationally Alcohol Highest number of months of life lost attributable to alcohol Highest rate of mortality from chronic liver failure nationally Smoking 4th highest estimated percentage of smokers in the NW Approx 390 smokers die prematurely every year Approx 8000 are currently suffering from smoking related disease Double the England average rate of smoking in pregnancy CVD Mortality from cardio-vascular disease is in the worst 10% of the North West Cancer Approx 500 deaths from cancer each year, in the worst 10% in the North West Cervical Screening is the 5th worst in the NW and in the worst 20% nationally

  5. Achievements 3 new Primary Care Health Centres to be built – Whitegate Drive opening October 2009, South Shore opening 2010 and Bispham including leisure, fitness and library opening 2011 Recruitment of additional GPs for Blackpool Dental School established training 8 students per year Promotion of the health benefits of breast feeding and looking to achieve Baby Friendly accreditation

  6. Achievements All schools have participated in the Human Papilloma Vaccine Programme Breast Cancer Service extended and plans for a permanent screening facility Bowel Cancer Screening programme commenced for 60-69 year olds Quit Smoking Service expanded with improved choice and access to a wider range of facilities

  7. Achievements Sensible drinking programme. Local initiatives include test purchasing, new Altn8 campaign, expanded treatment services Increased availability of physical activity at Council leisure facilities through Healthy Futures Programme and Condition Management Programme New initiatives to help reduce the rise in obesity in children as part of the Healthy Schools initiative

  8. Achievements Provision of support services for people experiencing financial problems by establishing a town wide Credit Union, supporting advice lines and providing debt advice at GP surgeries Continued support for Vitaline Independent Living Centre for physically disabled people opened in June 2009 as a one stop shop Telehealth and Telecare service expanded

  9. Achievements Planning permission has been secured and work commenced on two extra housing schemes on Cherry Tree Road and Ashfield Road, opening late 2010 12 more supported tenancies in 2009/10 and 10 more in 2010/11 Lancashire Care NHS Trust is planning to build a new mental health inpatient unit at Whyndyke Farm, commencing in 2010 Increased availability of sexual health services through extended opening hours and extended training

  10. And Finally We still have a long way to go, but with all partners working together we are making progress to improve the ‘Health of Blackpool’