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Welcome to Year 1 Se ptember 2013 PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to Year 1 Se ptember 2013

Welcome to Year 1 Se ptember 2013

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Welcome to Year 1 Se ptember 2013

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  1. Welcome to Year 1 September 2013

  2. Ensuring a smooth transition from the 
Foundation Stage to Year 1. Provide lots of first hand experiences and 
opportunities to 'learn through play'. Make sure the 
work we cover is 
as 'cross 
curricular' as 
possible- making 
links between 
subjects. Develop their independent 
working skills. Practise speaking and 
listening skills.

  3. Our day Literacy Numeracy Phonics Music ICT PE Handwriting PHSCE Topic Golden Time!

  4. Literacy Lessons incorporate whole class teaching, independent activities, 
small groups activities with the teacher and a plenary to 
consolidate the learning. Lots of 'hand on' first hand experiences- to develop language 
skills, understanding of topics and imaginative ideas, ready to 
feed this into their writing. Writing opportunities throughout the week to build confidence in 'having a go'- white boards, menus, letters, design labels. Begin to build upon recording in more formalised ways (books).

  5. Phonics We continue to build on the work from Foundation Stage. Phonics is taught for half an hour daily in groups. It is reinforced in class during other curriculum areas. Phonics screening check - June train spoilt quort chert

  6. Numeracy We begin our lessons with a mental oral starter to wake up the brain! 
Each lesson will then have a mix of whole class teaching, group 
activities and teacher directed tasks. Again we consolidate our 
learning through a plenary at the end. Very practical! Lots of hands on games and equipment to ensure the 
children understand HOW things work in Maths, particularly with 
numbers and operations before we begin to record more formally.

  7. Topic Theme for the half term. We cover a range of subjects in our topic work through the year. Link to other areas of the curriculum as much as possible, particularly 

  8. National Curriculum level expectations for year 1 P7 P8 1C 1B 1A 2C

  9. Learning Logs Given out on a Monday and collected in the following Wednesday (10 days later) Children will have one activity to complete over the double 
page, linked to something we have covered at school. We would like the children to try complete the work 
themselves with support from you.

  10. Extra Info! Show & tell - 1GY & 1TN a group a day 1LB - Tuesday 1SA - Thursday -

  11. Extra Info! PE days 1SA - Monday & Tuesday 1GY & 1TN- Tuesday & Thursday 1LB - Thursday & Friday -

  12. Thank you for your support We look forward to working together 
with you in making your child's time 
in Year 1 both enjoyable and