preparing arizona s students for college career and life n.
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Preparing Arizona’s Students for College, Career, and Life PowerPoint Presentation
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Preparing Arizona’s Students for College, Career, and Life

Preparing Arizona’s Students for College, Career, and Life

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Preparing Arizona’s Students for College, Career, and Life

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  1. Preparing Arizona’s Students for College, Career, and Life Information for Parents and Community Leaders about Arizona’s College & Career Ready Standards Arizona Public Engagement Task Force Updated October 2013

  2. “You have brains in your head.You have feet in your shoes.You can steer yourselfany direction you choose.” “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” Dr. Seuss

  3. Students need to be prepared to be successful in the jobs of the future

  4. The World Has Changed • Technology changes rapidly, doubling every 18 months • We are preparing students today for jobs that do not exist • Students are competing for jobs with kids from around the world Source: Expect More Arizona

  5. Employers Expect More • A high school diploma is no longer enough • Most good jobs require some type of postsecondary education or training

  6. In Arizona… 15% 85% of high growth, high wage jobs in Arizona will require some postsecondary education 85% 2% Fewer than 2% of these jobs will be available to adults who have less than a high school diploma. 98% Source: Expect More Arizona

  7. All students need to be prepared for college, career and life

  8. Where do We Stand Today? Arizona students who do not graduate on time 23% Arizona graduates who do not qualify for admission into state universities 53% Arizona students that enroll in remedial classes in community colleges 59% Employers who report their new hires are deficient in basic skills 42%

  9. Arizona is raising the bar to ensure that all students receive a world-class education

  10. Arizona’s College & Career Ready Standards • New academic standards in English and math in grades K-12 • Standards define what students need to know and be able to do in each grade and subject

  11. How are the New Standards Different? • Will raise the bar to ensure that all kids are prepared for college, career and life • Will give students criticalthinking, problem solving, and effective communications skills

  12. Developed by Educators and Experts • Created by teachers, subject matter experts, parents and school administrators • Benchmarked against countries with top-notch education programs

  13. Consistent Across States • Part of a larger state-led initiative • 46 states and the District of Columbia developed the standards • States are now implementing the standards and developing assessments that will be consistent across states

  14. Benefits to Students • Relevant to the real world • Reflect the academic knowledge and skills students need to be successful in college and career • Emphasize understanding and application, rather than memorization

  15. Benefits to Teachers • More time to go in depth in subjects • Provide clear and consistent learning targets • Helps limit challenges with student mobility • Allows teaching decisions to remain at the local level

  16. Benefits to Parents • Parents, teachers and students to be on the same page • Together you can identify when your child needs extra help or to be challenged more • Opportunities to support your child’s learning at home

  17. Parent-Teacher Partnerships • Parent-teacher partnerships are critical to your child’s success • Opportunity to have ongoing conversations about your child’s progress

  18. Key Questions to ask Your Child’s Teacher • What are the most important topics my child will be learning this year? • Can I see a sample of my child’s work? Is this piece of work satisfactory? How could it be better? • Is my child on track to be successful in this class, next year, and for college and career? • What resources are available if my child needs help or wants to learn more about a subject? Source: National PTA

  19. Key Resources for Parents • Academic Milestones - Expect More Arizona • Parents’ Guide to Student Success - National PTA • Parent Roadmaps to Common Core State Standards - Council of Great City Schools

  20. An Important Step in Improving Education in Arizona • The Standards provide an opportunity to strengthen parent-teacher relationships • An important step in helping your child to be college and career ready

  21. Together, We Can Expect More and Achieve More for Arizona Students

  22. Q&A

  23. For More Information… Visit Arizona’s College & Career Ready StandardsWebsite:

  24. Thank You! • Insert your name and contact information here.