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CODIST.1 Report, April 27-May 1, 2009 Addis Ababa PowerPoint Presentation
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CODIST.1 Report, April 27-May 1, 2009 Addis Ababa

CODIST.1 Report, April 27-May 1, 2009 Addis Ababa

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CODIST.1 Report, April 27-May 1, 2009 Addis Ababa

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    2. Main Services Provided: Training Services: Geoinformation and IT applications, Project Services: at Local, Regional and Continental levels, Advisory Services: mainly to member States, Research and Development: both applied and fundamental researches, Engineering Services: maintenance, repair and calibration of Survey and mapping equipments, Spatial Data: acquisition, archiving and dissemination and Disaster early warning and forecasting: Disaster early warning (flood, draught, epidemic diseases, etc. )

    3. 1. Training During the last two year, over 700 professionals were trained The type of geoinformation training offered varies from Basic to Advanced Regular programmes GIS and cartography RS and photogrammetry Database management GPS LIMS IT Tailor made programmes On water management Forest mapping Environmental impact assessment Disease mapping Health Information Management System Disaster management

    4. 2. Major Projects Implemented During the Last two Years

    5. 2. Major Projects Implemented Cont

    7. 3. Advisory Services Provided to Member States

    8. 4. Research and Development Activities

    9. 5. Engineering Services Provided

    10. 6. Spatial data acquisition and dissemination services Satellite images: Landsat data starting 1974 to 2003 were distributed SPOT data ASTER data from Terra MODIS Terra data EO-1 data (Hyper and multi-spectral data) MERIS, ASAR and ATSAR data from Envisat QuickBird, Ikonos, MSG data and products (fPAR, NDVI, VI, WRI, etc.) Products from consultancy projects and research works Soil map, administration maps, road network map, land use, vegetation, etc..

    11. Data Dissemination Cont.. Geonetwork (FAO Node) Data and metadata uploading and dissemination Agricultural data (both aspatial and spatial) dissemination WFP Node Data on food security DDS (Data Dissemination System MERIS and ASAR data (every six hours) Geonetcast receiving and transmission station SERVIR-Africa Project is put in place for free geospatial data dissemination using data portal

    13. SERVIR-Africa main scope is: Capacity building, regional visualization and monitoring and application development project: In data acquisition, archiving and dissemination Disaster Early warning and management Data Processing and modeling Development of various applications Biodiversity Forest fire Epidemic cases Flooding Food security Land management Etc.