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Announcements . No Gospel Papers for the rest of the semester Exam Corrections need to be in no later than December 10 th ! Check website for instructions! Next Exam: December 6 th (Chapters 12, 13, and 14*) HW: Review Chapter 12 notes . Chapter 12 . The Divided Kingdom .

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  1. Announcements • No Gospel Papers for the rest of the semester • Exam Corrections need to be in no later than December 10th! • Check website for instructions! • Next Exam: December 6th (Chapters 12, 13, and 14*) • HW: Review Chapter 12 notes

  2. Chapter 12 The Divided Kingdom

  3. Solomon’s Reign • Israel’s peak of Glory • Taxes/labor –made Solomon unpopular • Apostasy –demanded chastisement from God

  4. The Torn Kingdom • Jeroboam • Solomon’s top minister • Told by prophet Abijah that he will take over ten tribes in Israel • With elders, asked Rehoboam (son of Solomon) to “lighten the hard service” • Rehoboam • Told elders to come back in three days for an answer

  5. The Torn Kingdom • Rehoboam • Sought counsel of an elder • Told to serve the servants and they will serve you forever • Sought counsel of friend (worldly) • Told to be harsh • Answer: • Will chastise with scorpions –I will be harsher than my father

  6. The Torn Kingdom • Wrong answer • Rebellion was heard • Ten tribes rebelled –Jeroboam became their king • Civil war • Rehoboam backed off –was told by prophet that the split of the kingdom was God’s doing

  7. Back to the Golden Calf • Jeroboam • Did not trust God’s promises • Created two “Golden Calves” • Instructed people to turn away from Jerusalem and worship the “Golden Calve” • Why? • To stay loyal to subjects

  8. God and the Bad Kings • Jeroboam’s sin • Set pattern for wicked kings • Judah /Israel alternates between good and bad kings • Israel has more than Judah • Good kings could not undo damage • Many prophets paid with their lives to stay true to the True God

  9. Jonah • Book of Jonah –a parable (funny) • Impossible to avoid God’s call • God’s mercy overcomes boundaries of Israel • God will be merciful even when His prophets would rather not be • Jonah • Prophet in N. kingdom of Israel during the Assyrian threat

  10. Jonah • Nineveh (in Assyria) • Horrifying • Bad rulers, terrorized people • City most hated by the Jews • Jews don’t want God to forgive the Ninevites • Ex: Would you want God to forgive Hitler for killing/torturing your family? • What if they repented?

  11. Jonah • Jonah • God –tell Assyrians of Nineveh to repent • Jonah –No • Wanted the Assyrians to be destroyed • Set out for Tarshish –Spain • Tried to get away from God’s sphere of influence

  12. Jonah • “Mighty Tempest” sent to toss Jonah’s ship • Prayed to Idols –storm grew worse • Jonah –my fault, toss me into the sea • Stormed cleared

  13. Jonah • Fish swallowed Jonah • Saved his life • Inside fish –three days • Dead • Fish spit him out on third day • Jonah “rose from the dead”

  14. Jonah • God had not given up • Go to Nineveh –Jonah obeys • Forty days given for repentance • Fast, sackcloth, ashes • God shows mercy • Jonah was angry • Went out to desert to “sulk”

  15. Jonah • In the desert • A plant grows that shades Jonah • God sent a worm to eat the plant • It dies • Jonah pities the plant more than the people

  16. Jonah • Lessons • What a prophet had to go through • Forget own opinions • Wants and go where God sent him to say what God wants him to say • Not easy

  17. Elijah

  18. Ahab • Wickedest king • Remembered for woman married • Jezebel • Worshipped Baal • Persuaded husband to worship Baal • Ahab –did more to provoke anger from God than any other King

  19. Ahab • Promoted “tolerance” • All is accepted • Same as today • True “tolerance” • Each have an opinion –but I do not have to agree • Can still respect each other without acceptance

  20. Elijah and Jezebel • Jezebel • Not content with Baal’s temple (Samaria) • Persecuted prophets of True God • Prophets hid in a cave • God sent Elijah • “The Lord is my God” • Hated by Ahab

  21. Elijah • Demonstrated power of God with miracles • On the run from assassins (Jezebel’s) • Stopped at widow’s and asked for food • No food (famine) • Promised enough meal and oil to last drought • Son dies –widow survives

  22. Elijah • Most famous miracle • Mount Carmel • Challenged followers of Baal to prove their God • Build an altar –do not light –True God will light the fire

  23. Elijah • Baal Prophets • Prayed • Failed • Made fun of by Elijah • Elijah • Washed away altar with water • Prayed to God –fire • The prophets of Baal were killed

  24. Elijah at Sinai • Jezebel • Still in power • Not pleased that Baal prophets had been killed • Sent message: • Elijah will die next day • Elijah ran for his life

  25. Elijah at Sinai • Elijah prayed that God would take his life • Twice an angel brought food • Strength –forty days and forty nights • Saw vision of God at Sinai • A still small voice • Truth not found in all the “fireworks”

  26. Elijah and Elisha • Elisha anointed (at Horeb) to take place • Followed Elijah as an apprentice • Elijah struck water for dry path • Asked what Elisha wanted • “Double Share” • Want to be Elijah’s heir • Motive –love for God • Elijah taken into Heaven • Struck a dry path in a river –was heir

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