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Unit 1 Friendship

新人教版英语必修一. Unit 1 Friendship. Unit 2 English around the world. Unit 3 Travel journal. Unit 4 Earthquakes. Unit 5 Nelson Mandela—a modern hero. Unit 1 Friendship. 词汇过关. 短语习得. 重点句型. 目标解读. 词汇过关. 1. 重点单词拼写. 1) She is 70 years old, and the skin has become l. 【 答案 】 loose.

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Unit 1 Friendship

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  1. 新人教版英语必修一 Unit 1 Friendship Unit 2 English around the world Unit 3 Travel journal Unit 4 Earthquakes Unit 5 Nelson Mandela—a modern hero

  2. Unit 1 Friendship 词汇过关 短语习得 重点句型 目标解读

  3. 词汇过关 1.重点单词拼写 1) She is 70 years old, and the skin has become l. 【答案】loose 2) It is aidea to play football all day without a break. 【答案】crazy 3) We usually use g, such as waving, nodding our heads, to talk to people who is far away. 【答案】gestures 4) To avoid this pollution disaster in the future, we should not iit anymore and please try to pay more attention to our atmosphere.  【答案】ignore

  4. 词汇过关 5) Thank you for your cabout the matter of the hawkers in Tak Tai Street.  【答案】concern 6) The Smiths are tired of moving now and then and when they got to this little town of California, they finally sdown. 【答案】settled 7) Most of the farmers in my hometown go out to work at dawn and get back at d. 【答案】dusk 8) Unlike the grown-ups, most of the tin middle schools are more sensitive than rational. 【答案】teenagers

  5. 词汇过关 9) Sorry, I’m not so sure. If you could give me some t, perhaps I could know the answer. 【答案】tips 10) “Oh, Sam, I’m only having you on.No need to be u.” said Frodo. 【答案】upset 2. 重点词词形变换 • It would beto demand of a person who is lack of power of • to become a detective. That’s one of thewhy I think he is more suitable to be a worker. (reason) 【答案】unreasonable; reasoning; reasons

  6. 词汇过关 2) Joanna is quite angry that she wasby the boss in this task. But in fact I think if she thinks so, she is merelyfor she is completely inof this task. (ignore) 【答案】ignored; ignorant; ignorance 3) No man can imagine thehe got when he lost the game. In fact he was a. He had the ability to win, but he was forced to lose the game. It wasfor him. (suffer) 【答案】sufferings; sufferer; insufferable 4) All the members came to anthat Kitty had anvoice and that only when sheto, should we ask someone else to represent our school to take part in the speech contest. (agree) 【答案】agreement; agreeable; disagreed

  7. 词汇过关 5) The doctor asked the patient to be confident in hisfrom the disease, for this kind of disease is, and he was strong enough tofrom it soon. (recover) 【答案】recovery; recoverable; recover 6) The new-born baby was anto the family. “And it brings some cost to the family.” the mother. (add) 【答案】addition; additional; added 7) Though Tom and John are not very, they canin sign language, which is a common method of between the blind. (communicate) 【答案】communicative; communicate; communication

  8. 返回单元菜单 词汇过关 8) Though Shella tried her best to win the praise of the master on, she still failed it. She was so upset that she wandered in the street. (purpose) 【答案】purpose; purposelessly 9) As far as I’m, the accident is noof mine, but itmy friend. (concern) 【答案】concerned; concern; concerns 10) The twoclaimed to be born in, and that they knew no other language but. (German) 【答案】Germans; Germany; German

  9. 短语习得 1.短语积累 add up把某物加起来 get sth done 让某事被做 calm down 安静下来;让某人安静下来 be concerned about关心;担心 go through 经历;遭受;检查;讨论;被通过 set down 放下;记下;让某人下车 a series of 一系列 to do with 处理 on purpose 故意地;有目的地 at dusk 黄昏时 face to face 面对面 no longer 不再 take no notice of 不注意

  10. 短语习得 suffer from 受某事之折磨 get tired of 对某事感到厌烦 have trouble with 做某事有麻烦 at the moment 目前;现在 get along with 与某人相处 fall in love with 爱上某人 make friends with 与某人交朋友 2. 从上面列举的短语中选择适当的,填入下面的空格中 1) When youthese numbers, you will see how many points you have got. 【答案】add up 2) Although he is 20 years old now, he stillliving alone. He even doesn’t know how to wash clothes.

  11. 短语习得 【答案】has trouble 3) Because heof what the teacher said, he didn’t know what he should do. 【答案】took no notice of 4) When John and his wife had some arguments, they would sit down together and discuss the problem. 【答案】face to face 5) Sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I had wanted to throw at the dog. 【答案】on purpose 6) Our parentsus all the time while we children seldom take care of them. 

  12. 返回单元菜单 短语习得 【答案】are concerned about 7) He was too scared and didn’t know whatthe accident. 【答案】to do with 8) At the first sight the boythe pretty girl although he didn’t know whether she loved him. 【答案】fell in love with 9) You area little baby. You must learn to look after yourself now. 【答案】no longer 10) Itoo much bad luck. I don’t care to have one more. 【答案】have gone through

  13. 重点句型 1. But your friend can’tgountil he/she finishes cleaning his/her bicycle.(P1) not...until……句型:“直到……才”,主句动词一般需要用短暂性动词,如:finish, hand in, die, go, begin等等。 【词汇网络】not...until可以变化为更加地道的英语句型: Not until...did/will sb do sth It was/is not until...that sb did/will do sth 即时强化练习: 用not until翻译下列句子,每句至少用三种句式。 1)直到我去到百货商店我才发现没带钱包。

  14. 重点句型 【答案】1) I didn’t find out that I forgot to bring my wallet until I got to the department store. Not until I got to the department store did I find out that I forgot to bring my wallet. It was not until I got to the department store that I found out I forgot to bring my wallet. 2)直到她的先生消失在她的视线范围之外,她才痛哭失声。 【答案】2) She didn’t burst out into tears until her husband went out of sight. Not until her husband went out of sight did she burst out into tears.  It was not until her husband went out of sight that she burst out into tears.

  15. 重点句型 2. It /This/That is (was) the first/second/third/last time that...某人第一(二,三,最后等)次做某事 在此句型中,若主句时态是一般现在时,即用is,以that引导的定语从句常用现在完成时态。若主句时态是一般过去时,即用was,以that引导的定语从句常用过去完成时态。 This is the first time that I have ever enjoyed this kind of food. 这是我第一次吃这种食品。 It was the third time that he had been informed of the change of the meeting. 这是他第三次被告知会议作了改变。 即时强化练习: 翻译下列句子: 1) 那已经是我第五次离开家到广州去学习。

  16. 重点句型 【答案】1) That was the fifth time that I had left for Guangzhou for study. 2) 这是我第一次有机会跟你们面对面地交流。 【答案】2) This is the first time that I have had the chance to talk with you face to face.

  17. 目标解读 • Ignore the bell and go somewhere quiet to calm your friend down.(P1) • calm v. & adj. • 1) vt.使平静,使镇静 • The nurse calmed the little boy by giving him some candy. • 保育员给那小男孩一些糖果,使他安静了下来。 • He took a deep breath to calm himself.  • 他深吸了一口气以使自己平静下来。 • 2) vi.平静下来,镇静下来 • The excited football fans calmed down at last. • 激动的足球迷最终平静了下来。 • 3) adj. (心境)平静的,镇静的,沉着的; (天气)平静无风的; • (时代)和平安宁的

  18. 目标解读 The sea was calm after the storm. 经过这场风暴后,大海平静下来了。 After the storm it became calm again. 暴风雨过后,天气又恢复了平静无风。 He was calm when I told him the bad news. 当我告诉他这个坏消息时,他很平静。 【词语辨析】calm, quiet, still与silent calm 平静的,沉着的。指无风浪的或人心情不激动的。 quiet 平静的,安静的。指不吵闹的或心境不烦躁的。 still 静止的,不动的。指(人体等)不运动的。 silent 沉默的,缄口的,寂静的。指不讲话或没有声音的。

  19. 目标解读 【拓展】calm down 平静下来,镇定下来(既可作不及物动词短语也可作及物动词短语) The crying child soon calmed down.  哭闹的小孩不一会就安静下来了。 It was difficult to calm down the football fans. 要使足球迷们平静下来是有困难的。 (注意:前例句的calm是不及物动词,后例句的calm是及物动词。) 2. Add up your score and see how many points you get. add vt. & vi. 增加:添加;(数字等)加(起来);补充说 Add more hot water, please. 请多加点热水。 If you add 4 to 3, you’ll get 7. 四加三得七。 Add up these figures, please. 请把这些数字加起来。 I should like to add that we are pleased with the test result. 

  20. 目标解读 【派生词】addition n. 增加,附加物;adder n. 「计」加法器 【词汇网络】与add 有关的词组: add sth. to sth. 把……加到(进)…… add to(=increase)增加 add up to共计(无被动语态);意味着,等于说 add sth. up/ together把……加起来,合计 3. Tell your friend that you concern about him/her. concernv. & n. 1) vt. to have sth. to do with or relate to 涉及,关系到(一般不用于被动时态) This concerns the healthy growth of children deeply. 这事对孩子们的健康成长关系极大。

  21. 目标解读 2) vt.使担心(挂念),使忧虑(常用于被动语态) We’re rather concerned about father’s health.  我们相当担心父亲的健康。 3) n. 所关切的事,关心,担心,担忧 It’s no concern of mine. 这事与我无关。 His mother’s only concern was how to make him study even harder. 他妈妈心里想的全是如何使他学习更刻苦。 【词汇网络】有关concern 的短语还有: with concern 关切地 show concern for sb. 对某人表示关心 have no concern for 毫不关心 as/so far as...be concerned 就……而言

  22. 目标解读 of much concern很重要,很有关系 of no concern 无关紧要,没有意义 it is no concern of mine/yours.这不关我(你)的事。 be concerned about (for)关心,挂念 We are all concerned for (about) her safety.我们大家都担心着她的安全。 我们需要注意,在这里从中文角度考虑,应该是主动,但是英语中却必须用被动,类似这样常用被动来表示中文的主动意义的词组还有: be associated with与……联合、联系  be attached to 附加于、隶属于…… be based on以……为基础  be composed of 由……组成

  23. 目标解读 be connected with 与……连结、连接  be divorced from 和某人离婚 be educated from 从学校等毕业  be employed in 从事于…… be engaged to 和某人订婚  be exposed to 暴露于……,面临于…… be faced with 面对……  be fed up 吃得过饱,对……极其厌倦 be honored with/tobe(phr.) 被授予……;因做……而感到荣幸 be involved in 卷入、陷入……;专心于  be married to 和某人结婚

  24. 目标解读 be prepared to do sth 准备好了去做某事  be rooted in 扎根于…… be set in 以……为背景  be used to+v-ing(phr.)习惯于…… be hidden in 藏在某地  be dressed in 穿着 be seated 坐在 另外还有表示情感情绪的动词,当表示“感到……”时,用过去分词,这类动词有: amazed,amused, annoyed,astonished,concerned,confused,delighted,disappointed,discouraged, disgusted,distressed,excited,frightened,interested, irritated,moved,pleased, puzzled,relieved,shocked,touched。

  25. 目标解读 4. It was the first time in a year and a half that I had seen the night face to face. (P2) face to face面对面地,类似的“名词+介词+名词”的结构还有: hand in hand,手牵手地arm in arm 手挽手地, side by side 肩并肩地mouth to mouth 嘴对嘴地 back to back 背靠背地,背对背地,一个接一个,连续地; see eye to eye 看法完全相同,完全同意,面对面看着(与see连用);face to face 面对面地,当面地,对立地; front to front 面对面地; hand to hand 短兵相接地,逼近地,肉搏地; head to head 头对头地,面对面地,促膝地,交头接耳地; heart to heart 开诚布公地,心连心地,贴心地,推心置腹地,坦率地,诚恳地;

  26. 目标解读 knee to knee 膝靠着膝地,促膝地; man to man 个人对个人地,一对一地,人盯人地,私下地,坦率地,真诚地; nose to nose 面对面地,迎面(相遇); shoulder to shoulder 肩并肩地,齐心协力地,互助,一致,团结; 5. I stayed awake on purpose. (P2) stayvi. & link v. 1) vi. 停留;逗留 The doctor told him that he would have to stay in hospital for another two weeks.  医生告诉他,他还得在医院住两个星期。 2) link v.保持,持续不变 (=keep) How can you stay so cool and calm after such a hot argument?

  27. 目标解读 这样一场激烈的争论过后,你怎么还能保持如此冷静沉着呢? 【词汇网络】系动词的分类记忆: “变化”类:become,turn, go, get, grow, fall, run, come “感官”类:feel, smell, taste, look, sound “显现”类:look, appear, seem “状态”类:keep, stay, remain, stand, sit, prove on purpose 故意地;有意地;有目的地 I don’t think he did it on purpose, for he is really a kind person. 我认为他不是故意这样做的,因为他真的是一个好人。 on 在这里表示处于某种状态或在某个方位,类似的短语还有: on board 乘(车,飞机)on call 听候召唤 on duty 值班on earth 到底

  28. 目标解读 on fire 着火on foot 步行 on guard 在岗on hire 雇用 on holiday 度假on leave 休假 on ones knees 跪下on one’s way 在……的路上 on purpose 故意on sale 待售 on shore 在岸上on time 准时 on the move 行动on the other hand 另一方面 on the spot 当场 on the tip of one’s tongue 快要说出口  on top of 在……的顶部on watch 值班 6. Make a list of reasons why friends are important to you. (P2) reason n. & v. 1) n. 「C, U」原因,理由,动机,理性,理智

  29. 目标解读 The reason why (that) she was ill was that she had eaten bad meat.  【提示】reason后的定语从句的引导词是关系副词why 或that,也可以省略。 I have a good reason for doing that =I have a good reason to do that. 我那样做是有充分的理由的。 【提示】reason 后的定语常是介词短语for (doing) sth., 或不定式to do sth. 【词汇网络】①for this (that) reason 因为这个/那个原因 ②by reason of由于,因为 2) vt. & vi.推理,推究,劝说 We reasoned that he was lying. 我们推断他在说谎。 Finally I reasoned him into /out of accepting the invitation. 最终我说服他接受(拒绝)邀请。

  30. 目标解读 【词语辨析】reason 与cause reason 侧重指做某事的理由;cause指导致不良后果的起因。 ——What’s the reason for your absence?  你为什么缺席? ——The reason for it is that the traffic was heavy. 我缺席的原因是交通拥挤。 The cause of the big fire was his carelessness.  大火的起因是他的粗心大意。 【派生词】reasonable adj. 合情合理的;reasonably adv. 合情合理地;reasoned adj. 合乎逻辑的

  31. Unit 2 English around the world 词汇过关 短语习得 重点句型 目标解读

  32. 词汇过关 1.重点单词拼写 1) I have got three days’holidays INew Year’s Day. 【答案】including 2) She’s busy at pand can’t speak to you. 【答案】present 3) The captain c his army to attack the enemy at night. 【答案】commanded 4) Don’t respond to any e-mails rpersonal information, no matter how official they look. 【答案】requesting 5) I rhim as soon as he came in the room, though I hadn’t seen him for years.

  33. 词汇过关 【答案】recognized 6) The new gis made up of ten officials. 【答案】government 7) H difficult the task may be, we’ll fulfill it in time. 【答案】However 8) It is I to turn your back on someone who is speaking to you. 【答案】impolite 9) He was last seen heading in the dof Miami. 【答案】direction 10) The original supermarkets were small by mstandards. 【答案】modern

  34. 词汇过关 2. 重点词词形变换 1) Everybody laughed, the teacher. (include) 【答案】included 2) Hisin the team has caused a lot of argument. (include) 【答案】inclusion 3) Do you like the filmsby Zhang Yimou? He is a well-known Chinese. (direction) 【答案】directed, director 4) The police only interview a child in theof an adult. (present) 【答案】presence 5) We should study hard for theof China. (modern) 【答案】modernization

  35. 词汇过关 6) These are the world’s leading industrial. (native) 【答案】nations 7) Dean’s a reallyperson to have around when things go wrong. Only Jack is of greatat that time.(use) 【答案】useless, use 8) The bag is—it has a hole in it. (use) 【答案】useless 9) I’ve known Barbara for years,since we were babies,. (actual) 【答案】actually 10) It was a period ofpopulation growth. (rapidly) 【答案】rapid

  36. 短语习得 1. 短语积累 play a role / part in在……中起作用 be based on以……为依据 because of 因为 such as 例如,像……这样的 come up 走近 the number of ……的数量 a large number of 许多 make good full use of 充分利用 2. 用所给短语将下列句子译成英语 1) 运气在他的成功中起了重要作用。(play an important part in) 【答案】Luck played an important part / role in his success.

  37. 短语习得 2) 这出戏以真实故事为基础,很有教育意义。(be based on) 【答案】The play, (which is) based on a true story, is very instructive. 3) 约翰没有出席会议,因为他病了。(because of) 【答案】John didn’t attend the meeting because of his illness. 4) 充分利用你所拥有的每一个机会练习讲英语。(make good use of) 【答案】Make good use of every chance (that) you have to practise speaking English.

  38. 返回单元菜单 短语习得 5) 今天缺席的学生有五人。(the number of) 【答案】The number of the students (who are) absent today is five.

  39. 重点句型 1.... than ever before 比以往任何时候 即时强化练习: 翻译下列句子: 1) 受到老师激励,我比以往任何暑假都要更加努力工作。 2) 今年的冬天比以往任何时候都冷。 【答案】1) Inspired by the teacher, I work harder than ever before. 2) This winter it is colder than ever before. 2. This is because ……这是因为…… 即时强化练习: 翻译下列句子: 1) 他今天没有来上学,这是因为他病了。

  40. 重点句型 2. This is because ……这是因为…… 即时强化练习: 翻译下列句子: 1) 他今天没有来上学,这是因为他病了。 2) 我不要求你按时完成, 这是因为我不想给你太大压力。 【答案】1) He is absent from school today. This is because he is ill. 2) I didn’t oblige you to finish it on time. This is because I didn’t want to put too much pressure on you. 3. even if / even though... 即使,尽管 即时强化练习: 翻译下面句子:

  41. 重点句型 1) 即使你不喜欢他,也可客气一点。 2) 即使你不想去,你也应该告诉他一声。 【答案】1) Even if you don’t like him, you can still be polite. 2) Even if you don’t want to go, you should tell him that.

  42. 目标解读 1. They are called world Englishes and they include Canadian, British, American and Indian English. (P9) include vt. 包括,包含 The bill includes tax and service.账单中包含了税金和服务费。 Your duties include checking the letters and sorting them out. Ten students took part in the competition, including three girls. Ten scientists, six women scientists included, were present at the meeting. 【重要提示】including一般位于名词或代词的前面,included则位于名词或代词的后面 【词语辨析】include / contain / hold include 强调“包括,作为整体的一部分”,侧重范围或整体。 contain 着重“其中包含有”,指在一定范围或容器内容纳某物,侧重包含的内容或成分。

  43. 目标解读 hold 指“能容纳” The bok contains ten chapters, including American Literature. This kind of fruit contains lots of vitamin C and B.  这种水果富含维生素C和B。 The hall holds 200 people. 这个大厅能容纳200人。 2. World Englishes come from those countries where English plays an important role as a first or second language, either because of foreign rule or because of its special role as an international language.(P9) because of 是复合介词,表原因,意为“因为”,后接名词、代词、或宾语从句。 because 作连词,后跟句子。以原因状语从句形式表明主句的根本原因。

  44. 目标解读 He was late not only because of his illness but also because he missed the train. 【词汇网络】表示“由于”的短语还有: thanks to “多亏,由于”,只能作状语 Thanks to your advice, much trouble was saved. due to 可以作表语,状语,不可位于句首 The accident was due to the storm. owing to 可以作状语或表语,作状语时常用逗号隔开,作表语相当于due to. Tom’s failing in the exam was owing to his carelessness Owing to his careless driving, the accident occurred. as a result of “由于”,作状语 on account of “因为”,作状语

  45. 3. Would you please come up to my flat for a visit?(P9) come up 上来,过来; A child came up to me and showed me the way to the station. (走近,上来) The sky was dark blue and clear when the moon came up. (升起)  Your question came up at the meeting. (被提出讨论)  【词汇网络】come up with 想出(计划,答案) come out 出来,(花)开,出版;结果是 come about 发生 come across 偶然遇见 come along 一起来,一道走;进展;进步 come to 共计,达到

  46. 目标解读 4. English is also spoken in many other countries in Africa and Asia, such as South Africa, Singapore and Malaysia.(P10) 【词语辨析】such as, for example such as 意为“例如,诸如……之类的”,用来列举同类人或事物中的几个。如果要把同类人或事物全部列举出来,用that is或namely。 A lot of things can be recycled, such as waste paper, waste plastic bags, and old batteries. for example举例说明,列举同类人或事物中的“一个”,作插入语,且用逗号隔开,可位于句首、句中或句末。 Most boys in my class like physics. Tom, for example, shows a special interest in it. 5. Believe it or not, there is no such thing as standard English.(P13)

  47. 目标解读 such与all, no, some, any, few, little, many, much, several, one等词连用时,应位于它们的后面。 There is no such thing as a free lunch. 世上没有免费午餐之类的好事儿。T here are three such mistakes in your composition.  你的作文中有三个这样的错误。 6. Today the number of people learning English in China is increasing rapidly.(P10) the number of...表示“……的数量” a large number of 相当于a good / great many或many,表示“许多的,大量的”其后跟可数名词的复数形式,不可跟不可数名词。如: The number of trees on the deserted mountain is over 200,000. 在那片荒山上种植的树木数量已超过二十万棵。 A great many (A number of) visitors come to the Palace Museum every year. 每年有大量的游客故宫参观。

  48. Unit 3 Travel journal 词汇过关 短语习得 重点句型 目标解读

  49. 词汇过关 1.重点单词拼写 1) His paper will be published in the British Medical Jnext month. 【答案】Journal 2) We can’tgoods in railways. 【答案】transport 3) I knew you would be too sto listen to my advice. 【答案】stubborn 4) I Ithat you go to the hospital immediately; you are very ill. 【答案】insist 5) Are you doing the task in the pway?

  50. 词汇过关 【答案】proper 6) The size of your feet dthe size of your shoes. 【答案】determines 7) What is you’re ato the idea, agree or disagree? 【答案】attitude 8) He has a gift for language, and he is fwith three languages. 【答案】familiar 9) He broke the rin high jump in the Asian Games. 【答案】record 10) I was very busy that day, but he pme to take part in the party. 【答案】persuaded

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