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Collected Driving Questions

Collected Driving Questions. Edward J. Hopkins. Driving Question – For Chapter 1 DS/OLWS. What are some basic concepts regarding weather?. Driving Question – For Chapter 2 DS/OLWS. What is the composition and structure of the atmosphere?. Driving Question – For Chapter 3 DS/OLWS.

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Collected Driving Questions

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  1. Collected Driving Questions Edward J. Hopkins

  2. Driving Question – For Chapter 1 DS/OLWS • What are some basic concepts regarding weather?

  3. Driving Question – For Chapter 2 DS/OLWS • What is the composition and structure of the atmosphere?

  4. Driving Question – For Chapter 3 DS/OLWS • How does energy flow into and out of the Earth-atmosphere system?

  5. Driving Question – For Chapter 4 DS/OLWS • What is the consequence of heat transfer in the Earth-atmosphere system?

  6. Driving Question – For Chapter 5 DS/OLWS • What is the significance of horizontal and vertical variations in air pressure?

  7. Driving Question – For Chapter 6 DS/OLWS • How is water cycled between Earth’s surface and atmosphere?

  8. Driving Question – For Chapter 7 DS/OLWS • How clouds and precipitation form?

  9. Driving Question – For Chapter 8 DS/OLWS • What forces control the wind?

  10. Driving Question – For Chapter 9 DS/OLWS • What are the principal features of the planetary-scale atmospheric circulation?

  11. Driving Question – For Chapter 10 DS/OLWS • What weather systems shape the weather of middle latitudes?

  12. Driving Question – For Chapter 11 DS/OLWS • What atmospheric conditions favor the development of severe weather?

  13. Driving Question – For Chapter 12 DS/OLWS • What conditions are required for the development of tropical cyclones?

  14. Practical Problems Lecture 1 • Introduction: • Course Goals

  15. Practical Problems Lecture 2 • Observations of Earth’s Atmosphere: • What constitutes the atmosphere? • What can we learn about the atmosphere? • Why do we want to know about it?

  16. Practical Problems Lecture 3 • Physical & Chemical Composition of the Atmosphere: • What makes Planet Earth special? • How has the atmosphere evolved?

  17. Practical Problems Lecture 4 • Atmospheric Pressure: • The pump problem: Why can’t water be lifted more than 30 ft? • (Does the atmosphere have weight?) • (Why do we want to know air pressure?)

  18. Practical Problems Lecture 5 • Air Temperature: • Why do we want to know air temperature?

  19. Practical Problems Lecture 6 • Energetics: Energy & Energy Transfer • What maintains the operation of our planetary system?

  20. Practical Problems Lecture 7 • Radiation: • What is radiation? • What is significance of radiation?

  21. Practical Problems Lecture 8 • Radiation & Energy Budgets: • What maintains life? • How does Planet Earth maintain a habitable environment? • How does Planet Earth respond to solar heating? • Why does temperature vary spatially? • How do the diurnal and annual temperature cycles develop?

  22. Practical Problems Lecture 9 • Behavior of gases: • How are pressure & temperature related? • Why are lows cloudy and highs fair?

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