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  1. BUSINESS PLAN MovieMadness DVD Rental BAF diploma course Rukiya khatun

  2. BUSINESS PLAN Content Background information Summary Company Description Product / Service The market Strategy and Implementation Management Team Financial Analysis

  3. BUSINESS PLAN Personal Information • My name is rukiya khatun and I am the owner of moviemadness. • Address; • 13 brooks avernue, headington, oxford • Telephone: 01865 443257 • E-mail;WWW. MovieMadness .com • Date of birth; 6/7/96 • Education;I am still in education and I attend oxford school. • Job experiences; I have had the chanced to educate younger students in my previous school • Special Qualifications; for health and social I got an A*, religouse education A*. I have taken part in carnavals, used to take dance class. I have taken part in fund raising.

  4. BUSINESS PLAN Personal Information Missions and Aims My Mission is to become the greatest ever DVD rental business the world has ever seen. To achieve this I have laid down some aims; provide the best quality service, explore new ideas and most of all let customers enjoy watching the latest movies out.

  5. BUSINESS PLAN Summary Who are we? My name is Rukiya khatun. I love to watch movies this is what led me into believing my business would be great, you can say this is MovieMadness! What do we produce/offer? we let our customers rent for ayear for the price of £48. A single DVD costs £3 . Customers can get a special card and jion for 1 year. Which and how many customers? There main target market are in the uk. It will be located around oxford that has an average number of 160,000 people. First year turnover I am estimating to getting around at least £3600000 within the first year. First year profit? The first year profit would be an estimating of £300000, but taking in mind my wages.

  6. BUSINESS PLAN Company Description How do you plan to start? Your first few steps I will be getting the stock to start up from a supplier. I would have to take in mind the offers that are chaepest by an supplier. I would have to buy fixed assests, and have to publicise the business. I will need to find people willing to invest in my business, or a shareholder. Ownership I am the self-manager of this business. I will own this business. There may be some shareholders. The shareholders may be family member as well as well as the bank. There is though on a govvermant grant as well. Facilities and Location(s) The business will be started online, and can be made global. i can save money and advertise my business as well.

  7. BUSINESS PLAN Product / Service Products / Lines / Services offered: The service that are provided are games, appialing to younger viewers. Giving customers the oppurtunaty to see the latest updated movies. Customers can watch online , so taking the hassale away of renting, quik and easy. If customers do not want to rent they can by film from ourfilms can be watched in high definition online. The delievery will be given the next day. Differences in products / Lines / Services compared to competitors Special offer cards compared to other rental DVD businesses, compare prices. Films can be translated into different language’s, so appealing to a bigger trile run gives customers to see wether the service is at an high standard. Compared with other DVD rental business, the list above can give customers a bigger selection. There will also be an translation service on the webpage of my business website. People are able to catogorise a list of films, as well as search on the business website.

  8. BUSINESS PLAN The Market Market Trends Blu-ray is one of the largest market trend. Watching movies online is also a growing a growing habit. Market Growth The movie industry is growing, although many people prefer to watch movies online or at home. The movie industry is still popular and there is still sight of increasing profits in this sector. Market Industry Analysis The movie industry is growing, blu-ray, piracy and online movies are getting more popular. The cinema is slowley decreasing in popularity, therefore my businesss will be popular as I provide the services above. Main Competitors This may be people who are selling pirate copies. More selection’s of videos. Popular movie rental business in oxford as well as blockbuster and lovefilms are a common threat, to my business.

  9. BUSINESS PLAN Management Team The management team will include me, but I may get expert advice from succesfull rental businesses. As the business gets bigger I may decide to have other people in the management team.

  10. BUSINESS PLAN Financial Analysis Initial Capital I will loan money from the bank, and find shareholders. There will need to be about £300000. we may get an government grant. Total Funding Needs The total funding needs to be £300000, this money will be used to start up the business , as well as other sectors. More money may be required because the business will need to be advatised online. The money will be required to for the investment box seen. Starting an online business can be expensive, the website address will be I can go to Nominet a well known business that gives business website addresses. Investment Fixed assets /computers etc Buy stock Employ people /staff to contact customers Loan Need to get a loan about £200,000. this can come from the bank, other money from me and shareholders.

  11. BUSINESS PLAN DVD of the Month Harry potter and the deathly hollows part one is an excellent movie. It is thrilling and adventurous. As I am an expert when rating a movie I would give it 5/5. it is enjoyed by the hole family as well as harry potter fans. DVD of the Month