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Chronic Neck Pain and Exercises | Wyndham Physio PowerPoint Presentation
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Chronic Neck Pain and Exercises | Wyndham Physio

Chronic Neck Pain and Exercises | Wyndham Physio

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Chronic Neck Pain and Exercises | Wyndham Physio

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  1. Chronic Neck Pain and Exercise By - Wyndham Physio

  2. Chronic Neck Pain and Exercise • According to a recent survey, more than 80% of people suffer from Neck Pain at some point during their life. • Neck Pain can be quite irritating and make it difficult to perform routine tasks. • If you suffer from neck pain due to a minor injury or poor posture, the pain will go in a couple of weeks with the right Neck Pain Exercise, posture correction and over the counter pain killers. • But, if you have chronic pain, you may have to consult your doctor or physiotherapist.

  3. Chronic Neck Pain and Exercise • Chronic neck pain may be of various types – it may be pain that spreads down your arms, it may be related to certain activities you do, certain positions or postures may be painful more than others or it may be worse in the mornings or evenings, but ok for the rest of the day. • Whatever the type of your pain, it is necessary that you consult your doctor or physiotherapist and get a detailed examination and requisite tests done. • Based on the examination, your doctor may suggest you to a course of anti-inflammatory pain killers and also recommend you to undergo sessions of Physiotherapy.

  4. Chronic Neck Pain and Exercise • Physiotherapy and Neck Pain Exercises have proven to be very useful in treatment of chronic neck pain and have no side effects. • A Physiotherapist will study your overall condition and derive a systematic treatment plan. • Treatment for Neck Pain may include one or a combination of manual therapy, dry needling, neck pain exercise, hot & cold treatment, posture correction or massage. • Exercise plays an important role in getting pain relief.

  5. Chronic Neck Pain and Exercise • Neck Pain Exercises usually include stretching as well as strengthening exercises. • The first priority for a patient is obviously to get pain relief, so the Physiotherapist usually works on that angle first. • Once the pain is under control, the Physical Therapist will focus on improving the flexibility of the neck region and then to increase the strength of the neck.

  6. Wyndham Physio Wyndham Physio is your local Physiotherapy Clinic for Physiotherapy in Truganina, Tarneit and Hoppers Crossing. Our Physiotherapists can help you to get relief from Chronic Neck Pain. We specialise in treatment of all kinds of pain through physical therapy and exercise. We have a team of experienced Physiotherapists and Accredited Exercise Physiologist who will help you to recover from your pain at the earliest and get your body back to normal. Visit our website to book an appointment with us or call us on – 03 97489652.

  7. Contact Us Wyndham Physio Hoppers Super Clinic 599, Sayers Road Hoppers Crossing, Victoria 3029 Phone No – 03 9748 9652 03 8360 5100 Email – Website –