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  1. NASCOEAWARDS PROGRAM Distinguished Service Award Professional Improvement Award Sick Leave Awards Extra Mile & First Timer Awards

  2. NASCOE Awards-Scholarship-Emblem National Chairman • Herb Sorley 3300 N “A” St, Bldg 4, Ste 220 Midland, TX 79705 (432) 684-6781

  3. AREA AWARDS CHAIRS • Midwest – Erin Hreskowsky, IN • Northeast – Patti McDowell, WV • Northwest – Debbie Sweet, WA • Southeast – Cristy Cook, VA • Southwest – Terry Cater, NM

  4. MIDWEST Erin Hreskowsky 801 W Pearl St, Ste B Lebanon, IN 46052-2345 (765) 482-6355 X 113 [O] (765) 376-0291 [H] (765) 482-9478 [Fax] NORTHEAST Patti McDowell PO Box 594 Morgantown, WV 26507-0594 (304) 329-1923 Ext 101 [O] (304) 329-3056 [Fax] (304) 282-8464 [Cell] AREA CHAIRS

  5. NORTHWEST Debbie Sweet PO Box 47 Davenport, WA 99122-0047 (509) 725-4501 X 101 [O] (509) 725-8890 [H] (509) 725-4515 [Fax] SOUTHEAST Cristy Cook PO Box 137 Amelia, VA 23002-0137 (804) 561-2147 [O] (804) 561-6401 [Fax] AREA CHAIRS

  6. AREA CHAIRS • SOUTHWEST • Terry Cater • 401 E Tatum Hwy • Lovington, NM 88260-2454 • (505) 396-5857 [O] • (505) 396-5768 [Fax] • (505) 396-4077 [Home] • •

  7. D S A Eligibility & Information • Any member of the Association may make a nomination. If necessary, State Officers should submit qualified applicants. • Eligible Nominees are: • Members in good standing • Members serving under a permanent appointment • Members who voluntarily retired during the current year • Members whose state association is affiliated • Ineligible Nominees are: National Officers; Executive Committeepersons or Alternates; National Committee Chairs; or, Area Awards Chairs • Awards year is September 1 to August 30. • Any nomination should be brief, factual, and specific! It cannotexceed two (2) double-spaced typewritten “8 ½ x 11” pages plus the cover sheet.

  8. D S A Eligibility & Information(continued) • Both the Nomination & the Cover Sheet should include: • Name, address, & phone number of nominee and person making the nomination • Certification by an Officer of the State Association that the nominee is eligible • State & Area (MW, NE, NW, SE, SW) • Position held • Award being recommended: Service to NASCOE; Service to FSA/Agriculture; Community Service • Justification for nomination

  9. D S A Eligibility(continued) • INFORMATION FOR EACH CATEGORY OF DSA (these are recommendations for items to include in the nomination but any other pertinent information can also be included): • SERVICE TO NASCOE: years of membership; committee activity; offices held; contributions to the association FSA/ASCS background • SERVICE TO FSA/AGRICULTURE:years with agency; program/project activity; size of county & number of farmers; contributions to FSA and/or agriculture; any special recognition; FSA/ASCS & NASCOE background • COMMUNITY SERVICE:organization(s) involved with; office or committee assignment with organization(s); church affiliation, family status, children, etc.; what improvements did nominee make to his/her community; special recognition for efforts; FSA/ASCS & NASCOE background.

  10. State Responsibilities • A State Selection Committee (3 to 5 members) shall be designated by the Association President by FEBRUARY 1st. • This committee shall make their selection by FEBRUARY 20TH. • The state nominations (original & 5 copies) shall be forwarded to the Area Chair no later then FEBRUARY 20TH. • The state awards chair shall: • Keep a copy of all nominations • Nominations not selected returned with a cover letter to the person making the nomination • All states have the option of forwarding for judging any nomination from the current or two preceding years provided the nominee still meets all other eligibility requirements.

  11. Area Responsibilities • Current NASCOE policy designates that the Selection Committee for the Area DSAs shall be composed of at least 3 but not more than 5 members who are selected by the Area Exec. • The Area selections shall be made by MARCH 15TH. • Score sheets will be tabulated by the Area Awards Chair. • TIE VOTES shall be broken by the Area Awards Chair judging the applications that are tied. • An original and 5 copies of the nominations shall be forwarded to the National Awards Chair by MARCH 15TH. • The Area Awards Chair shall: • Keep a copy of all nominations • Return nominations not selected to applicable state awards chair along with a cover letter

  12. National Responsibilities • The selection committee at the National Level of DSA judging will be the Area Executive Committee members: • If a nomination is from the Exec’s own state, the Alternate Exec will judge that category. • In the event of any other conflict of interest, the President shall designate someone else to judge that nomination. • TIE VOTES: if a tie vote occurs at the National level, the National Chairperson shall break the tie by judging the nominations that are tied. • The National Selection Committee shall make their selections by APRIL 15TH. • SELECTION PROCEDURE: The DSA nominations selected at the National level shall, in the judgment of the Committee, be sufficiently outstanding to merit such honorary recognition. For this reason, the Committee may decline to select a winner in any category. The Committee is also authorized to initiate and select DSA winners on their own volition with the requirement of a formal nomination.

  13. D S A PRESENTATIONS • Plaques for Area and National DSA winners will be ordered by the National Awards Chair with each plaque showing the city of the National Convention for the winning year. • The NASCOE President and the Convention Chairperson shall make arrangements for the presentation ceremony including the presence of the winners. • Area awards will be made at the National Convention in the Area Meeting or at an Area Rally. State awards will be made at a time and place decided by the state affiliate. • Current NASCOE Travel Policy allows the National DSA winners to be paid the equivalent of round trip airfare from their respective State Capital to the National Convention plus $250 provided they attend the entire convention.

  14. D S A PRESENTATIONS • The Awards display at the National Convention will include a photograph of the winners along with the nomination. • PHOTOGRAPHS: • 8 x 10 Photos of the National winners will be on display at the National Convention. • NASCOE will pay up to $30 toward the National winner’s photo with the bill submitted to the NASCOE Treasurer for reimbursement. • ALL photos become the property of NASCOE.

  15. PROFESSIONAL IMPROVEMENT AWARDS • These awards recognize eligible NASCOE members who take sufficient advantage of available educational opportunities. This must be outside of their usual job requirements but have a relationship to it. A minimum of 20 hours of instruction through short courses, correspondence courses, seminars, group research, reading, etc., with an investment of personal funds, are required. • PI nominations can be submitted anytime throughout the year to any State Awards chair • Any member of a State affiliate may nominate any other eligible NASCOE member • Only members of an affiliated association who are in good standing, serve under a permanent appointment, or voluntarily retired during the current year are eligible for this award.

  16. PROFESSIONAL IMPROVEMENT AWARDS (continued) SELECTION PROCESS: • After screening, the State Awards Chairs will submit eligible nominations worthy of recognition to the Area Awards Chair. • The Area Awards Chair will send all nominations received, along with the State’s recommendation, to the National Chair. RECOGNITION: • Each STATE will present certificates at an appropriate time (certificates available from NASCOE Secretary) • Certificates for NATIONAL recognition will be mailed to the Area Chairs for presentation at an appropriate meeting (i.e., Area Rally)

  17. SICK LEAVE AWARDS • STATE RECOGNITION: • The NASCOE Secretary will provide, at no charge, certificates for 1000, 1500, 2000, and 2500 hours of accumulated sick leave which can be presented at an appropriate meeting. • NATIONAL RECOGNITION: • Plaques can be awarded to permanent employees who are NASCOE members in good standing that have 3,000 hours and above of accumulated sick leave. • State Awards Chairs should contact the Area Chair who will contact the National Awards Chair who will obtain the plaque.

  18. Extra Mile Award WHO MAY NOMINATE? Any member of the Association may make a nomination. Parents may submit their children IF the parent is a NASCOE member. Nominations may be made any time during the year. WHO IS ELIGIBLE? Members of the Association who are in good standing or children of the member are eligible to receive this award. Members or their children who have “gone the extra mile” for their community, church, school, or their state, area, or national association may be nominated any time during year and there is no competition for this award.

  19. First Timers Award • PURPOSE OF THE AWARD: The intent of the award is to give members attending their FIRST national convention an avenue to meet other NASCOE members. • WHO IS ELIGIBLE?: Any NASCOE member attending their “First” NASCOE Convention is eligible to participate. The National Awards chair will distribute participation packets that will be picked up at a designated time and returned at a designated time. • AWARD: The award is “CASH” to be presented at the Awards Banquet during the convention.

  20. WHAT ELSE? • Cover Sheets and all other forms are available on-line at or from your State or Area Scholarship Chair • Contact your State, Area, or National chairs with any questions