holes by louis sachar n.
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Holes by Louis Sachar PowerPoint Presentation
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Holes by Louis Sachar

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Holes by Louis Sachar

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Holes by Louis Sachar

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  1. Holes by Louis Sachar PowerPoint by Tyler Ariniello

  2. Stanley Yelnats • Stanley's family was always accused for thing because of their grandfather that stole a pig once. • A pair of sneakers were stolen and were thrown over a bridge and Stanley was under the bridge when it fell so he was accused for stealing them. • He got sent to Camp Greenlake (detention center) to dig holes 5 ft. deep and 5 ft. wide every day in the heat as a punishment. • He is called caveman by his friends. • He is new to the detention center. • When he got taken to the judge she said he could go to jail or to camp greenlake as a punishment…. He chose to go to camp greenlake thinking he was going to an actual camp. • He writes a letter to his mom every time he gets the chance to at the camp, and when he does he lies about what he is doing. • He is the only one at the camp who knows nursery rhymes from being little.

  3. Why I chose Stanley • I choose this character because he is the main character of the story. • I also chose this character because to me he is the most interesting. • He also is like the only one at the camp who has the most experience outside of the camp. • I chose him because he is the one who most often finds stuff digging in his holes. • He is the one who always get blamed for stuff he didn’t do so he gets in trouble for it and I like seeing what happens to him when he is falsely accused. • I also chose him because I also like to see how everybody reacts to it when he is always the last one to dig the hole. • He is probably the smartest one at the camp because he has been there the least amount of time so he has had more schooling than anyone at Camp Greenlake. • He is the only one at the camp that is even falsie accused for everything that happens when he is there at the wrong time.

  4. Relationship between character and model. • Character always has to wait for truck to come for water. There's a water truck on my model. • They have to sleep in tent like things so I put tents on my model of the book. • He is a slow digger so I have him as the only one digging out there.