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Working On-Line Module 5 PowerPoint Presentation
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Working On-Line Module 5

Working On-Line Module 5

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Working On-Line Module 5

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  1. People's Resource Center Barry Glicklich Working On-Line (BG) Working On-LineModule 5

  2. Working On-Line (BG) E-Mail: Beyond the Basics • Customize settings • Conversations (Gmail v. Yahoo) • Tabs (Yahoo) • Filing (Yahoo folder, Gmail label) • Contacts • Email Flags (important, follow-up) • Finding • Etiquette • Filtering

  3. Working On-Line (BG) E-Mail: Customize Settings

  4. Working On-Line (BG) E-Mail: Conversations (Gmail)

  5. Working On-Line (BG) E-Mail: Individual Emails (Yahoo)

  6. Working On-Line (BG) E-Mail: Tabs (Yahoo)

  7. Working On-Line (BG) E-Mail: Philosophy of Filing • Default Folders: Inbox, Sent, Drafts, Trash, Spam, Archive + (Google) • Why File? • How Many Folders? • Deleting versus Filing versus Accumulating • Tagging versus Moving (Google)

  8. Working On-Line (BG) E-Mail: Filing (Folders)

  9. Working On-Line (BG) E-Mail: Contacts

  10. Working On-Line (BG) E-Mail: Email Flags

  11. Working On-Line (BG) E-Mail: Finding

  12. Working On-Line (BG) E-Mail: Etiquette

  13. Working On-Line (BG) E-Mail: Etiquette & Safety • Reply to Sender vs. Reply to All • To, Cc, and Bcc • Forwarding & Chain Mail • Unexpected Attachments • Links • “Too Good to be True”

  14. Working On-Line (BG) E-Mail: Filtering (advanced)

  15. Working On-Line (BG) Other Electronic Communications • Electronic Chat- Use same tool • Groups- Shared interests, can be restricted • Internet phone calls

  16. Working On-Line (BG) Exercise 1: Filing • Log in to your email, looking at your Inbox • Search for messages containing 71828 • Click on the box to the left of the oldest message from the class (last week). • Hold down the shift button & click on the newest message from the class. Notice how all the messages in the middle are checked. • Unclick the check-box next to message Test 1 • For Yahoo: Click the triangle next to the “Move to” folder and click “New Folder”. For Gmail: Click the triangle next to “Labels” folder and click “Create New”.

  17. Working On-Line (BG) Exercise 1, continued • Provide the name “PRC Class” & click “OK” or “Create” • Gmail only: : Notice that these emails contain the label “PRC class”. Click the triangle next to the “Move to” folder and click PRC class • Notice that these emails are not in your inbox any more, and that a new folder/label appears in the column on the left. • Click on the PRC Class folder/label, and see the mails that you moved • Click back on Inbox

  18. Working On-Line (BG) Exercise 2: Attachments • In your in-box, find the email from instructor with the subject “Picture”. Notice the paperclip icon, indicating an attachment. • Since this is an attachment you were expecting, it is safe to open the email. Click on the message. • If the image is blocked, click on View Slideshow • Right-click on the image, and select “Save Picture As”. Note the location where it is being saved, and click Save. • Compose an email to the instructor bear2.71828@... • Attach the saved image to the email, add a short message, and hit send

  19. Working On-Line (BG) Exercise 3a: Chatting with Yahoo • Log in to your Yahoo email • Under Contacts, add contact for • Click back on Inbox • On the left side, click on Bear2.71828 under Online Contats • Start a Chat • Type a short message there and hit Enter. • Carry on a short conversation • When you’re done, close the chat • Sign out from Yahoo mail

  20. Working On-Line (BG) Exercise 3b: Chatting with Gmail • Log in to your Gmail email • Below the Labels/folders, find Chat. Move the mouse over the name Barry, and click “Chat” • See the pop-up window in the corner? Type a short message there and hit Enter. • Carry on a short conversation • When you’re done, click on the “X” in the chat area • Sign out from gmail (from your name)