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Inpt Pharm Management Reports PowerPoint Presentation
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Inpt Pharm Management Reports

Inpt Pharm Management Reports

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Inpt Pharm Management Reports

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  1. ADT Reports IV Reports Unit Dose Reports Inpt Pharm Management Reports

  2. ADPL (Average Daily Patient Load) Select time frame Sort by ward or service Provides total patient days & average census over time period selected Inpatient staffing is based on ADPL ADT Menu Reports – Statistical Reports

  3. Inpatient Statistics by Ward Report of ADT activity, sort by ward or service Useful to evaluate LOS (length of stay) ADT Menu Reports – Statistical Reports

  4. Current Inpatient Census Displays number of patients currently admitted Does not display patient information Useful to determine staffing ADT Menu Reports - Other

  5. Current Inpatient Listings Report showing individual patient data Multiple pre-configured options – can select to print by ward, service, insurance data, severity of illness, etc. Useful to take to rounds, discharge planning meetings, etc. This example is by ward (includes all services) ADT Menu Reports - Other

  6. Current Inpatient Listings (continued) If choose by service, list is condensed Less room for notes ADT Menu Reports - Other

  7. View Admissions History View all admissions and discharges at your facility for a selected patient Only shows dates of admission & discharge, not diagnoses or other data ADT Menu Reports - Other

  8. IV Menu – Auto-discontinue Set Up • Med orders are automatically discontinued for patients who are admitted or discharged • This cannot be changed • This option allows configuration of auto d/c upon transfer from one ward or service to another • e.g. transfers out of ICU to other wards • Recommendation: DO NOT activate these • Even if your policy requires orders to be re-written • Use renewal of orders under IOE instead • Will set up Auto-Discontinue in the EHR parameters

  9. IV Menu – Management Reports: AMIS (IV) • List of all IV’s dispensed & average cost • User selects time frame • List sorted by ward • Within ward, by IV type (A, P, S, C, H) • Sub totals for each ward, grand totals • Recommendation: run report on regular basis, e.g. monthly • Periodically run one year data & divide by 12

  10. Example of AMIS (IV) report • 30 day time period selected (June ’09) • Totals = workload data for selected time period

  11. IV Menu – Management Reports: Drug Cost Report • # of doses (bags) dispensed, recycled, cancelled, & destroyed • Cost for each drug & totals • Can separate out by ward or skip ward data • Can print all drugs, by IV type, or only 1 drug • Lots of paper if you run the full report • 132 columns – use condensed print • Recommendation: use to look at only 1 drug

  12. IV Menu – Management Reports: Drug Cost Report • Example – single drug (Daptomycin) chosen, past 30 days data

  13. IV Menu – Management Reports: Patients on Specific Drugs (PSD) • List of all patients on one or more drugs • Choose IV, UD, or both • Choose orderable item, dispense drug, or VA drug class • Can choose more than one drug • Select “# of matches” • If looking for only one item, enter 1 • If looking for patients on both drugs, enter 2

  14. Example 1: All patients with dispense drug Morphine 4mg syringe IV Menu – Management Reports: Patients on Specific Drugs (PSD)

  15. Example 2: patients on both clopidogrel & omeprazole IV Menu – Management Reports: Patients on Specific Drugs (PSD)

  16. Shows total # of doses dispensed, total cost, & ave cost per unit dose Time frame selected Broken down by ward with totals Recommendation: Run monthly Periodically run 1 year data & divide by 12 Unit Dose Menu Reports – AMIS (Cost per Ward)

  17. Shows # of doses of each drug dispensed, and cost Time frame selected Can break down by ward or just show totals Can choose one or more drugs, orderable items, or VA Drug Classes Utility: to evaluate usage pattern of drugs for inventory purposes, or cost information Unit Dose Menu Reports – Drug (Cost / Amount)

  18. Sorted by provider (one or more), then drug Total units dispensed for each drug, cost Grand total & cost, average cost Time frame selected Utility – “heavy” prescriber identification Unit Dose Menu Reports – Provider (Cost per)

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