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Wind Energy

Wind Energy. Blake Bridges, Chris Parnell, Jeremy Petrowski , Yuren Salazar, Loy Pearce. Outline. History. Problem. Options/Solutions. Cost analysis. History.

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Wind Energy

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  1. Wind Energy Blake Bridges, Chris Parnell, Jeremy Petrowski, Yuren Salazar, Loy Pearce

  2. Outline • History • Problem • Options/Solutions • Cost analysis

  3. History Wind energy has been harnessed since the 19th century in the form of windmills for mechanical energy. The 20th century brought the wind turbine which is used to create electricity. Wind is actually a product of solar energy. The sun’s rays heat the Earth’s surface creating temperature differences between the land, water, and air, given their different propensities to absorb heat. This phenomena, in conjunction with the temperature differences that exist between the equator and the Earth’s poles, creates wind as hot air rises, expands, becomes less dense, and is then replaced by denser, cooler air (nesea). Historically wind energy produces electricity at an average of about $.04 per KWh.

  4. Problem • UTPB consumes 1.1 megawatts per month • That equates into aprox. $110,880.00 per month.

  5. AV AeroVironment has operated since 1977 with over 250 sponsored projects to date. Primarily operate in California and principal researcher on the California Energy Commission Boston’s Logan airport currently has 20 turbines on their office center combining for an annual savings of $13,000. Maui Ocean Center has 6 turbines for 48,880 KWH per year.

  6. Solution 1 • Supplement electrical consumption with small turbines on top of mesa building. • Operates at winds speeds of 4mph to 120mph • Low operating expenses • Low noise level • Small size • Low maintenance cost

  7. Solution 1 cont. • Each turbine produces 1 Kw/hr. • Building provides 50% more power generation. • Uses high voltage DC buss which makes the system “plug and play” resulting in lower installation costs. • Each turbine cost $10,000 for complete installation and setup.

  8. Solution 2 • No. 1 in Modern Energy • With a 23% market share, and 35,500 wind turbines installed, Vestas is the world's leading supplier of wind power solutions.

  9. Solution 2 cont. • University Lands owns 2.2 million acres in Texas, with the majority being in West Texas. • UTPB owns 200 acres at C.E.E.D. • High power generation • Expensive shipping and installation cost • Large “footprint”

  10. Recommendation Cost Analysis AV Each turbine produces 1kw/hr. Each turbine completely installed : $10,000 Savings per yr per turbine: (1/3 time) $400 (2/3 time) $800 (full time) $1200 Total cost: $132,000,000 (13,200 turbines) Break even : 8 - 25 yrs Vestas Each turbine is 2000kw/hr. Hardware cost: $2,680,000 Installation /shipping: $680,000 Additional land: $120,000 Other charges: $400,000 Total cost: $3,880,000 Savings per yr: (1/3 time) $806,400 (2/3 time) $1,612,800 (full time) $2,419,200 Break even: 1.6-4.8yrs. Based on $0.14 kw/hr.

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