towards moral olympics n.
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TOWARDS MORAL OLYMPICS 走进精神奥林匹克 PowerPoint Presentation
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  1. TOWARDS MORAL OLYMPICS 走进精神奥林匹克 BUSINESS ETHICS AS INTELLECTUAL CHALLENGE 经济伦理——学术界的挑战 Dr. Stephan Rothlin CIBE, Center for International Business Ethics 罗世范博士 国际经济伦理研究中心 Beijing 北京

  2. Business Ethics is still marginal in the curriculum of Business Schools in China 经济伦理仍然是中国商学院的边缘学科 It is dismissed as soft skill and even as a hindrance in the economic development in China 它被视为“软技术”甚至是中国经济发展的障碍而被摒弃 Business Ethics in the Chinese context has a chance to succeed if it is projected as an intellectual challenge and combined with other interdisciplinary studies 在中国的大环境下,从与各学科间的交叉领域分析,我们不得不把经济伦理视为对学术界的挑战。 BUSINESS ETHICS AS A INTELLECTUAL CHALLENGE经济伦理是学术界的一大挑战

  3. Dialogue with other sciences与其他学科的交融 • Economics: It’s common logic to make sense of the world using economic “ cold hard facts” such as the cost of corruption (at least 14-15% of GDP), the Gini-Coefficient as a measure of inequality (ranging from 0.49% to 0.6% for China) • 经济学:通常逻辑上解释世界的“无可争辩的事实” 例如腐败的经济损失(至少占GDP的14-15%), 衡量收入分配平等程度的指标基尼系数(中国介于0.49%-0.6%) • Sociology: Thorough social analysis looking into cases such as Trafficking of Women, Labor Conditions, Wealth gap between the rich and the poor, • 社会学:全方位社会剖析 例如妇女交易、劳动环境,特殊群体的行为 • Philosophy: Asian Philosophies such as the Upanishads, Tirukkural, Confucius, Mencius, Mozi, Xunzi, • 哲学:亚洲哲学体系, 例如《奥义书》、Tirukkal、孔子、孟子、墨子、荀子

  4. MAIN ACTORS MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN SOCIETY涉及到的社会主要参与者 • The government: The Central Party School • 政府:中央党校 • CASS: The Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing, The Center for Applied Ethics • 中国社会科学研究院应用伦理研究中心,北京 • SAS: The Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, The Center for Business Ethics • 上海社会科学院经济伦理中心 • Business Schools: Business seems to be the main driver of change in the society • 商学院:商业是社会转变的主要推动力 • NGOs • 非政府组织 • The “New Media”: Investigative Journalism • “新媒体”:调查新闻业

  5. “Reading The Book of Life”Richard Schaeffler读生命之书——理查德·沙夫勒 • Does ongoing ethical training really have a chance today? • 现在真的是开展伦理训练的时机吗? • Recent research points out that corruption is actually worsening in many layers of society • 最新研究表明:腐败在社会的各个阶层逐渐恶化 • Despite economic achievements – it is only within a certain group so the gap is growing between the rich and the poor • 经济发展的背后是贫富差距日益扩大 • Tensions between different groups are proliferating • 不同社会群体间的关系日趋紧张

  6. “The World is a Grand Moral Gymnasium”世界是一个巨大的精神训练场Vivekananda(斯哇密·维韦卡南达 ) • Ethics can wrongly be misconceived as a superficial • 伦理学可能被误解为无关紧要 • Marketing tool and false advertising • 营销手段和弄虚作假 • Ethics does not always “pay out”! Belief that acting ethically is not profitable 伦理并不总是付出 • Ethics “counts” when it involves a thorough training: social and case analysis, implementation of Codes and regular monitoring, international exposure programs, serious scientific research, especially in the area of values and corporate governance • 只有经过全面的培训伦理学才有价值:社会事实案例分析,日常规范执行与监控,国际披露程序,认真的科学研究,特别是在评估和公司治理领域 • It only “counts” in a truly international perspective • 只有真正以一个国际视角来看,伦理学才有价值

  7. TOWARDS MORAL OLYMPICS走进精神奥林匹克 • Everybody is encouraged to participate, but there are main players who are the main drivers such as: business people, government officials, media, scholars • 每个人都来参与,但是中坚力量是:商人、官员、媒体和学者 • Areas of Competition: Public Debate on key ethical issues, writing competition • 范围:关于重大伦理问题的公开辩论,写作竞赛