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  1. PDR Preliminary Design Review Presentation winter 2014 Video manipulation algorithm on ZYNQ Part A supervisor: INA RIVKIN Students: ELIRAN COHEN MICHAEL RAPOPORT

  2. Motivation The goal is to build an embedded system witch can receive video, process the video by hardware and software and finally send it out to a monitor. The system is based on the ZYNQ component of Xillinx. embedded system

  3. Project goal • Add the ability to receive and draw out video signals to the embedded system. • Add the ability to process the video signals by hardware, software and both. HDMI IN FMC module Zed Board HDMI OUT

  4. Background The board that we working on him calls ZedBoard. The main component in our project is the ZYNQ. The ZYNQ consists two main parts: first is the FPGA (programmable logic), second is the ARM dual processor. .We consider the above to be an embedded system The ZYNQ component

  5. The block diagram of the ZedBoard The left peripherals belong to the ARM. The right peripherals belong to the FPGA. We use the color peripherals. The ZYNQ component

  6. The HDMI Input/Output FMC Module The FMC module connects to an FMC carrier in the ZedBoard, and provides the following interfaces: 1) HDMI Input 2) HDMI Output 3) The interface for the ZedBoard The interface for the ZedBoard HDMI OUTPUT HDMI INPUT

  7. The project block diagrams Processing in hardware Empty Block IN PC VIDEO IN FMC AXI BUS FPGA ARM Screen VIDEO OUT OUT ZYNQ

  8. Processing in software/hardware Empty Block Empty Block IN PC VIDEO IN FMC FPGA AXI BUS ARM Screen VIDEO OUT OUT ZYNQ

  9. The process Input a video signal from a PC/camera through the HDMI Input in the FMC module. This signal enter into the ZYNQ component and go out through a video frame buffer (existing on the bus) to the HDMI output of the FMC module. The output video will display on the screen.

  10. Work environment • Hardware design: • Vivado2013.2 – for Xillinx FPGA design. • IP integrator – part of Vivado. • Software design: • Software Development Kit (SDK) • Debugging • Chipscope. • SDK

  11. Gantt