fema s mitigation directorate and hurricane emergency management n.
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FEMA’s Mitigation Directorate and Hurricane Emergency Management PowerPoint Presentation
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FEMA’s Mitigation Directorate and Hurricane Emergency Management

FEMA’s Mitigation Directorate and Hurricane Emergency Management

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FEMA’s Mitigation Directorate and Hurricane Emergency Management

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  1. FEMA’s Mitigation Directorate and Hurricane Emergency Management The Mitigation Directorate supports Hurricane risk assessment and emergency management through several program and initiatives: Risk MAP The National Flood Insurance Program HAZUS and The National Hurricane Program

  2. Risk MAP Vision To reduce losses of life and property through effective local mitigation activities enabled by quality flood hazard data, risk assessments, and mitigation planning. 1 Map Risk Data Identify Risk 2 Assess Risk Assess Present & Future Risks Risk MAP REDUCE LOSS OF LIFE & PROPERTY Transfer Risk 3 Goal – Measure Quantifiable Risk Reduction Communicate Risk Reduce Risk 4 Mitigate Risk Plan for Risk

  3. Risk MAP Key Program Goals Address Gaps in Flood Hazard Data Coastal, Levees, Other Engineering Needs Support Development of Hazard Mitigation Plans Provide an Enhanced Digital Platform Align Mapping, Assessment, and Hazard Mitigation Planning Develop Synergies Ensure Increase in Public Awareness Measurable reduction in risk over time • HAZUS • Dam Safety • Mapping • National Hurricane Program • MT Planning

  4. Risk MAP - Coastal Hazard Mapping Goal: Update 100% of the Nations populated shoreline Scope Modeling Updated Guidelines and Specifications for Coastal Analyses and Mapping for all US Coasts (Pacific, Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico, and Great Lakes) Calculate storm surge, wave setup, erosion, overland waves, wave run up and overtopping Large-scale (State-wide, Region-wide) modeling efforts where effective Mapping Build on modernized maps Identify the Primary Frontal Dune and Limit of Moderate Wave Action (1.5-foot wave heights) State and local outreach and communication plans Schedule 5-year plan for funding updates (FY09 – FY14) FY09 Funding used to initiate updates for approx. 20% of the populated shoreline 2-year timeframe from study start to issuance of preliminary FIRM Cost Approx. $300+M FY09 FY10 and Beyond - TBD

  5. Proposed NFIP Reform Legislation Includes provisions for expanded mapping authorities considering: Coastal/hurricane inundation areas Sea level rise, increased precipitation, and increased intensity of hurricanes due to global warming Future development 500-year floodplain areas of residual risk Areas previously not identified and protected by or inundation areas as a result of the failure of levees, dams, and other man-made structures;

  6. HAZUS-MH – Surge Module to be added in FY10 HAZUS-MH is FEMA’s Program for Estimating Potential Losses from Natural Disasters Will be adding a coastal surge module in FY2010, as provided by the National Hurricane Center (SLOSH)

  7. National Hurricane Program – Renewed w/Expanded Focus Directed to “programmatically expand” in 2007; Engaging in broader FEMA-supported hurricane emergency management initiatives, including “mass evacuation” planning and risk-based capability assessments; Launched “Comprehensive Hurricane Emergency Management Strategy” (CHEMS) initiative in 2008 – preliminary “Summary Report and Recommendations” to be available prior to National Hurricane Conference (April 7, 2009); Strengthening partnership with NWS and NHC s supporting new surge “governance” proposal Endorsed new “surge forecast” product development.