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My Music Magazine Production PowerPoint Presentation
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My Music Magazine Production

My Music Magazine Production

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My Music Magazine Production

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  1. My Music Magazine Production By Matt Terrell

  2. Genre • The Genre I have chosen to make my music magazine about is Film and Television Music. • I’ve chosen to use this genre as there is no other popular music magazine about this particular genre in the market currently.

  3. Audience • The primary audience demographic would be young adults and teens as they have more time to go to the cinema and watch TV than older adults who work more. • The secondary audience for my magazine would be film and TV fans

  4. Possible Name of Magazine • Colossal rocking • Rocking soundtracks • Lights, Camera, Soundtracks • Music of Media • Music Media Mayhem

  5. Possible Tagline • Music enhances the film • Without soundtracks, what would films be like? • Its not just actors who makes media memorable

  6. Editorial Mission Statement • The goal of my Magazine is to help inform the audience about the music ,both instrumental and non instrumental in the film and television industry. This includes music featured in the actual medium , either being diegetic or non diegetic, as well as music from a album that has music inspired by a film

  7. Unique Selling Point • Magazine on Film and Television music • Never been done before • Combines two types of media (Music and Film)

  8. Reader Profile • My reader is a teenage male student who is working currently in a part time job in which his salary spending includes Lights Camera Soundtracks. My reader has an annual subscription to the magazine, enabling him to receive special Musical downloads of featured songs in magazine and Free phone application. He enjoys film and TV music and would like to expand his knowledge on the subject and find out new film, TV shows and music

  9. Possible Title Font

  10. Potential Article Ideas • Elvis Presley (Jailhouse rock film)(ask Olly Williams) • Glee (TV show)(group of students representing the characters) • James Bond (films) (get someone to dress in suit as the fictional Hero) • Christmas Edition(Christmas films and TV specials) (Christmas tree in corner with someone dressed as Santa by a microphone) • Musical Movies ( dress someone like a iconic musical movie e.g. Saturday Night Fever, Mamma Mia, Les Miserables).