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Washington DC June 2008

HITSP Project 2008 Work Plan and Schedule Contract HHSP23320054103EC. Washington DC June 2008. HITSP 2008 TC Timeline Overview. 9/29/08 HITSP Board. 6/16/08 HITSP Board. 12/2/08 HITSP Board. 12/15/08 HITSP Panel. 6/23/08 HITSP Panel. WE ARE HERE. 10/6/08 HITSP Panel. 3/27/08

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Washington DC June 2008

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  1. HITSP Project 2008 Work Plan and Schedule Contract HHSP23320054103EC Washington DC June 2008

  2. HITSP 2008 TC Timeline Overview 9/29/08 HITSP Board 6/16/08 HITSP Board 12/2/08 HITSP Board 12/15/08 HITSP Panel 6/23/08 HITSP Panel WE ARE HERE 10/6/08 HITSP Panel 3/27/08 HITSP Panel MAR APR MAY JUNE JULY AUG SEPT OCT NOV DEC 6/11 – 6/13 TC F2F DC Area 5/12 – 5/14 TC F2F Phoenix AZ 3/24 – 3/26 TC F2F DC Area 9/8 – 9/10 TC F2F Chicago 10/27 – 10/29 TC F2F Chicago 2008 Use Cases 2008 Use Cases v 1.0 Plan Comment IS Development Comment Comment Res RDSS 2006/2007 Carryover Work Maintenance Release (Date TBD) IS07 v1.0, IS02 v3.0 IS01 v3.0 IS01, IS02, IS03, IS04, IS05, IS06, IS07 Gaps and Overlaps Other NHIN Coordination, Implementation Testing Support, Education and Outreach

  3. Upcoming Dates (2008 Use Cases) • Requirements Design and Standards Selection (RDSS) • TCs to hand off RDSS by June 13 • IRT to conduct content reviews and hand off to editorial and quality team by June 19 • TCs present to Panel on June 23 • RDSS published for public comment by June 27 • Interoperability Specification Development • Interoperability Specifications and associated constructs scheduled to be completed in September for public comment and inspection testing • Final specifications scheduled for Panel Approval in December • Outstanding Items • Need to determine schedule impact for any 2008 Use Cases that will not follow the basic timeline described above • Need to finalize updated templates for IS documents

  4. 2008 Use Cases Proposed Detail Schedule Proposed Schedule -- Exact dates have not yet been finalized

  5. Upcoming Dates (Maintenance Release) • Targeting a maintenance release for minor and editorial changes in late July • TCs need to update documents by July 11 • Outstanding Items • Need to finalize updated templates for IS documents • TC needs to determine if updates are editorial or minor (see HITSP Maintenance Process Document for additional guidance) • Major change - Any change that introduces a requirement where a modification to an implementation MUST occur in order to remain conformant to the Interoperability Specification, or a component of the Interoperability Specification. • Minor change - Any change that loosens restrictions, or clarifies use or intent, but does not require any action for an implementation to remain conformant. • Editorial change – Any change for editorial corrections, e.g. boilerplate, or updates for technical errors are considered editorial changes.

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