quotation marks dr mary custureri n.
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QUOTATION MARKS Dr. Mary Custureri PowerPoint Presentation
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QUOTATION MARKS Dr. Mary Custureri

QUOTATION MARKS Dr. Mary Custureri

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QUOTATION MARKS Dr. Mary Custureri

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  1. QUOTATION MARKSDr. Mary Custureri Uses and formats

  2. For titles • Short stories, poems, essays, songs • Short story: “The Ransom of Red Chief” • Poem: “The Daffodils” • Essays: “Travel in Austin” • Songs: “The Star Spangled Banner” Remember: Titles of short selections are enclosed in quotation marks.

  3. Enclose a Direct Quotation • Sally said “I am studying very hard for my test.” • Note: If a person is not being directly quoted, do not use quotation marks. Example: Sally told me she was studying for her test.

  4. A Split Direct Quotation • “This is important,” the teacher said,“because it will be on the test.” Note that the words the teacher said interrupt the direct quote. Therefore, the first part has a comma and a quotationmark,then the interrupter and a comma,then the rest of the quote beginning with a small letter.

  5. Quotations inside of quotations • Running into the house, John said, “Mom, when I showed the teacher my work she said, ‘John, you had the best project.’ ” • NOTE: The writer is quoting John, who is quoting his teacher. The quote of the teacher is in single quotation marks to show it is inside another quotation.l

  6. Enclosing unusual words • Slang words They are “cool” • Technical terms • Unusual words Try not to use slang, anyway

  7. Changing speakers in dialogue • Each new speaker begins a new paragraph. • “Who are you?” he asked the stranger. • “Just a person passing by,” replied the man. • “Well,” said the guard, “ you cannot loiter here.” • The stranger began to walk away slowly, but he suddenly turned toward the guard and ran to him. “Don’t you remember me? I used to be your friend.”

  8. Punctuation with quotation marks Periods always go inside quotes: Mom said, “I told you to go inside.” Commas are inside quotations: “I asked, sir,” said the first mate, “if our ship is sinking.” If the quotation is a question or an exclamation, put the marks inside the quote. She asked me, “Are you ill?” She came in screaming, “I’m hurt!” If the sentence is a question, put the mark outside the quote: Did you just yell out, “I’m hurt”?

  9. Quotations, colons and semi-colons • Place colons and semi-colons OUTSIDE quotation marks: • She told me, “study hard”; however, I didn’t listen. • She said all these people were wearing “bling-bling”: Janet, Sue, Nancy and Patty.

  10. After quotations from literary works • Manning said, “I believe this is the worst play he has ever written” (8). The page number is in parenthesis. A period goes after the whole sentence, after the page number. • He stated “Within 24 hours, approximately seventy-five percent of everything you have heard will disappear from your mind” (Ebbinghaus 89). Writer and page number come after the quote.