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Mrs. Markham’s Class

Mrs. Markham’s Class. First Grade 2012. My Kids: Elias 5, Miles 1.5. Why I’m Here:. I believe in the power of education Mountlake Terrace Elementary is an amazing place for kids MTE has amazing kids! The path toward college readiness and a good career starts here.

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Mrs. Markham’s Class

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  1. Mrs. Markham’s Class First Grade 2012

  2. My Kids: Elias 5, Miles 1.5

  3. Why I’m Here: • I believe in the power of education • Mountlake Terrace Elementary is an amazing place for kids • MTE has amazing kids! • The path toward college readiness and a good career starts here

  4. Our Slogan: • Do Your Best • Don’t Give Up • We Believe in YOU!

  5. Reading in First Grade • Building and boosting readers • Learning letter blends, word families, phonic skills • Reading everyday • Read a variety of genres and forms of writing • Developing reading fluency • Building comprehension skills This includes: identifying story elements and analyzing characters, organizing the sequence of events, summarizing a story, making connections, and using picture and text clues to infer meaning...

  6. Writing in First Grade Building and boosting writers • Becoming independent writers: Think it, Sketch it, Write it • Learning to add detail to writing: “When I’m done I’ve just begun.” • Using correct spelling and punctuation • Writing personal narrative, expository, poetry, letters and cards

  7. Math in First Grade • Patterns and shapes • “Counting on” strategy to help us add and subtract • Tens and ones • Two-digit addition • Money • Time and clocks (hour and half hour) • Story problems • Fractions • Measurement • Graphing • Explaining our mathematical thinking: “How did you figure that out?”

  8. Homework- Make it Family Time • Have a certain homework PLACE and TIME • Make it quiet (no music or TV) • Be interested – make it family study time • Check the folder EVERY NIGHT and discuss the work returned (“Leave at home”) • Reading Log sent home on Mondays, due filled out and signed on Fridays (see next slide) • Math homework will come home usually 2-3 times a week • Make it fun and positive!

  9. Example of the weekly Reading Log:

  10. Homework- every day • 20 minutes of reading every night- 5-7 days a week • Reading MEANS: • Telling a story about you or your family (in ANY language) • Reading a book to your child, your child reads to you or to self • Having your child do a picture walk (reading the pictures) • Practicing reading letter sounds • Practicing books from school • Practice reading sight words

  11. Math Homework • Math homework 2-3 times a week.Please be sure that the math homework helper is available during homework time. If your student doesn’t understand a math problem, and neither do you, put a question mark by it and I will help your child the following day. • Practice worksheets from class (or homework club) • Play the Hiding Game to strengthen math facts • Practice 1 to 1 counting • Use toys at home to count or add • Find shapes and shapes and within shapes • Make it fun!

  12. Communication • Our school Coffee Email • My monthly newsletter • Corrected schoolwork- daily/weekly • I’m happy to talk with you • MarkhamA@edmonds.wednet.edu • 425-431-3318 • Stop by and make an appointment • Send in a note with your child

  13. I See Each Child • The right challenge for each child • GOAL- No frustration breakdowns and no major boredom • I care, know, and listen to each child • I help children build friendships and community • I build on each child’s strengths • I love integrating music and art into all subjects • I love diversity, languages, and traditions, and I hope you will share yours with our class • I want your child to have an amazing year!

  14. I Notice the Good Things • Positive reinforcement is FAR more effective than negative reinforcement • I catch kids doing the right thing – high 5s, class “compliments” (plus individual compliment tickets), and red tickets • Kids know what to do- I’m clear with my expectations • We learn from mistakes • Please expect a call or note to learn more about your child’s success stories. Let’s work together if there is a problem • #1 goal: Academic success and a positive year… I want your child to love school

  15. Mrs. Markham loves this school, this class, and each kid!

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