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Raimonds Pauls

Raimonds Pauls

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Raimonds Pauls

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  1. Comenius Multilateral Partnership Raimonds Pauls Prepared by Aleta Aniņa Supervised by Ivita Meļke

  2. Whois Raimonds Pauls? He wasbornonJanuar 12, 1936 inRiga. He’soneofalltimefavouritecomposersorLatvia. The most distinguished writer of Latvian popular music and pianist RaimondsPauls is the most famous composer not only in Latvia, but also far beyond its borders. His music has been performed in countless countries and in the most prestigious concert halls, and all of this was possible thanks to his unique flair of melody.Unlike many other songwriters, RaimondsPauls himself is often the interpreter of his own compositions or the concert master of performers.

  3. A hallmark of his sound is a very individual, short and accentuatelycurted stroke that is a distinct characteristic of his style. But he is not afraid to entrust his melodies for the interpretation of other creative groups or to form special bands of performers and produce the sound of his music by himself.The fertile creative imagination of Maestro RaimondsPauls has brought together the intonations of Latvian folk music, jazz, blues, rock’n’roll, French chanson, German schlager and the intonations and elements of national popular songs.

  4. Popgroup‘’Dzeguzite’’ The group has been performing already for 33 years. Several generations of singers have changed. They have left a lot of records at the Latvian Radio - mainly songs by Latvian composers, sung just by the children themselves or together with thebest professionals. In close cooperation with maestro RaimondsPauls 9 cassettes and 4 CD’s have been recorded. With a really great success together with maestro RaimondsPauls they have given concerts both in the Republic and outside it.

  5. Music The music of RaimondsPauls is known worldwide: concerts have been given; albums and songs have been released Raimonds Pauls haswrittenmusicforover 30 theatre performances,3 ballets, 30 movies, choirmusic. He hasover 500 songsandover 70 songsforchildren. More than 80 albums with songs and instrumental music.

  6. Someofhissongs • AutumnCarchoal (Rudens Ogle) • DeadServant’ssong (Vella kapu dziesma) • MāsaKerija (Sister Carry) • Meža gulbji (ForestSwans) • Leģenda par Zaļo Jumpravu (TheLegendoftheGreenMaiden)

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