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National Cancer Institute Orientation PowerPoint Presentation
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National Cancer Institute Orientation

National Cancer Institute Orientation

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National Cancer Institute Orientation

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  1. National CancerInstitute Orientation

  2. Orientation Agenda • Welcome • Introduction to NCI • Information Technology • Break • NIH On-line Orientation

  3. Health & Human Services Administration on Aging (AoA) Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Indian Health Service (IHS) National Institutes of Health (NIH) Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) Secretary Michael O. Leavitt Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Administration for Children and Families (ACF) Heath Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Program Support Services (PSC)


  5. National Cancer Institute Office of The Director Office of Communications Office of International Affairs Office of Science, Planning & Assessment Office of Centers, Training, and Resources Office of The Deputy Director Office of Management Center for Bioinformatics Office of Budget and Financial Management Center for Reduce Cancer Health Disparities Division of Extramural Activities Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics Division of Cancer Prevention Division of Cancer Treatment and Diagnosis Center for Cancer Research Division of Cancer Biology Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences

  6. NATIONAL CANCER INSTITUTE • 4,000 Plus Staff • Diversified Disciplines • $5 Billion Budget • Primarily located in Bethesda, Rockville and Frederick

  7. NCI Challenge Goal:”To eliminate the suffering and death due to cancer by 2015” Strategic Initiatives: • Molecular Epidemiology: Understanding the Causes of Cancer • Integrative Cancer Biology • Strategic Development of Cancer Interventions • Early Detection, Prevention, Prediction • Integrated Clinical Trials System • Overcoming Health Disparities • Bioinformatics

  8. Organizational Structure • Extramural Research Program (ERP) • Intramural Research Program (IRP) • Office of the Director (OD)

  9. Extramural Research Program Provides funding opportunities for outside entities to partner in the NCI’s research portfolio through the provision of grants and contracts.

  10. Intramural Research Program • Conducts on-site research projects • Maintains Labs primarily in Bethesda and Frederick • Research directed by Principal Investigators who are Federal employees

  11. Office of the Director Provides direction & support for research infrastructure and specific areas of emphasis including clinical research and over 60 cancer centers.

  12. Administrative Resource Center (ARC) • Budget • Procurement • Travel • Human Resources • Space

  13. Federal Employee Processing DHHSOffice of Human Resources • Life Insurance • Health Benefits • Retirement System(s) • Leave/Holidays • Pay Information

  14. Training Fellowships and other Non-Paid Appointments Administrative Resource Center (ARC) • Health Insurance • Excused Absences/Holidays • Stipend Information


  16. Parking and Other Logistics • On-campus (Bethesda) Covered in NIH on-line orientation • Off-campus Contact ARC for specific information

  17. NCI Office of Workforce Development (OWD)(301) 435-8524 OWD Services Training Workforce Development Services Managers’ Toolkit Mentoring Programs Recruitment Quality of Work Life Programs

  18. Workforce Development Services • Develop new and creative solutions to increase the organization’s capacity for self-renewal. • Work collaboratively with managers to build a customized plan to implement and manage changes to optimize workgroup performance • Team building and coaching • Process facilitation • Work re-design • Organizational communication • Goal setting and planning • Services empower managers and positively impact workgroup effectiveness by developing the workforce to meet its mission

  19. Managers’ Toolkit • Reasonable Accommodation Guidelines, which is an on-line posting of step-by-step instructions for supervisors on how to respond to request for reasonable accommodations and other related matters. These NCI reasonable accommodation procedures cover all NCI staff, training awardees, and applicants for both FTE and non-FTE positions, which is understood to include training applicants. • Monthly Management Article • Guidelines for Designation of Emergency and Non-Emergency Employees For Periods of Inclement Weather or Other Temporary Closings

  20. Training Resources for Supervisors • Provide resources and tools tailored for new and existing supervisors to assist them in managing and developing their workforce • Establish guidelines for training • Identify training curriculum/courses

  21. NCI Training Warehouse • Desktop resource to identify training options and identify Institute-specific training as needed • HHS University • NIH Training Center • NCI-specific programs • Outside vendors

  22. Knowledge Management: A Mentoring Program • Formal mentoring program for employees with administrative duties or interests • Facilitate institutional knowledge sharing • Promote employee retention • Develop talent • 81% of respondents in 2002 NCI Needs Assessment Survey indicated a Mentoring program would be “extremely beneficial” • Formal Mentoring programs increase Mentees’ productivity and Mentors’ motivation leading to superior performance and higher level of productivity

  23. Recruitment StarCatcher/StarGazer • StarCatcher - Public website advertising NCI training opportunities to worldwide science community • Candidates post resumes, apply for current openings, and communicate directly with NCI principal investigators • StarGazer - Automated process, electronically transfers resumes from StarCatcher, inputs resumes from job fairs, professional science organization meetings, university consortiums, and science journal advertisements • Combined with community outreach, StarCatcher and StarGazer systems have significantly raised quantity and quality of science candidate pool

  24. Quality of Work Life Programs • Initiatives to create a more flexible, supportive work environment, enabling and identifying ways to assist employees in fulfilling NCI’s mission. • Oversee Telework and Voluntary Leave Transfer Program • Liaison with NIH Worklife Center, NIH Child Care Board, Employee Assistance Program, Div. of Employee Services, and the R& W Association “When work is effective, life benefits; and when life works, work benefits.”Karol Rose, LifeCare Inc.

  25. Conflict of Interest in Research NCI Ethics and You

  26. Conflict of Interest in Research • Conflicting Financial Interests • Impartiality in Performing Official Duties • Misuse of Position • Representation • Gifts • Activities with Outside Organizations • Seeking Other Employment

  27. Activities with Outside Organizations BEFORE YOU ACCEPT….. • Talk to your SUPERVISOR • Contact the Ethics Office

  28. Activities with Outside Organizations Before You Begin…. • Clear through your ARC • Obtain Approval by submitting paperwork to the NCI ETHICS OFFICE

  29. Media/Congressional/Legal Inquiries Media - Contact the Press Office when: • Your study is accepted for publication • A journalist calls you for an interview • You need background material for reporters • A development in your field is likely to generate media attention General Contact Information: (301) 496-6641. email: Congressional – any, Office of Policy Analysis and Response, 301-496-5217 Legal – any, Office of General Counsel, 301-496-4108

  30. Contacting NCI Ethics Officials • NCI Ethics Office • Bethesda Office (301) 496-1148 Maureen Wilson, Ph.D., DEC, Cheryl Lynn Nelson Shari Wahlert • Frederick Office (301) 846-5286 Mary Gregg

  31. Common Errors To be Aware of as a Newcomer to the Federal Environment • Purchasing something expecting reimbursement • Incurring travel/training costs without prior approval • Accepting funds on behalf of the Government • Accepting outside employment or honoraria w/o prior approval • Taking leave prior to approval • Not communicating with your supervisor or sponsor regarding responsibilities and expectations.

  32. Training Plans Sponsor provides for each training assignment Shows the direction/composition/goals of the training assignment Practical training Group participation Training courses Training objective Review, questions, signature at the time of in processing or change in training assignments Performance Plans/Contracts Supervisor details the expectations of the position A tool to understanding performance standards and goals of the position Review, questions, signature within 30 days of employment start, renewed annually Training and Employment Expectations


  34. In Closing the Intro to NCI: The NCI strives to offer you one of the most valuable experiences of your career while being a part of the team challenge to eliminate the suffering and death due to cancer……..Take advantage of this opportunity. It could prove to be the chance of a lifetime!

  35. BREAK

  36. NIH ONLINE ORIENATION • NIH ID # (NED #) • NIH Online Orientation Website