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The Outsiders Journal

The Outsiders Journal. Journal #1 Jan. 23. When have you felt like an outsider—like you didn’t fit in? Describe this experience. Journal #2 Jan. 31.

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The Outsiders Journal

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  1. The Outsiders Journal

  2. Journal #1 Jan. 23 • When have you felt like an outsider—like you didn’t fit in? Describe this experience.

  3. Journal #2 Jan. 31 • After the first two chapters of The Outsiders, which character do you identify with the most? Are there any characters that you don’t identify with at all? Who are they and why?

  4. Journal #3 Feb. 1 • After watching this clip, do you think that the Jets in West Side Story have the same mentality that Cherry describes when she talks about the differences between the Socs and the Greasers? What do you think the Jets and the Socs have in common? Do you think there are any major differences?

  5. Journal #4 Feb. 2 • Write about a time that you judged a person or a group of people. How did you judge them? Were they positive judgments, or negative? Did any stereotypes influence your decisions?

  6. Journal #5 Feb. 7 • Ponyboy is upset that his long, greasy hair has been chopped off. Now, he doesn’t feel like a Greaser. Based on his conversation with Johnny in the church, do you think that Pony ever really fit in with the Greasers? Explain why or why not. Do you think that you fit into a certain group here at the high school?

  7. Journal #6 Feb. 10 • Think about the people in your life and events that have happened in your personal life. Have these people and events influenced you to be the person you are today? How? Who or what has influenced Pony’s life? Who or what has influenced Johnny’s?

  8. Journal #7 Feb. 13 • Review Card: Chapter 6, question 5: • Have you ever felt angry at your parents for decisions they have made “in your best interest” or “for your own good?” Tell us about it. Did you eventually understand why they made that decision?

  9. Journal #8 Feb. 21 • A famous quote, attributed to Shakespeare, says, “The eyes are the window to the soul.” Hinton talks about and describes eyes a lot in The Outsiders. Pony has grey-green eyes. Darry’s “are like two pieces of pale blue-green ice” (6). Soda’s eyes are dark brown. We found out that Cherry’s eyes are green like Pony’s at the end of the last chapter. Dally’s eyes are “blue, blazing ice--cold with a hatred of the whole world” (10). What do you think the color of a character’s eyes can say about that character?

  10. Journal #9 Feb. 9 • At the end of chapter 9, Johnny tells Ponybody to “stay gold”. Look back at the conversation Johnny and Ponyboy are having beginning at the top of page 77 (“The dawn was coming then.”) to the top of page 78 (“It seems like they were never there before.”). Pay special attention to Robert Frost’s poem. What do you think Johnny meant by telling Pony to “stay gold”?

  11. Journal #10 Feb.27 • Who do you think the real Dallas Winston was? Was he really a good person because he helped Johnny all the time, and helped both Johnny and Pony to run away? Or do you think that he was really a bad person because of his past life of being in a gang and going to jail? What was more appalling: Dally’s life, or Dally’s death? Explain your reasoning for all questions.

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