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LC Update to the Authority Control Interest Group PowerPoint Presentation
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LC Update to the Authority Control Interest Group

LC Update to the Authority Control Interest Group

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LC Update to the Authority Control Interest Group

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  1. LC Update to theAuthority Control Interest Group Janis L. Young Policy and Standards DivisionLibrary of Congress

  2. RDA Test • Creation of test records will occur October-December, 2010 • LC has developed documentation, policy decisions, training materials, etc., which are available at • Represent decisions for the RDA Test only, and may be revised or rescinded • All interested parties are welcome to use the resources

  3. RDA Entity Overlaps • Some RDA entities overlap with categories of headings established in LCSH • Fictitious characters • Family names

  4. RDA Entity Overlaps Fictitious characters • If needed for a descriptive access point (e.g., if a fictitious character is attributed as an author) • LC testers will establish the fictitious character in the NAF • If heading already exists in LCSH, testers will inform PSD • Fictitious characters not needed for descriptive access points should be proposed as subject headings as usual

  5. RDA Entity Overlaps Family names • If needed for a descriptive access point (e.g., authorship attributed to a family) • RDA testers will create a name authority record for the family • RDA requires that family names be distinctive • Family names established in the NAF cannot be used as subject headings

  6. RDA Entity Overlaps Family names • If family name is needed for a subject heading, use an LCSH heading, proposing it if necessary • Family names established in LCSH often have variant forms provided as UFs

  7. RDA Entity Overlaps • Different forms of the family name may be present in a single bibliographic record 100 3 $a Adems (Family) 245 10 $a The history of the Adems family in New York / $c by the Adems Family. 650 #0 $a Adams family.

  8. RDA Test • Assistance with the content of RDA may be obtained by emailing:

  9. Geographic Coordinatesin Name Authorities • Geographic coordinates have been added in 034 fields in name authority records for jurisdictions • Data extracted by the OCLC Office of Research from 670 fields and geographic databases • Approximately 77,000 NARs were enhanced

  10. VIAF • Membership expanded to include • Library and Archives Canada • Getty Research Institute • NUKAT Center of Poland • Three more organizations have requested membership • National Institute of Informatics of Japan • National Library of Slovenia • National Library of Hungary

  11. VIAF • In May 2010 scope was expanded to include corporate (including conference) and geographic names • Subject headings will not be included • No one-to-one correlation

  12. Authorities and Vocabularies • SKOS-based service that provides code lists, subject headings, and other terminologies • Links to RAMEAU • Exploring possible links to translations of LCSH into other languages by • Biblioteca Nacional de España • Biblioteca Nacional de Chile • Université de Laval

  13. Authorities and Vocabularies • General public may submit suggestions for changes or additions to terminology • LC received its first suggestion on June 4, 2010

  14. Authorities and Vocabularies

  15. Authorities and Vocabularies

  16. Pre- vs. Post-Coordination in LCSH • PSD has completed a status review of the projects outlined in the 2007 report • Status review is available on LC’s web site at

  17. Cooking and Cookbooks • On June 2, 2010 PSD approved revisions to approximately 1,300 subject authority records • 800 headings revised to change “cookery” to “cooking” in headings • 500 references (BT, RT, UF) changed to reflect new terminology • Established a new subject heading Cookbooks, and also an identical genre/form heading

  18. Cooking and Cookbooks • Resolves a long-term disconnect between American usage and LCSH terminology • Examples Cookery (Butter) Cooking (Butter) Aztec cookery Aztec cooking Cookery, American Cooking, American

  19. Cooking and Cookbooks • Children’s Subject Headings • Most headings in the form Cookery—[ingredient] have been cancelled • Use the LCSH heading • Three exceptions have been retained and revised • Cooking (Buffets) • Cooking (Garnishes) • Cooking (Natural foods)

  20. Cooking and Cookbooks • Revision to Subject Headings Manual H 1475 will be posted on LC’s web page and included in the fall update to the SHM

  21. Questions? 21