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Addictions interest group PowerPoint Presentation
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Addictions interest group

Addictions interest group

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Addictions interest group

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  1. Addictions interest group

  2. Addiction Statistics • 47,000 Canadian deaths are linked to substance abuse annually • Arrest rate in Thunder Bay for intoxicated persons is 2,608/100,000 (the highest in all of Ontario!) 42% of Ontario students have used an illicit substance in the last year • Top 4 used substances by Ontario students: • Alcohol – 58% (64% in Thunder Bay) • Cannabis – 25% (33% in Thunder Bay) • Non-prescribed use of prescription pain relievers – 17% • Tobacco 11.7%

  3. What do you know about … • Methadone treatment? • Safe withdrawal? • Counselling for smoking cessation? • Street drug use? • Special health concerns of IV drug users? • Antabuse, Chantix, and other medications? • Careers and research in addictions?

  4. What We’ll Do • Providing sensitive care • Screening tools and advances • Treatment tools and resources • Emerging research • Book recommendations • Listen to speakers/leaders in the field • Addictions from a patient perspective  We welcome ideas from members!

  5. Contact: • Hillary Bohler: • Logan McGinn:

  6. Inspire a student. Support their growth. Change a life. Become a mentor. Altitude healthcare mentoring interest group

  7. What is Altitude’s mission? To empower students from underrepresented populations to pursue a career in healthcare, by nurturing high quality mentoring relationships, and to help these students realize their potential as the next generation of bright, confident and compassionate healthcare professionals.

  8. The Program Goal: help students, brimming with potential, reach a summit perceived to be insurmountable - a career in healthcare. 1-on-1 mentorship: Mentors meet with mentees (in-person, Skype, or telephone) Team mentorship: Group mentorship sessions for mentors and mentees ---Topics include Learning Styles & Strategies, Financial Aid, and Career Development

  9. Interest Group Members We would like you involved in Altitude Healthcare Mentorshipas: • Outreach officers • Social media contributors • Junior roles (Regional Director, Site Coordinator, Outreach Coordinator) --- First year students! • Sessions open to everyone: • Physician-lead sessions • Team mentorship sessions

  10. Questions?More Information? Altitude: Healthcare Mentoring Regional Coordinator Site Coordinator, Thunder Bay Site Coordinator, Sudbury Like us on facebook!

  11. Disabilities interest group

  12. Goals • Explore various types of disabilities (ie. cognitive, physical, and developmental) • Understand the implications of set disabilities • Learn how to care for patients with disabilities • Examine current research in the field • Support the local disability community

  13. Topics of Discussion • Autistic Spectrum Disorders • Cystic Fibrosis • Muscular Dystrophy • Paraplegia • Brain injury • Anything else you are interested in exploring

  14. Contact: • West: Sean Bryan: • East: Angela Coccimiglio:

  15. Emergency medicine interest group

  16. Goals • Provide guest speakers • “Night in the ER” • FM +1 vs. PGY5 ER (February with LA) • Host workshops • IV, ECG, Airway, Suturing • Give exposure into Emergency Medicine • Ridealongs (air/land ambulance) • Emergency Department tour (East) • Rural SEEs • Attend external Conferences • Rural Emergency Med in Banff, AB • Foster interest in ER • Positively represent NOSM in the community • Find the adrenaline junkies in the class!

  17. Upcoming events • Ridealongs with Superior EMS • 12 hour weekend night shift • 4 scheduled weekends between Oct-Dec • 2 students per shift • SIG/EMIG Suturing Workshop • November • For more event information, join our Facebook Group! • Search up “NOSM EMIG”

  18. Caep mentorship • The goal of the program is to pair medical students with emergency residents. The Mentor/Mentee relationship will serve to provide students with a resource for questions and guidance as they pursue their interest in Emergency Medicine. • To participate in the program, please email the following information to Name Year University E-mail Address Specific areas of interest if applicable

  19. Contact: • West Campus (Kayla Berst, • East Campus (Zsolt Toth, • Join our Facebook group (NOSM EMIG)!

  20. Co-Presidents: East Campus – Mel Patrie, Katy Shaw West Campus – Krista Clark Family medicine interest group

  21. About Us The Family Medicine Interest Group is created for students who are interested in any aspect of family medicine. Our sessions will include: -Workshop on starting a practice -Guest speakers presentation about diverse options in family medicine -Rotational dinner with local family physicians

  22. Get Involved: • 1st year representatives (East and West) • 2nd year representatives (East and West) • Finance (East and West) • Vice-president (West)

  23. Contact: • East: Mel Patrie: Katy Shaw: • West: Krista Clark:

  24. French language clinical skills interest group

  25. Background • There has been a growing interest from all years of learners with regards to having more opportunities to practice speaking French and interacting with French speaking patients. • The club will have a clinical focus and would rely on French speaking preceptors that have much experience in working with francophone patients. • Specific cases will be discussed and club members will be able to gain a better understanding of the differences between office French and common spoken French, all while practicing their history taking and physical exam skills.

  26. Objectives The purposes and objectives of the FLCS are: • To practice history taking skills in French • To practice physical exam skills in French • To learn about common French medical terminology • To be given concrete examples or scenarios of language barriers that may arise in clinical practice

  27. Membership • The FLCS Interest Group is open to all learners, however the sessions will be offered in French. • Most preceptors are bilingual and can clarify in English if need be. • We will try to provide the sessions in parallel with the content of the current module (for either Yr 1 or Yr 2).

  28. Contact: • West: Amanda Richer: • East: Patrick Legault:

  29. Geriatric interest group

  30. Goals • To foster awareness of geriatric health and wellness issues • To improve knowledge of the multiple dimensions of geriatric care • To improve understanding of working with the geriatric population in the healthcare system

  31. Why join? • Canadian population demographics are shifting • In 2005, seniors made up 13% of the Canadian population and this number is projected to increase to 25% by 2031 (StatsCan, 2010) • Most of us will interact a lot with the geriatric population in practice • Limited time devoted to geriatric issues in school’s curriculum • Knowledge and understanding of geriatric care is as needed and as important as ever now!

  32. Past Events • Movie and pizza lunch • Guest speaker presentation and discussion on Careers in geriatrics • Geriatric Skills Day: • Interactive workshops & sessions on dysphagia, polypharmacy, gait assessment, dementia, etc. to hone your geriatric medicine skills.

  33. Other Initiatives • Provided additional geriatric resources for students (eg. osteoporosis resource which was helpful for MSK module) • Provided updates on geriatric conferences

  34. Contacts: • East: Emily Yeung: Krista Whitney: Patricia Bouchard: • West: Valerie Nicholls: Hillary Bohler: Dannica Switzer:

  35. Events for 2012-2013 • World Aids Day (December) • International Women’s Day (March) • Day of Pink • Various talks (maternal mortality, global issues in reproductive health, immigrant and refugee health) • Letter writing campaigns • Rich man poor man dinner • Journal club/seminars • And much more!! Sign up for more details!

  36. Types of Internal Medicine • Cardiology • Clinical Immunology & Allergy • Clinical Pharmacology • Critical Care Medicine • Endocrinology & Metabolism • Gastroenterology • Geriatric Medicine • Hematology • General Internal Medicine • Infectious Diseases • Nephrology • Occupational Medicine • Medical Oncology • Respirology • Rheumatology

  37. Current Objectives • Facilitate lectures/workshops with local (Sudbury/Thunder Bay) internal medicine specialists (video-conferenced). • Expand membership. • Develop awareness of IMIG among local physicians; encourage communication, networking. • Steal other groups’ good ideas. • Your input is most welcome!

  38. Contact: Sabrina Badio:

  39. Medical book club

  40. Why Join? • To read something other than a textbook and expand your knowledge • Enjoy relevant literature to your future profession and discuss it among your peers • Limited exposure compared to other schools in medical literature • To have fun and foster a culture of reading at NOSM The goal of our group is to learn about student, patient, and physician experiences through contemporary literature and foster communication and critical thinking through group discussion

  41. Events Planned • October: • Vote on Books to read • November: • Distribute book 1 • December/early January: • Read book 1 • January: • Discuss book 1 • Distribute book 2 • February/early March • Read book 2 • Late March • Discuss Book 2

  42. Contact: • WEST: Valerie Nicholls ( Dannica Switzer ( • EAST: Katherine Knight (

  43. Med-outreach

  44. Disclaimer ! • We are not an official club of the NOSMSS and are only offered (for now) on the East Campus

  45. What we do • Volunteer at the Sudbury Mission on pre-determined dates from 5:15-8PM • This is a great opportunity to give back to the community!

  46. Contact: Katy Shaw: Michela Febbraro: Ben Love: