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General Knowledge-2 PowerPoint Presentation
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General Knowledge-2

General Knowledge-2

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General Knowledge-2

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  1. General Knowledge-2 General Knowledge-2

  2. Session Objectives General Knowledge-2

  3. General Knowledge-2 Session Objectives To Understand and Explore Static General Knowledge (History ,Sports & Science)

  4. Important events and their years Important kingdoms and dynasties, their important rulers and the important work that was done during that particular period. Famous battles and their years Important Lords and what they did during their tenure Famous travelers, kings during their travel period and what important work they did during their travel Historical literary works and their authors Famous organizations in the history and their founders Famous personalities of history and related facts Important historical monuments their creators General Knowledge-2 Important areas of History

  5. Physics • Day to day phenomenon and the laws of physics behind them • Units of measurement • Important physics scientists related facts Chemistry • Elements and related specific facts • Common names and chemical names • Important chemists of the world related info Important areas of Science

  6. Biology • Human body and related facts • Human body and related diseases, their causative organisms and affected parts of the body • Scientific instruments • Inventions and discoveries . Information Technology • Basics of computer and related terminology • Computer terminology • Important facts related with Information Technology ( mainly current in nature) General Knowledge-2 Important areas of Science

  7. Cups and trophies associated with sports Various terms associated with sports History of sports festivals and famous personalities of sports Important areas of Sports

  8. General Knowledge-2 Question - 1 The national calendar of India was adopted in … a. 1953 b. 1955 c. 1957 d. 1959

  9. General Knowledge-2 Question - 2 Which of the following personalities you would associate with the foundation of Dev samaj? a. G.K. Gokhale b. Shiv Narayan Agnihotri c. Keshub Chandra Sen d. None of these

  10. General Knowledge-2 Question - 3 Under which of the following Lord’s tenure, Government of India act 1935 was passed? a. Lord Wavell b. Lord Linlithgow c. Lord Mountbatten d. Lord Wellingdon

  11. General Knowledge-2 Question -4 • Kanishka was a famous ruler of … • Gupta dynasty • Maurya dynasty • Kushan Dynasty • d. Chola Dynasty

  12. General Knowledge-2 Question - 5 Who initiated the Mansabdari system? a. Aurangazeb b. Sher Shah Suri c. Akbar d. Jehangir

  13. General Knowledge-2 Question - 6 Tughlaq –Nama is a famous work of …. a. Alberuni b. Amir Khusro c. Hasan Nizami d. Barauni

  14. General Knowledge-2 Question - 7 The year of foundation of the World Bank was … a. 1943 b. 1945 c. 1947 d. 1949

  15. General Knowledge-2 Question - 8 Which of the following was the first women president of the Indian National Congress(INC)? a. Sarojini Naidu b. Aruna Asaf Ali c. Annie Besant d. Vijaylakshmi Pandit

  16. General Knowledge-2 Question - 9 ‘Ashtangika Marga’, is the path for the elimination of the human misery, propounded by …. a. Mahavira b. Gautama c. Adi Shankaracharya d. Kabir

  17. General Knowledge-9 Question - 10 Ashvaghosha was one of the greatest literary figures in the court of… a. Ashoka b. Kanishka c. Harshavardhana d. Chandragupta-II

  18. General Knowledge-2 Question - 11 Which of the following is NOT a VIRAL disease? a. Yellow fever b. AIDS c. Leprosy d. Measles

  19. General Knowledge-2 Question - 12 Cirrhosis is the disease which affects the … a. Eyes b. Brain c. Liver d. Immunity system

  20. Cinnabar is an ore of… a. Lithium b. Mercury c. Zinc d. Iron General Knowledge-2 Question 13

  21. Who discovered Ultrasound? a. Ian Donald b. Roger Bacon c. JP Merrill d. Joseph Lister General Knowledge-2 Question 14

  22. Who is credited with the invention of e-mail? a. Ray Tomlinson b. Jeffrey Bezos c. Jerry Yang d. Steve Woznik General Knowledge-2 Question 15

  23. Huntington’s disease is caused by the malfunctioning of … a. Kidney b. Brain c. Liver d. Pancreas General Knowledge-2 Question 16

  24. This is the heaviest metal, can you identify it from the given options? a. Rhodium b. Osmium c. Plutonium d. Astatine General Knowledge-2 Question 17

  25. Which of the following instrument is used for measuring the velocity and the direction of the wind? a. Manometer b. Anemometer c. Viscometer d. None of these General Knowledge-2 Question 18

  26. Which of the following is the chemical name of Quartz? a. Calcium Oxide b. Calcium Sulphate c. Sodium Silicate d. Magnesium Sulphate General Knowledge-2 Question 19

  27. General Knowledge-7 Question - 20 Naphthoquinone forms the central chemical structure of… (a) vitamin C (b) vitamin A (c) vitamin E (d) vitamin K

  28. K.D. Jadhav was the first individual medal winner in Olympics from India. He won this medal in … Weightlifting Athletics Wrestling Swimming General Knowledge-2 Question-21

  29. Mark Spitz is a famous name in the field of … Lawn –Tennis Swimming Pole Vault Weight Lifting General Knowledge-2 Question- 22

  30. ‘Upper cut’ is a term used in… boxing football c. hockey d. chess General Knowledge-2 Question 23

  31. This personality has won maximum number of medals (including gold, silver and bronze) in the history of Modern Olympic games individually. Can you name him/her from the given options? a. Paavo Nurmi b. Mark Spitz c. Jenny Thompson d. Larissa Latynina General Knowledge-2 Question 24

  32. Find the odd one out. a. P. Harikrishna b. Tanya Sachdev c. Parimarjan Negi d. Jayant Talukdar General Knowledge-2 Question 25

  33. The world record for scoring maximum number of the double centuries is held by … a. Gary Sobers b. Don Bradman c. Allan Border d. Clive Loyed General Knowledge-2 Question 26

  34. ‘Peace, Perseverance, Progress’ is the motto of… a. Olympic Games b. Asian Games c.  SAF Games d. Commonwealth Games General Knowledge-2 Question 27

  35. With which of the following sports disciplines is Wightman Cup associated? a. Golf b. Polo c. Lawn –Tennis d. Volleyball General Knowledge-2 Question 28

  36. Which of the following represents the headquarters of the International Olympic Committee (IOC)? a. Zurich b. Geneva c. Lausanne d. Athens General Knowledge-2 Question 29

  37. Can you identify the country which hosted the first commonwealth games from the given options? France Canada Greece India Question 30

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  39. General Knowledge-2