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General Knowledge Quiz ? PowerPoint Presentation
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General Knowledge Quiz ?

General Knowledge Quiz ?

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General Knowledge Quiz ?

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  1. General Knowledge Quiz ?

  2. Which city has the highest population? Tokyo Mexico New York Where was Madame Tussaud [Marie Tussaud ]born? in England in France in Belgium How many bones are there in the human body? 206 201 211

  3. Which of these rivers is the longest? The Mississippi The Nile The Amazon What is the capital of Australia? Sydney Canberra Melbourne Which is the smallest country in the world : Liechtenstein Monaco The Vatican

  4. Which language is the oldest : English French Chinese Which is the biggest state in the USA : Alaska California Texas How many people died on the Titanic : 1513 1528 1543

  5. Which is the largest ocean in the world : the Atlantic the Pacific the Antartic What nationality was Chopin : French Hungarian Polish Which country has the highest number of burglaries? New Zealand Germany Holland

  6. Which of these mountains ranges is the highest? The Himalayas The Alps The Andes Which of these islands is the largest? Madagascar Ireland New Zealand Who was the first man in space? Alan Shepard John Glenn YouriGagarine

  7. "Could you fill me in please?" means : A  could you bring me some food   B  could you give me information I don't have.           C  could you replace me The play was long and uninteresting so I was __________ A  tiring   B  bored     C  boring After a hard day's work, Tom is always _________ A  nervous     B  harassed   C  exhausted If you are discharged, you leave __________ A  hospital      B  prison     C  your job

  8. To resume negotiations means : A  to summarize the main points    B  to reach an agreement  C  to start again after a break My parents ____________ to dinner tomorrow. A are coming B come C will come 1.  Consumers are often __________ about the claims of advertisements. A  surprised       B  doubting   CscepticalD  hesitant

  9. Parents' advice often goes______________. A  unheeded           B  oblivious           C  useless       D  helpless The test produced quite _________ results.. A  contrasted          B  interested          C  fulfilled   D  unexpected There are three ____________ candidates for the position. A  qualified   B  certified           C  justified           D  diversified The inheritance was shared equally __________ the descendants.. A  with           B  towards    C  among   D  by

  10. Before you take up the position, there will be _____________ training period. Aa first   B  an initial   C  a primary           D  a beginning The father __________ of his son's hand and the child ran out the door. A  took hold   B  dropped   C  released   D  let go The paint is fresh so it is rather _____________. A  slippery   B  sticky           C  smooth           D  stiff Before going abroad, you ____________ a flight. A Reserve B save C book D booking

  11. Julie isn't here today. She has _____________ to Berlin. A Been B gone C went Tom ____________ for Paul for 15 minutes. A is waiting B has been waiting C has waited Check  Motivated students rarely __________ mistakes. A does B are making C make My husband __________________ dinner every evening. A  expects I make           B  is expecting that I make C  expects me to make

  12. How about ________________ to the cinema? A  we go   B  going   C  to go Without the money he got from his father, Tom __________ his business A  wouldn't start           B  couldn't start   C  couldn't have started Although I have a good job, I regret ____________ college. A  to not finish    B  not finishing    C  I didn't finish It was the most difficult experience I ____________. A  have ever had           B  might ever have   C  had ever had

  13. I'd prefer ______________ television. A  watching   B  to watch    C  that we watch I'd rather ____________ on Monday after lunch. A  you to come   B  you came   C  you would come He won't lend you his car unless you ____________ it. A  insure           B  will insure           C  have insured I'd prefer ________________ smoke. A  you do not   B  you to not   C  if you didn't