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LCLS Magnet Control PowerPoint Presentation
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LCLS Magnet Control

LCLS Magnet Control

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LCLS Magnet Control

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  1. Challenging Design Issues “How to integrate the legacy system with the new” Subsystem architecture Magnet IOC Design Interface to legacy control system - SLC EPICS Record Processing EPICS SNL (EPICS device/driver support) Displays LCLS Magnet Control

  2. Thank-yous Interface to legacy SLC control system: Stephanie Allison, Diane Fairley, Ron Chestnut and group, Ron McKenzie Magnet Control: Kristi Luchini, Stephanie Allison

  3. LCLS Conceptual Diagram rf gun L0-A,B Linac-1 L 9 m Linac-2 L 330 m Linac-3 L 550 m BC-2 L 22 m BC-1 L 6 m LTU L =275 m T-Cav undulator 21-3b 24-6d 25-1a 30-8c 21-1b 21-1d X existing linac T-Cav Spect. January 2007 Commissioning: ~ 90 Magnets Mostly all new Dump SLAC linac tunnel research yard

  4. Design Issues At least in the “short term”, LCLS wants toleverage the usage of legacy SLC control system high level physics applications … • New magnets must be controlled and monitored from legacy SLC – with minimal code modification to SLC (VMS, Fortran, assembly etc) • New magnets will use EPICS for control

  5. How do we integrate the legacy system with the new EPICS controlled system?

  6. CA Server SCP SCP DB New HL Apps HL Apps SLAC Ethernet PS Controller SLC Micro (RMX) PEP-II VME//VXI IOC PEP-II SLC Micro (RMX) Proxy CAMAC MCOR Large PS Controller SCOR PS Bulk PS PS Bulk PS Legacy and New Magnet Subsystem Architectures Legacy New Alpha CA Clients EDM EPICS Control- Any OS SLC - VMS Ethernet Ethernet CA CA SLC net IOC MVME 6100 RTEMS 4.7 EPICS R.14.8.2

  7. CA Server SCP SCP DB New HL Apps HL Apps SLAC Ethernet PS Controller Proxy SLC Micro (RMX) CAMAC MCOR Large PS Controller SCOR PS Bulk PS PS Bulk PS Answer:SLC-Aware IOC CA Clients EDM EPICS Control- Any OS SLC - VMS (LEBnet) Ethernet (LCLSnet) CA SLC net SLC-Aware IOC VME Crate (RTEMS)

  8. Magnet SLC-Aware IOC Architecture libCom + libCom OSI libraries Runtime DB Access

  9. Design Issues 1,2, Solved: Communication bridges in place between the old and the new 3. There are two distinct databases: • SLC • EPICS How to synchronize?

  10. SLC-Aware DB Synchronization Periodic comparison EPICS setpoints / readbacks Monitors SLC setpoints/ readbacks

  11. EPICS Databases • Per device • Polynomial Coefficients (provided by MMF) • B field settings: user, feedback, HLApps; tolerance, limits settings; B->I conversions • Raw Current settings; I->B conversions • Power Supply Controller I/Fs: interlocks, setpoints, readbacks • Control functions • Master Control DB (incl. on/off, reset, zero current) • Supporting DBs: Trim, Standardize, Calibrate, Feedback • Status – SLC, EPICS, and Summaries • Per IOC - Multi-selection of devices; multi-function, (new!) • Template and substitution files using macros

  12. Sequencer SNLs Per device, handles - • “More complicated” control functions • Trim, Calibrate, Standardize,… • Transitions between steady states • Timeouts • User Abort • Error conditions and message reporting Per IOC - • Multi-select devices/functions, abort

  13. Magnet Device SNL for: - Trim- Calibration- Standardize

  14. EPICS Magnet Facility- Record Processing / SNL

  15. Displays – for January 2007 Commissioning • Legacy SLC SCP Displays • Control and monitor all magnets • Correlation plots, orbit fit, orbit display, orbit correction, bump calculation, power steering, multi-knobs, … • EPICS EDM Displays • Control and monitor new magnets; monitor existing • Perform more than one function at a time • More status available • Legacy and EDM overlap functionality • Status color code maintained • SLC Status, SLC DB maintained • Magnet functions controlled similarly, except for multi-function • SLC DB name annotations are on EDM

  16. Sample legacy control display

  17. SCP – All Units Sample legacystatusdisplay

  18. Sample EDM displays …

  19. Conclusions • SLC-Aware IOC will pay off for LCLS • Integrates legacy system to new • Allows usage of a rich set of existing legacy HLApps • Buys time • Made possible by the EPICS OSI libraries • Endian issues were a pain • Users are excited for EPICS controlled magnets • Better GUIs • Multi-function magnet control

  20. Thank-you for being a magnetic audience!