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Ethics in. . .

Ethics in. . .

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Ethics in. . .

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  1. Ethics in. . . Presented by Linda De Ivernois EDD 8442 – Ethics and Social Responsibility October 6, 2009

  2. Preliminary Question • Think of a person within your office/building/district whom you believe to be ethical. Why did you choose this person? Save your response for discussion later

  3. Session Goals • Definition and Myths of Ethics • Benefits of an ideal ethical workplace • Ethical dilemmas • Recognition of unethical behavior and decision of what to do

  4. What happens when trust is broken? • Close your eyes and think about images or words that come to mind.

  5. What is “ethics”? Standards of right and wrong • What people ought to do − Behaviors to engage in − Behaviors to refrain from • Specific values − Honesty − Fairness − Integrity Brown, 2000.

  6. The four types of ethical standards • Utilitarian =“Do the least harm – look at consequences” • Fairness or justice= “Equal treatment of all and with dignity” • Common good= “Improve the welfare of all” • Virtue=“Improve individually – what kind of person will I become if I do this?” Johnson, 2009.

  7. Myths about ethics . . . • Ethics has to do with my feelings about what is right or wrong • Ethics has to do with my religious beliefs • Being ethical is not breaking the law • Being ethical is behaving in a way that society/the organization believes is acceptable • Ethics is simply doing what’s right • Ethics can’t be managed or trained—people are either ethical or they’re not Uhl-Bien, 2007.

  8. Pat Summitt’sDefinite Dozen

  9. Benefits of an ethical workplace • Attention to ethics gives employees a foundation during times of change • Attention to ethics cultivates teamwork and productivity • Attention to ethics creates greater consistency in standards and quality of services provided by the organization • Attention to ethics helps ensure organizational policies are legal and proactively enforced • Attention to ethics supports employer and societal growth Maidment, 2007.

  10. 7 Elements of Character & Virtue 1. Courage - overcoming fear in order to do the right thing 2. Integrity - reflecting consistency between what you say publicly and how you think and act privately 3. Humility - the ability to assess your own strengths and limitations, being open about them, and appreciating the worth and contributions of others 4. Reverence - the capacity to feel respect and even shame, when appropriate

  11. Elements, continued • Optimism - expecting positive outcomes in the future even when experiencing disappointments and difficulties • Compassion - putting others ahead of self (kindness, generosity, and love) • Justice - a sense of obligation to the common good and treating others as equally and fairly as possible. Johnson, 2009.

  12. Integrity? Illinois Governor Charged in Scheme to Sell Obama's Seat - Dec 9, 2008

  13. Do you really know who you are? . . . Let’s see . . . • You can only rescue one of each of the following, which do you save? a) A child or an adult b) A child or a pregnant woman c) Your entire family or the entire feline/canine species d) A bottle with the cure for cancer or your sister/brother e) A bottle with the cure for cancer or your sister/brother who just gave you one of her/his kidneys

  14. Which candy bar are you??

  15. What would you do????? • You see a colleague taking home office supplies and she/he approaches you stating," I'll never do anything of the kind again. No one needs to know about this; you can keep the matter private and no one except the two of us will ever know that this has happened. Please don’t report this.”

  16. What would you do????? • You volunteer your leisure time helping to deliver food for ‘Meals on Wheels’. The owner of a local car dealership offers you a new van worth $15,000 free if you will falsely report to the government that the dealership donated the van worth $30,000. ‘Meals on Wheels’ could really use the van and it will give you an opportunity to help serve more people. Do you agree to take the van?

  17. You discover a $20 bill in the hallway at work. You pick it up, but then what do you do? • It is 6 p.m. and you are late getting home. As you approach the intersection you notice that no one is around. Do you drive through the red light? How might you relate this to anything that happens in the workplace?

  18. What do you do?????? • You are in an office with several other colleagues who have the same job description. You are extremely organized, and you manage your time well, but another colleague struggles with getting assignments completed by their due date. Do you offer your assistance? What would you do?

  19. What does the ideal ethical workplace look like? Keep the following in mind: • Attendance • Attitude • Ability to get along with others • Communication • Cooperation • Commitment/Dedication • Honesty • Respect for self and others • Sharing successes and lifting spirits when needed

  20. It’s all about respect,character, & . . . .

  21. . . .integrity.

  22. Last thoughts . . . .

  23. Reflection • I chose my “ethical” person, because he/she displayed the qualities or characteristics of . . . . “Love of others is the highest value . . .”(p.91) Johnson, 2009

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