by team 6 ellie r izzy h hunter r and josh m n.
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A B e e ’ s L i f e C y c l e PowerPoint Presentation
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A B e e ’ s L i f e C y c l e

A B e e ’ s L i f e C y c l e

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A B e e ’ s L i f e C y c l e

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  1. By Team 6, Ellie R., Izzy H., Hunter R., and Josh M. ABee’s LifeCycle

  2. Table Of Contents A Bee’s Life Cycle…………….Page 3 Egg…………….Page 4 Larva……………….Page 5 Pupa………………......Page 6 Adult…………………….Page 7 Ending……………………..Page 8

  3. A Bee’s Life Cycle • A bee goes through a complete metamorphosis • A Bee’s first stage is an egg • The second stage is being a larva • The third, is a pupa • The final stage is being an adult

  4. A Bee’s Stages The first stage of a Bee’s life is egg. The queen lays the eggs of worker bees. The workers are more commonly known as Honeybees. The eggs are laid in the cells of the hive. The cells are made out of the wax in the Bee’s body. The bees carefully mold the wax into small cells.

  5. A Bee’s Stages The next stage is the larva. Like the eggs, the larva stays in the small cells. The larva looks like little white worms. The other bees work around to help the larva come out of the cells.

  6. A Bee’s Stages The next stage is pupa. The pupa is one stage away from being an adult. The pupa still lives in the cell. All of the stages for the bee, (except for adult) mean living in a cell. The pupa is just like the larva but, has grown in more features.

  7. A Bee’s Stages The final stage is the adult. When a bee is an adult, most of them become worker bees. Some become male drone bees. The female adults go out of the hive to collect pollen for the honey. A few of them work to help the pupa and larva.

  8. By Team 6, Hunter, Ellie, Izzy, and Josh ABee’sbehaviors

  9. A Bee’s Behaviors A Bee’s natural behaviors are doing it’s job. The job is to collect the pollen from the flowers. After that they bring it back to the hive to make it into honey. To tell the other workers that they have found a lot of flowers for the other bees. To tell them this they use motions that are kind of like dancing. Bees are attracted to bright colors because they are looking for flowers that they get can pollen and nectar from it.

  10. Ending Page Now you have seen our Powerpoint about a Bee’s life cycle and behaviors. We hope you enjoyed the slideshow.