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For Lenovo EM Service only PowerPoint Presentation
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For Lenovo EM Service only

For Lenovo EM Service only

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For Lenovo EM Service only

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  1. Please Note:Information contained in this document is consideredLENOVO CONFIDENTIALFor Lenovo Internal Use OnlyDo Not Copy or Distribute!! For Lenovo EM Service only

  2. IdeaPad V470Hardware Disassembly

  3. Preparation Please follow the information provided to perform the complete disassembly procedure of the notebook. Be sure to use proper tools.

  4. Legend Screw Cable Movement Comment

  5. Disassembly Process

  6. Remove Battery Turn over the laptop. Unlock the latches and then remove battery.

  7. Remove DIMM Cover 1. Take out Card Reader Cover first.

  8. Remove DIMM Cover Captive Screw M2.5*6 2. Remove 1 screw and other 4 captive screws. Then take DIMM cover away.

  9. Remove Memory Pull out the latches on both sides and release the memory. 。

  10. Remove HDD M2*3 HDD Release the screw and pull out HDD.

  11. Remove WLAN and 3G card 3G card if preloaded WLAN

  12. Remove WLAN and 3G card M2*3.5 1. Remove the screw which is used to fix the WLAN card. Then disconnect the cables and take WLAN card away.

  13. Remove WLAN and 3G card M2*3.5 3. Then you can remove the 3G card following the same method.

  14. Remove ODD M2.5*3 Remove the screw and pull ODD out.

  15. Remove Keyboard M2.5*6 1. Remove 2 screws.

  16. Remove Keyboard Push up the keyboard through this hole with your finger 2. Put your finger into ODD slot and push the keyboard up.

  17. Remove Keyboard 3. Turn over keyboard and disconnect the cable. Then take keyboard away.

  18. Remove Upper Cover M2.5*6 M2.5*3 1. Remove 13 screws (3 of them are near ODD drive bay).

  19. Remove Upper Cover DC in cable LED cable LED Indicators cable Speaker cable Touchpad cable Power board cable Mic cable Finger print cable Touchpad button cable 2. Disconnect several cables. The cover is finalized

  20. Remove Upper Cover 3. Lift up the upper cover from upper left corner. Finger print board Power board LED indicator board

  21. Remove Power Board M2.5*3 Disconnect the cable and remove the screw, then take Power Board away.

  22. Remove LED Indicator Board LED Indictor Board is sticked to upper cover. Then remove it.

  23. Remove Finger Print Board M2.5*3 Remove 1 screw and the bracket. Then take the Finger Print board.

  24. Remove Motherboard USB cable M2.5*6 IO board cable Bluetooth cable 1. Disconnect USB cable/IO board cable/Bluetooth cable, then remove 1 screw.

  25. Remove Motherboard 2. Lift up Motherboard and take it way.

  26. Remove Heat Sink Graphic chip can be found here if bundled with. 1 2 3 Disconnect the cable and remove captive screws in order. Then take Heat Sink away.

  27. Remove CPU Release the CPU and take it away.

  28. Remove IO Board M2*6 Remove the screw and take IO board away.

  29. Remove Bluetooth Bluetooth is sticked to lower case. Please remove it softly.

  30. Remove Speaker M2*6 M2*6 Remove 3 screws and take the speakers away.

  31. Remove DC-in Line Remove DC-in Line.

  32. Remove USB Lift up USB and take it away.

  33. Remove LED Module M2*6 M2*6 1. Remove 4 screws on two hinges securing the LED module.

  34. Remove LED Module 2. Lift up LED module from lower cover.

  35. LED Module Disassembly M2*5 1. Remove two rubbers carefully. Then remove the screws under them.

  36. LED Module Disassembly 2. Remove LED bezel.

  37. LED Module Disassembly M2*3.5 3. Remove 4 screws securing LED panel to rear cover.

  38. LED Module Disassembly 4. Disconnect camera cable and lift up LED panel.

  39. LED Module Disassembly 5. Disconnect 2 cables.

  40. Remove Camera It is sticked to rear cover. Remove Camera.

  41. Remove Hinge Remove 2 screws and take hinges away.